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Move over Old Man Winter...time for Mother Nature to tuck you away for your seasonal nap. Trust everyone's Summer is off to a beautiful beginning. Can only imagine what excitement is in store/lays ahead. Pretty sure most of it will be surrounded by fun-loving friends & family members amid fresh air @ great outdoors; beautiful beaches; magnificent mountain peaks; lovely lake scenes; weekend barbecues; and, of course, a wedding or two for those of you daring to seal the deal with your lifetime soulmate. Best wishes!

Amid these 100 fun-filled sunny days ahead, just wanted to remind anyone interested of a couple of seminar conferences just over the horizon as Summer hands the seasonal baton off to Autumn/Fall. An early heads-up, especially if anyone is like me--serves to help those interested in attending to manage their finances accordingly, not to mention make the necessary preparations in their professional and private/personal lives to venture off schedule for a worthy cause.

First, coming off an enlightening Spring seminar, where a distinguished panel of speakers-- including the esteemed Malcolm Blunt--shared their keen insights relative to the 55 year old mystery into the untimely death of President John F. Kennedy, the Dealey Plaza UK group is presently organising for a one day event. Their venue this Fall, here--courtesy of Mr. Kamp (a worthy recipient of the JFK Lancer's New Frontier Award) launches as follows ---->

This is for full paying DPUK Members only.

To become a member please download a form here:

Dealey Plaza UK presents a one day seminar in York on Sept. 29th.
Speakers confirmed so far: Bart Kamp, Paul Jeffery, and possibly Paul Brown Plus open discussion.
To be held at York Brewery. 116 Micklegate, York YO1 6JX
The cost to hire the facility, including tea/coffee morning and afternoon, and a lunch, will be in the order of £20 a head
More details to follow.

I've taken the liberty of adding a link towards their venue host city ----> York, England , where there seems to be a little bit of something for everyone. Shakespeare's Rose Theatre sounds like a must see. Get out those selfie sticks mates.

The great [TABLE]
[TD="colspan: 2"]Bard
himself--if he were alive--would rewrite Hamlet, moving his venue to Washington, DC, and have his main character proclaim, "there's something rotten in the Warren Commission's fairytale".

Moving deeper into the Fall season, the good folks over at JFK Lancer (Debra Conway, Larry Hancock, etc.) will be holding their annual conference a week ahead of Thanksgiving Day celebrations in the US. For those of you who may not already know, Canada celebrates Thanksgiving Day on the 2nd Monday of October each year.

These are two great opportunities to rub shoulders with some of the best & brightest in the JFK Research Community. Hopefully, this gives some of you who may be interested, ample time to put away some funds and prepare for some traveling adventure later this Fall. Meanwhile, a safe and wonderful Summer to all. Cheers!

Addendum: As the Dealey Plaza UK details emerge, I'll be sure to update here accordingly.

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