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Britain's new Jihadi Operation Gladio
In a move that can have no other real explanation than to have a domestic UK force to agitate - thus filling a need for the security service - and presumably (?) to have a ready made Gladio operation in situ should Jeremy Corbyn get elected (which is looking more possible with every passing day and every fuck up Theresa May's Conservative Party present us), now the White Helmets being settled here.

From [URL=""]Craig Murray.

Importing Jihadi Terror to the UK Cui Bono? 29

25 Sep, 2018 in Uncategorized by craig

If Osama Bin Laden was not sufficient warning that decades of money, arms and other support from the Western security services does not render a jihadi a friend of the West, then the Manchester bomber, Salman Abedi, should have opened British eyes forever to the danger. In collaboration with MI5, Abedi had been fighting in the ongoing proxy war for Western oil interests in Libya, before being rescued by the Royal Navy. Back home in Manchester, he carried out an attack of appalling violence against a primarily young and female target group.
So it would be very foolish indeed to rely on the fact that the jihadi logistic support and propaganda group the White Helmets is largely British government funded, to expect its members who are now, like Abedi, being brought into the UK, to behave as quiet citizens. The links ofthe White Helmets to Al-Nusra and Al-Shams and other jihadi groups are deep they chose to be evacuated to Idlib together from numerous sites. The reason there is no substantial corpus of independently filmed evidence of the White Helmets' work is that they co-operate with people who would chop off western journalists' heads on sight. In many well-attested cases, they are the same people.
In endingall funding to the White Helmets, the Dutch government did not wish to be confrontational towards the other neo-conservative governments who are funding and exploiting the propaganda from the White Helmets. Their report was therefore diplomatically phrased. Funding for the White Helmets may have "inadvertently" fallen into the hands of armed extremists, while unacceptable contact between the White Helmets and extreme jihadists was "inevitable" in the ares they operated.
Thanks to social media, there is an awareness among the UK's general population of who the White Helmets really are, that belies the solidarity of the entire political and media class in maintaining the official fiction. Even the arch government supporting Daily Telegraph inreporting the storyof White Helmets' admittance to the UK, has a majority of readers' comments pointing out the true nature of the White Helmets. (Being a Tory paper, there are naturally other comments which are simply Islamophobic).
Which is of course the irony of this. Entirely innocent British Muslims face the day to day surveillance state harassment of the Prevent programme, where Muslim students pursuing security studies are reported to the police for reading books on terrorism, and school pupils are reported for expressing opposition to the mass bombing of Libya by NATO or arms sales to Saudi Arabia. I cannot give a talk in a university about Palestine without a Prevent strategy risk assessment being formally compiled by the university authorities and approved by the police.
Yet not only has the largest terrorist attack of the last decade been committed by somebody working with MI5 and brought into the country by the Royal Navy, we are now importing jihadis with no prior connection to the UK other than receipt of British government funding.
Britain has never had largeror better-fundedsecurity services. As a major economic interestin its own right, the "security industry" has grown into a major component of the military industrial complex. Just as the arms industry requires external enemies, the security industry requires internal enemies. It is notable that many of the "foiled" terrorist plots of the last decade involved prior MI5 contact, sometimes bordering on agent provocateur operations. "Prevent" produces enemies who are not actually enemies at all.
Nobody has consciously decided to import the White Helmets to maintain the internal terrorist threat in the UK. But institutions, on analysis over time, almost always promote their institutional interest. Increasing the terrorist threat in the UK undeniably serves the economic self-interest of the security industry. Just as the promotion of war and internal tension has always benefited the arms industry and the rest of the military industrial complex. Importing the White Helmets into the UK is obviously nuts if your purpose is to minimise jihadi activity in the UK. So we have to ask, is that really the purpose?
The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge.
Carl Jung - Aion (1951). CW 9, Part II: P.14
This situation is quickly becoming something that eclipses even the JFK assassination and the story of Bormann, Muller, Eichmann etc. (in terms of being a "hot potato").

If Trump has been cowed by the fact of "close allied intel intervention" with regard to his own investigation (Mueller), then I personally am going to back off and keep my mouth shut about this stuff.

Fools rush in where wise men fear to tread.

