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The movement
H I would have preferred to introduce myself by slowly replying to some posts since i am new to the forum However-

Number one thank you for the awesome forum here Maybe a couple of thoughts on the significance of forums such as this for starters In pretty much all of the areas I work in terms of activism, I am constantly asking why groups will not consider a discussion forum format such as this, in lieu of both Facebook groups and list serves. Those things have their place, but the under utilization of simple discussion forums continues to mystify me I posted several times at the 9/11Truth movement Facebook page on whether folks there were interested in a discussion forum, in addition to the Facebook page, but virtually no response.Separately, but perhaps related, is the fact the level of discussion there is pretty disappointing, and perhaps that is part of the reason there is no interest in forum formats. While I give those here credit, it seems like the level of participants is pretty low considering this seems like the number one discussion forum of its type that offers a 9/11 forum page this not meant as criticism of the page as mush as it is of the general movement

I am not going to spend too much time on my background I was at Sonoma State University in California majoring in philosophy in 2005, when I met Peter Phillips of Project Censored. I became pretty involved with him regarding 9/11, and attended several conferences including the 2008 Truth Emergency Conference in Santa Cruz at his invitation. I also had hours and hours of conversation with Janice Mathews and Mike Berger of 9/ back in the 07 to 10 time period I also spent some time on my own projects, which included efforts to make one page handouts on various truth topics. these included; the four flights, the collapses,and other topics. The one page handouts were designed for conferences or perhaps local tabling, and I continue such an approach has it's place

After that I entered a period of being disillusioned on 9/11 in terms of national strategies, not so much that they are mistaken strategies, but i wanted to move to the local arena. and in that regard I turned my attention to other topics, such as local food growing , permaculture, holistic health, cooperatives, time banks and other issues that i believe hold the key to initiating communities to wake up how cooperative community engagement is a viable alternative to national level, or at least large scale approach .in my opinion communities need to fist coordinate around some of these more fundamental issues of food and health to slowly inspire community based collective efforts around these subjects to build a belief in a communities ability to connect with each in cooperative efforts which may eventually build a trust in community which may allow subjects like 9/11 to be addressed in a manner that the national media never will

I have put a lot of effort in organizing a website that categorizes the topics of food, health, cooperative community action and associated topics. I have several hundreds of drop down menus etc I mention that not to draw interest in it, but to explain in some ways that is where my heart remains. However for several months I have been on unemployment and suffering with kidney stones and strong meds, This former facts has lowered my intellectual capabilities to a point that it has made it hard to continue to focus my mind to the point of developing my website So with the free time and a diminished capacity of I have returned to 9/11 efforts I hope that does not give t he impression that I give 9/11 a second fiddle kind of context since that is not my point My dedication to local food and health issue arose with the belief that those efforts could eventually provide an avenue for the import of 9/11 to be expressed through the local better than the chances of national campaigns alone

To try to wrap up my current interest is in trying to create a grassroots based organization that is of course, by defiinition, not organized in an hierarchical manner Likely this is over idealized since the tendencies towards hierarchy are strongly imprinted and the perils of cooperative engagement are well documented Nonetheless it is my thing to a great degree, and I suggested a cooperative effort be considered by those at the 9/11Truth Facebook page in forming a simple website that could gather resources and arguments by category in the pursuit of making a more meaningful long term grassroots organization. This proposition got the attention of someone who recommended that I talk to someone from 9/11 TAP I am not necessarily expecting a response to any of this, but i suppose it was meant as both an introduction of me and my ideas and a bit of a critique of where the movement stands. I still i am also interested in simply replying to the existing threads and more conventional topics. Thanks

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