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The Walkaways
I debated on whether to make this personal or take the question on in the abstract, and I chose the former. I have become a dropout, a walkaway, over a period of several years. My lifestyle in terms of receiving any media messaging, or participating in discussion on topics in the mainstream, is as close to nil as possible. Yes the final nail in the coffin was the period when Trump's candidacy began, but that is relatively beside the the point. If I were to try to construct a rationale for this approach, I suppose two main ideas rise to my mind. One is Einstein's definition of insanity in regard to our mainstream narratives. Two is the habituation towards Presidential politics in general. It may indeed be the case that a walkaway is shirking their duty as an activist citizen, by betraying these themes that have spanned the decades. But I suppose I would want to understand the nature, and importance, of placeholder, or cog, of which I have abandon

I imagine the idea is clear and I do not wish to waste your time trying to frilly it up. I will say that I still dedicate myself to the idea of being a change agent in the world, but in a manner and locale different than that of the mainstream. What exactly that 'other activity' actually is seems irrelevant in regard to the prioritizing of mainstream participation imo. The point is of course how we can be the most effective agents of the change we want to see. Arguing the same reactive memes over and over on a playing field where no one opinion has any leverage seems like the least attractive of the available options. So maybe I do have to justify one option over another, and I may concede that point. In the meantime, I guess I would just like to understand the position explained to me that I, or anyone, need to involve themselves in all of this. This is not a taunt, or an attempt to gain some philosophical high-ground, I genuinely want to understand what I might be missing.

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