James Lateer
Join MI5, courtesy of good old Auntie Beeb, in an old fashioned televised knees-up - in the air, splattered on walls...after three:

"Roll out the false flag
Roll out the false flag tonight..."
"There are three sorts of conspiracy: by the people who complain, by the people who write, by the people who take action. There is nothing to fear from the first group, the two others are more dangerous; but the police have to be part of all three,"

Joseph Fouche
Christopher Steele is alredy writing the script for:

Jeremy Corbyn's Night Out With Russian Hooker Turned Into Betrayal of British State Secrets.

Ticks every box that I can see.
The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge.
Carl Jung - Aion (1951). CW 9, Part II: P.14
David Guyatt Wrote:Christopher Steele is alredy writing the script for:

Jeremy Corbyn's Night Out With Russian Hooker Turned Into Betrayal of British State Secrets.

Ticks every box that I can see.

Maybe not every box. He could add the part where JC was recorded whispering in the of Russian hooker how much he hates Israel. That would be a nice addition. ::pullhairout::
"We'll know our disinformation campaign is complete when everything the American public believes is false." --William J. Casey, D.C.I

"We will lead every revolution against us." --Theodore Herzl
Lauren Johnson Wrote:
David Guyatt Wrote:Christopher Steele is alredy writing the script for:

Jeremy Corbyn's Night Out With Russian Hooker Turned Into Betrayal of British State Secrets.

Ticks every box that I can see.

Maybe not every box. He could add the part where JC was recorded whispering in the ear of Russian hooker how much he hates Israel. That would be a nice addition. ::pullhairout::

The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge.
Carl Jung - Aion (1951). CW 9, Part II: P.14
'Inner Circle Murder Squad'. Out-killing the IRA; who would want a peace dividend with this intoxicating game. The Trigger Men: Assassins & Terror Bosses in the Ireland Conflict. By Martin Dillon. 

The indefinite detention of the EEG clone:

