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RFK Jr. doesn't believe Sirhan shot his father
RFK Jr. says he met with Sirhan and does not believe
Sirhan shot his father. This is of relevance on the
JFK site as well, since RFK Jr. is the most prominent
Kennedy family member to express doubts about
both official verdicts. It seems he may be writing
a book about his father's murder, which would
be valuable. This story appears in, of all places,
the Washington Post, though it carefully avoids
mentioning RFK's probable assassin, Thane Eugene (Gene) Cesar.
The story quotes Dan Moldea, Cesar's protector and apologist,
but does so skeptically.
The Guardian has dragged out a story about RFK meeting Allen Ginsberg, a nice way to dump on Google searches today about RFK. When the anniversary week of RFK's death lands, I'm sure they'll have similar coverage in store.

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