Cops who kill - type-A secret 'police': torture ALWAYS follows off-the-books indefinite detention (where the indefinite detention is the application of total brain-mind-body 'hacking', agents provocateurs, electronic hacking, applied corrosive psychological methodologies, "bubble", choreographed information): premeditated torture-menticide-indoctrination terminal blacklisting by the police, is called "Gandhi":
The Home Office has admitted links to the 'Special Demonstration Squad', 'spycops', in doc '2015-01-06_FINAL_Report_on_HO_links_to_SDS_v2.4_REDACTED_FINAL'. It's entirely possible that the letter sent to West Park Hospital by the H.O. was coordinated to have injurious effect, with 'Lisa Round', my 'agents provocateurs' neighbour (18 Eskdale St, DL3 7DG, May-June2013-June2018, & my neighbour in N-u-T, 23 The Pines, NE4) seeking to criminalise me, by way of counter-insurgency tactics similar to Frank Kitson's doctrine, applied domestically, by the 'police': ("counter-insurgency" is something I was primed with in 2009 - set-up to be applied to me, one of the elements of their plot):
What has been done to me, is that a 'type A' secret police-type organisation, acting as judge, jury & executioner, has taken it upon themselves to operate to terminal effect against me;
From: 'Secret Police - The Inside Story of an International Network', Plate & Darvi, 1982, Ch2 'States of Siege' pages 9-10:
"Secrecy per se is not a defining feature of secret police. .. Far more to the point, the defining feature of the secret police is the nature of their routine behaviour. It is their routine practices, after all, that violate the very psychology (& sometime even the anatomy) of human beings in ways that conventional police do not.
"It is the nature of the secret police experience - not their degree of clandestiness as institutions - that defines these forces. The elements of that experience include: surveillance by methods that are illegal oftentimes even under the broad mandates that in theory may tend to govern their activities; searches, often without warrants, sometimes conducted civilly, sometimes cruelly, usually disruptively; arrest at the time & place & circumstances of the agents own choosing, without the necessity, should they choose to dispense with whatever formalities might otherwise be required, of judicial warrant or official notice; interrogation by any means necessary, including methods of physical & psychological torture that are generally so well defined & known throughout the secret police world that in effect they constitute established, administratively accepted procedures; detention, as prolonged as the secret police (possibly but not necessarily in conjunction with the government) deem necessary, often under physically & morally inhumane circumstances. These practices constitute what we will call type-A secret police behaviour."
-& Ch8, 'When the Bizarre Becomes Commonplace', s.1 & s.2 (+/- pages 286->):
"This is why the key feature of a type-A secret police force is not it's degree of operational sophistication, but the extent of it's raw power. A secret police force is sometimes clumsy, sometimes untalented, sometimes slow-footed, & sometimes dim-witted. But it is so powerful that it can usually cover up these failures. And it is only when the secret police have such wide powers that a whole subclass of professional informers & torturers will be created; when the traditional professions of law & medicine & science will be co-opted or eliminated by the secret police; when torture will become a prevalent practice of the state; & when a whole class of 'enemies of the state' will be created." ...
[This 'subclass of informer-torturers' is the 'operators' synthetic telepathy & dream choreographies - "thugs" & "students" - "The next war will be fought by thugs", the organised gang-stalkers, burglars, thieves, hackers, who are apparently the "co-operative" in plausible deniability: all those quotes are synthetic telepathy & apophenic taunting/threats/ideations, from 2012, to ‘set the scene’, as it were].
"But in developing that picture of the secret police - whether of the left or right, clumsy or sophisticated, small or large - the conclusion is inevitable that there is a specific point at which a type-A secret police force is born: precisely when the state grants itself the power to become a state within a state.
"This transformation is achieved by the granting of a single power. That power is the power to remove a citizen from his home or place of work or off the street or out of the theatre or from his university club or union hall whenever secret police agents wish. Legal scholars call this power the power of indefinite detention. This is the essential power of a type-A secret police force. [the cortical modem substitutes all these more ‘traditional’ actions: I am ‘hacked’ as any computer, so-called ‘biohybrid’ or ‘transhuman’]
"This is the essential element that precipitates all the other elements into the unique chemistry of a secret police force. After granting the secret police the power of indefinite detention, the torture, the unexplained incarcerations, the disappearances follow in step.
""Initially, we think that it is important to note that similar investigations of torture allegations in other countries by regional & international human rights commissions... have established an almost causal link between, particularly, illegal incommunicado detention & the infliction of cruel treatment on those so detained." ... As Goldman & Jacoby point out, "Thus, such detention, unlawful in itself, creates a situation which readily invites the use of internationally & domestically proscribed practices against detainees who are effectively stripped of all legal recourse to protest their detention.""
The fundamental essence of these statements are true, both by observation, & by a million & more on-going 'ideas of reference', taunting, flaunting, practices, & by obvious deduction of their "landscape of lies":
The indefinite detention is the EEG clone/BBI/brain-mind modem, what I feel is likely to be a single all-in-one radio-frequency enabled total bio-neurofeedback capability, as able to carry pain as sound as autonomic & somatic nervous system signals, & is the source of the "hubris" I repeatedly told morgans about - indeed, the operators of this murder program flaunt & taunt to their target, what is being done to them, & being practiced, many of the references/'messages' that I have had, have been so far 'in front' of my comprehension at the times of delivery, that i don't suppose they were ever expected to be comprehended with clear sight: "No human rights/hooded/ski/stress/It'll take you 10yrs to get this thru' the ECHR's/rendered/vanished/disappeared/skinned/pike/tower/traitor/thrown from a helicopter over the sea/our corpse disposal operation running from Grimsby/(I have a whole sheet of SIREN apophenics to the Khashoggi gig)/ contract/assassinated/politics/ policy/students (I'm certain that, loosely, students are controlled &/or used (hackers, etc.), as cutouts or Vertrauensmanner [‘trusted-’ or ‘confidence men’] - what has also been promoted as "The next war will be fought by thugs"/state security/national security/very important information ("king/Trump/Obama/president/The most evil man in the universe" - so that when I repeat these things (ie., when I repeat what I have been-, & am constantly told-), they become faked or orchestrated ‘diagnostics’ of 'delusions of grandeur'/etc etc etc., & explanatory of my right to be destroyed, by indoctrination into my own extreme importance, & my conflict with all the good & righteous offices of Great Britain. The application of the EEG clone, & the "wrestling"-out of a person's mind, is the source of all the "slave/owned/bought/sold/hired-out/etc" that I have had, with constant references towards "-all watching you on our screens/-all 'round the world/live/Truman Show (& syndrome)/etc.”; most of these things were 'subliminally/covertly' primed in the 3years before the attack proper began, presumably to create 'depth', & work the pseudo-clairvoyance (always predictive of death, thru' much pain & a variety of disagreeables, of which "It is written/nothing you can do/will never stop/your whole life recorded/until you die/etc", with "proud/privileged/patriot/etc" - synthetic conflict & learned helplessness). The important urgency of important imminence of mortal threat to hungry-cold-homelessness-arrest is as constant as is the "alone/abandoned/failure/thrown-away/exiled/outlaw".
NOTE, currently I'm getting "sovereign/every country does it their own way/standard/normal/etc", & everything "covid"-related ("lockdown/dead/hospital/can't breathe/vaccinated/etc", & have done since the opportunity arose, to go with "doctors/disease/cured/cleansed/etc etc").
The hubris, is that the psychological>physical destruction, can be hard-forced-in - an endless diet of hard arrhythmic ECG signals on cue to the stress-conditioned stimuli, fostered with pain beyond agony in the night, & Chinese struggle sessions by synthetic telepathy, & a hell of a lot more (the standard modus operandi for such "professional" operations, is the use of small amounts of pharmaceuticals as a condition towards aboulia hoves into view, which would explain some very dubious tasting dilute Ribena in the fridge, metallic-volatile type taste; book 'Cruel Britannia' ch4 is clear on much of the methodologies, 'A Barbaric Assault on the Mind'). NOTE that the 1st 'Chinese struggle session' via synthetic telepathy happened quite soon after the attack program began (so, early2012), with the voices of maybe 10-20ppl inside my mind, chattering, goading, asking "What do you think of killing one, for the greater good?", which is similar to 2009 priming of a story about 'Pershing in the Philippines' (most of these details are in 180p doc, findable with the keywords included here, in the disc MS Word copy). This is why I always get "No evidence/Where's the evidence", because microwaves leave no evidence.
A ratchet-type approach I expect is commonly employed, so that enough is done to destroy a person as & when the application progresses, for terminal effect. The overt attack on me began in Aug2011, so I've had it all in a colossal super-abundance, for 10yrs this month, from the tattooed ears in bed, to the haematuria medical torture poison (NOTE, that I'm not suggesting 'our man in urology', but rather the ordinary investigations & treatments into acute blood&chunks pissing poison, as something of a last ditch push (2014), as at that point, I had picked myself up, & was seeing more objectively of what had been done, (this had already been referred to by the operators as "-as hard as a rubber ball" - they have 'conversations' around you)).
-There's a fella who involved himself in this years after it began, flaunted himself by being in the place I'd be & dropping the key of a line I'd spoken a few days earlier during an 'overheard conversation' tatic commonly used thru' tv & radio & street-stalks ('frog-boiling' - the gig's like a tsunami, but the wave broke & I wasn't dead); Col.Dr. H. Bosanquet ret., ex military psychologist (ie., interrogation & resistance to-); during our Sunday night chats (as gradually became - I found-out later who/what this guy was - doctor of psychology ex-army - I know what this means - psychological corrosion techniques, & next i bumped into him, took the opportunity of asking him about menticide, Alexander Kennedy, Ewan Cameron, '5-techniques' & other things, & we began to chat) he'd often drop themes that were consistent with the menticide program, including conditioned stress-stimuli (as often as not, simply 'specific' words, but as with 'clicks', condition-in-able under stress): I was very open with him, completely: at no point did he ever show surprise (except at my accusations of having been tortured: something he'd said was "Real power is the ability to get ppl to do things that you want them to do, but make them think it's their idea"), but something else he brought-up a couple of times - "sluggish schizophrenia" - 'What Soviet doctors called a person's search for the truth'.
Is this my own diagnosis, I wonder - where WPH records went from "schizo-typal [?query]", to a bullet-point of 'fact', via a bastardised account of my Morgans appointment, or brevity of typing-up. I'd be happy to explain how a previously long-forgotten email sent in 2004 by me, became the bedrock of the attack against me, alongside an FoI sent by me to the Home Office at the same time, for eg., the contents of each being cranked thru' 180degrees & then applied to me - I'd be happy to explain these.
The means of attack is the "No evidence" I get from the 'police', because it’s microwaves & because they are practiced to leave no hard evidence; what I have tho’,is consistency & detail of account to a depth of familiarity that excludes delusion or derangement (this is the “lacks (psychotic) insight” from a Dr. specializing in psychosis, which I suspect is a clear indication within official records that I’m cogent, logical, detailed & consistent in my accounts & attributions).
The "But how have they harmed you?" I've had from them, after spending an hour telling them, I might assume to be their "Layer Cake", which just could allude to layers of need-to-know, where their advertised "Gandhi" prompts acceptance (as in, the charade of 'by-power-of-influence-&-suggestion', rather than the blunt-force trauma of physical torture; or in other words, their "real power", as touted, by them). More ‘layer cake’ is that ‘inspector’ Knox knew me neighbour was an agents provocateurs, but Sgt Guest, who was used to prosecute an attack on me (effectively), did not, & was being ‘kept in the dark & fed on bullshit’. This is cops taking the piss out of cops, who act ‘honestly’ on the basis of their received information.
I've repeated myself in this letter, as that which I typed previously has disappeared, because what would hackers be if not to entertain their zeros & ones, including by "owning" my pc/'phone/etc., & fucking around with my 'Save's: judging by the current state of lights & siren drive-by's by the 'police', & the terminal nature of their apophenic referencing (currently masses of "orders/no choice/shot/dead/heart attack/etc", again), my guess is that someone didn't like my declaration that in order to have my direct, detailed & consistent accusations against the 'police' etc, put on file, recorded, in as many places as possible, by suchlike an action as putting a window thru' with my testimony of criminal conspiracy being the evidence itself (ie., tied to the bricks): that extreme authoritarian element of the 'police' have kangaroo-courted themselves, circumventing the other agencies of law & justice - it's very much in my interest to break their "bubble" of enforced "shutdown". It's very much in their interests to cause as much disruption & misunderstanding as possible, especially to garble letters of inquiry, & they have all the opportunity.
I'd also like to ask if you could find a way to forward my 180p. doc to the UCPI Undercover Police Inquiry, in London, into these same activities, as all measures will be taken to prevent this happening (I've delivered multiple copies to the 'police' to forward to: HMIC, IOPC, UCPI, & to the regional PCC for them to forward to UCPI, etc, also: I'm certain that all copies (at £7 each) went straight into the incinerator.
You might note that i have some 30-odd receipts from D'ton copshop, for letters & deliveries made to them by myself - all accusations & info., every one of which being met with official No Reply, delay, obfuscation, & several of which with a sudden higher frequency of apophenic referencing by siren gang-stalking, usually in this type of 'response', something really 'pointy', such as "We're taking you down", or "You're going to your own funeral", or that page of 'Khashoggi-sirens', increasing as the details spilled-out, with a last surge on "bone saws", the sort of thing that I was being primed with as early as c.2009, & constantly with since 2011 (ie., I was threatened with being "disappeared/vanished/never seen again/rendered" as usual, to the 'message' of "-our corpse-disposal operation running from Grimsby", which is an obvious counter-aggressive pisstake opportunity of reactance, as Khashoggi's murderers didn't need a fishing fleet to hide behind, & my murderers are of course, all-things magnificent & infallible & 'right by might' (by synthetic conflict, "gods" & "cthulu" etc., & "the future/infallible/great minds/superhuman/supernatural beings/elite/etc", & I & everyone else are "dinosaur/disposable/not a real person/etc" - the canvas I suspect for this, is hacking, versus the hacked, or "There are only hunters & farmers" (2012 synthetic telepathy), etc.
I've called the people behind the murder program against me, 'operators' several times. I want to very clear when I say that what i call them on an hourly basis, is "shitehounds", & the "Al-Sweeny", from the Al-Sweady Inquiry, & a shit-ton of other observations. I also used "V-scum", from Vertrauensmanner, who loosely, are their own "students" & "thugs", of course. But there's this line in one of Frances Wheen's books, "The probable truth is preferable to the palpable falsehood.", & this is why I accuse a 'rank' of the 'police' as being directly & aggressively involved in this, torture, poison, murder program, via the brain-mind-modem capability. (& I wonder how many of your dismissably self-reported 'internet conspiracy theorists' read Frank Wheen? - because I'm not an 'internet conspiracy theorist', as painted by Morgans. More science-based skeptic & empirical rationalist than the consequence of this casual dismissal might suggest, I can assure).
It seems to me that there are clear indications that with the 2004 2x FoI's sent to the Home Office by me*, the way the 'police' have behaved (total blocking of communications - up to literally '404 page does not exist' on Durham 'police's' online complaints form), the total ignoring of information & evidence that I have presented to Durham 'police' multiple times, their use of SDS-type agents provocateurs, a Northgate House DWP course being full of agents provocateurs (who I thought at the time were either off-duty or retired cops by their type, demeanour, & the in-narrative constant reference-word-theme droppings - a real hotspot for Derren Brown-type games), the letter West Park Hospital received about me from the Home Office (of which 2x further FoI's early2021, to WPH about this have been totally ignored), & various aspects of the 'reach' & means of attacks (incl. haematuria-inducing poison, to cause unnecessary medical interventions, as a last-dicth effort to attack me), & the way that my home was 'raided' by 3x transit vans of cops 2weeks after i had cause to complain to D'ton 'police' about their unhinged breaches of covid regs on their own property - & which written complaint has been totally ignored, & section 5 of .pdf document: '2015-01-06_FINAL_Report_on_HO_links_to_SDS_v2.4_REDACTED_FINAL', stating in clear, Home Office use of SDS agents provocateurs, that there is every chance that an honest investigation, that it would clearly indicate that the Home Office is likely to be instrumental in the torture, menticide, psychological corrosion, poisoning & murder (as well as "blacklisting" & quite deliberately making homeless, & "exiling/deporting/etc" of British citizens, is a standard operational procedure, in England. 'Lisa Round', their agents provocateurs in No.18 Eskdale St., DL3, wall-thumped at "protected by the law", "State Executioner", & much more.
*This/these FoI's were long the lines of asking about foreign criminals who serve time in prison for crimes committed, being deported - or not: 'We don't keep this information': this has simply been applied to me, within their "bubble" - "Go home/get out/deported/exile/black/Africa/traveling light/left with nothing but the cloathes on his back/reclaiming our stuff/They consider you a criminal/etc", multipe times every single day for 10yrs.
What I'm suggesting, is that in Britain, the 'police' (loosely) are serial torture-murderers, in a well-exercised program, that by remote means can dominate the functions of mind & body, & is therefore - as I keep being told by the 'police' - "No evidence", but also employs many standard tactics of any other junta: I expect the name 'Lisa Round' is the stolen name & identity of a long-dead infant, as is standard operating procedure (see The Guardian book, "Undercover", Evans & Lewis), but I also have her car noted somewhere, for an honest investigation. The reach is great - I suspect that during some medical testing I underwent as a consequence of the effects of this murder program, my electronic medical records were "filleted" (see the tainted blood scandal - the 'filleting' of patients medical records to suggest they caught HIV & Hep-C as a result of their own lifestyles), so that at every juncture, I had to have blood taken for testing, where it'd already been taken during the previous appointments (as noted by the nurses, who agreed that it must've been, "But there's no record here") - the conditioning-in of phobias & neuroses is the meat & veg of the program, VERY much including hypocondriasis/hypocondria, & all-things "doctor-cure-disease" are standard references. This practice would be consistent with their "elite" status of hackers, versus "dinosaurs" of the hacked, & much else that they flaunt of themselves.
My going theory is that the technology is close to pulse-modulated pseudo ELF signals on a microwave carrier, similar to the writings of 'Tim Rifat' on whale/to site. It is not line-of-sight. I assume it is carried on the ordinary wi-fi 'phone microwave network. I do not think 5G gives a person covid, but that it can be used to simulate symptoms & effects directly, such as a cough excitation, or cause the stress response to an arrhythmic ECG signal, that an arrhythmic ECG is customarily a symptom of.
I should also add that with their use of agents provocateurs, that I don't suppose Sgt. Guest knew 'Lisa Round' was a blackstate provocateur, but rather that she'd been fed narrative fabrications so that she herself was an unwitting dupe in a program of serious & organised serial, terminal, criminality, by the police (she'd certainly been fed a narrative that I was a sort of unhinged internet conspiracy theorist, exclaiming "But, these are real books", during a meeting, when I showed her a paragraph of relevance which may refer to the EEG clone/cortical modem, from book 'The New Spymasters', Grey.S., p208 paperback). NOTE too, that the headaches, nausea & auditory effects suffered by the US Embassy staff in Cuba, is all familiar to me, & was stated by the US science group JASON, as being microwave-based technology (they were reported as hearing 'cricketts', where I hear short sharp 'chirps', & clicks, etc.).
-When 'inspector' Knox does his all to delay, distract, deliberately misinterpret, & ignore, direct, detailed, named accusations of police extreme serial organised criminality (I've had all the "Daniel Morgan" references, from 2011) - & the last 3x heads of D'ton station, & the head honcho of Durham, & the PCC, are blind to-, & aggressively rebuff these things, it's fairly obvious that there's a lot to this murder program. NOTE that people around me have been 'seamlessly' hit with this 'brain modem' capability, so there's no reason at all to suppose serving police aren't; there's very little possibility in persuading ppl that their minds aren't their own, for obvious reasons, including the ostrich effect.
Following my directness recently, regarding what's been done to me, I'm currently getting multiple "shot dead/heart attack" references, July/Aug2021.
The thing about having an agents provocateurs neighbour is that the counter-aggression that you have to demonstrate to constantly break-out of the compression by a return of service wall-knock every now & then, & you're only eventually returning 1-in-10 of their methodological apophenic wall-knocking, because you're being watched & are being 'idea-of-referenced', & what you're watching on tv, listening to on the radio, the game you're playing & the conversation you're having & the 'phone call you're making are all being observed for opportunity & referenced one-way - your own 'return of service' is responsive but 'blind', so the other 9-in-10're pointlessly hassling yourself if you have to get up from the chair to some point out of a hundred to David Eagleman's 'The Brain' BBC4, for eg. And then there's the inadequacy of being wall-knock referenced, whilst increasingly traumatised & in pain, to being "thrown-out with the rubbish/kill yourself/cleansed/not a real person", with a >tap<.
PC Clarkson, c.2018 - I went to D'ton copshop with printed pages of names & accusations of crimes, asked to speak to a cop, then in an interview room, then asked to be filmed (he switched-on his body cam), then to a filmed set of accusations of names & crimes that the 'police' here & in NuT are directly involved in: he terminated the filming, the interview, & the whole thing was struck-off, with no record or LogNumber - a deleted vid & a binned or shredded document: - I find it odd that a PC awards himself the power to terminate & strike off the record, direct named detailed & in-print accusations of extreme police criminality.
-Same thing, trying again: to A/Sgt Banks (early2020)- the delivery of 180p document, room, discussion, accusations: I asked for nothing in this one, but she took it upon herself to forward 180p doc to the PCC, who are now sitting on 3x copies, ignoring my multiple calls, no contact at all, are NOT forwarding to HMIC, IOPC, UCPI, & are completely inactive - except for actively blocking.
NOTE 'The Times' frontpage headline Ap3 2018, "Police are 'trained to hide vital evidence'" - this is what this means, that the 'police' torture-poison-gang stalk-murder people, much of which scheme is by conspiracy with command-controlled 'cutouts', & are disinclined to investigate themselves, being at core a type-A Securitate: "But, there's no EVIDENCE/How have they HARMED you?" - the 180p doc is a direct consequence of 'inspector' Knox asking that question, after I'd spent an hour explaining how they'd harmed me: 'trained to hide vital evidence'. -I have sufficient names, numbers, NE & DH/DL, methodologies, 7yrs of daily logs, etc, for an honest investigation to reveal all these things, & there MUST be paper-trails of my accusations.
In NuT, when I told the 'police' about being followed around my own flat by the flat above, with another game being a floor-stamp at the exact moment I tipped 1-in-3 teaspoons of coffee into the cup (that's with increasing frequency, & volume, over 5months or so), after going to check the neighbour's identities (upstairs in Market St. station), PC 3426 showed me the door, BLOCK; or the 2nd time I called, "I'm being watched in my own home", the over-loud, over-large cop looked out the window & stated "Well I can't see anyone looking in" (3rd floor), deny-deflect-pisstake-sarcasm-stomp (PC unnamed/numbered in subject access docs); the 3rd cop, PC 3102, who, by his questions, clearly has some knowledge; etc..
PC 'Don Estelle' who, on account of accusations of noise harrassment by their own agents provocateurs, door-knocked to announce RIPA had been put on your home, meaning mum spent the last couple of years of her life watching tv with the sound down so she needed the subtitles on, who door-knocked mum to act against me, & who played a direct role in causing mum to experience a lot of stress, due to the actions & methodologies of the 'polices' own agents provocateurs operations, before she died of a stroke, late 2016, & then lied about having declared RIPA, in a 'professional Standards' investigation: lots of games.
Martin Luther King - "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."
Albert Camus - "The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion".
Douglas MacArthur — "Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword obviously never encountered automatic weapons."
Albert Camus - "Nothing is more despicable than respect based on fear."

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