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Peter Dale Scott, the patron saint of Deep Politics Forum, has now raised the possibility that  COVID-19 pandemic a deep event.  Says this in an April 2nd Facebook post:

Quote:To the great discomfort of some of my closest friends, I have continued to post articles I m not fully able to corroborate about our current Covid-19 crisis. I do so in the same spirit that I did during Russiagate -- that we seem to be in the midst of a deep event in which it is important to keep an open mind. In the case of this latest article from Whitney Webb, I agree with the comment below of Ellen Corley that this may be "Whitney Webb's most important article ever." Webb's article is hyperlinked; and I have done enough research into Fort Detrick to find credible what she writes. I have written myself about Fort Detrick and the false flag anthrax scare of 2001, which was a significant factor in the embedding of COG in the 2001 Patriot Act, whose legacy is still with us. To learn more about this important .topic, see The 2001 Anthrax Deception: The Case for a Domestic Conspiracy, by Graeme MacQueen.

In fact, PDS elsewhere has called what is happening a "systemic deep event."

Quote:Since then I have written about deep events, by which I mean mysterious events, like the JFK assassination, the Watergate break-in, or 9/11, which  repeatedly  involve  law-breaking  or violence, and are embedded in fact in deep politics. Some of these may be low-level, as when data is filched from a personal computer, or  mid-level,  like  the  murder  of  Karen Silkwood.  But  what  I  have  called  structural deep  events  are  large  enough  to  affect  the whole  fabric  of  society,  with  “consequences that  enlarge  covert  government,  and  are subsequently  covered  up  by  systematic falsifications in media and internal government records.” We still live in the official state of emergency imposed after the last great deep event  –  9/11;  and  this  has  left  us  in  a deconstitutionalized  era  of  warrantless surveillance,  warrantless  detentions,  and militarized  homeland  security.

Whereas Whitney Webb focuses on the virus benefiting the vaccine makers, I suggest the virus is meant as the Final Solution to existence of liberal democracy and beginning of a New World Order, a wedding of Orwell's 1984 and Huxley's Brave New World. 
"We'll know our disinformation campaign is complete when everything the American public believes is false." --William J. Casey, D.C.I

"We will lead every revolution against us." --Theodore Herzl

As much as Covid-19 is a circuit breaker, a time bomb and an actual weapon of mass destruction (WMD), a fierce debate is raging worldwide on the wisdom of mass quarantine applied to entire cities, states and nations.
Those against it argue Planet Lockdown not only is not stopping the spread of Covid-19 but also has landed the global economy into a cryogenic state – with unforeseen, dire consequences. Thus quarantine should apply essentially to the population with the greatest risk of death: the elderly.
With Planet Lockdown transfixed by heart-breaking reports from the Covid-19 frontline, there’s no question this is an incendiary assertion.
In parallel, a total corporate media takeover is implying that if the numbers do not substantially go down, Planet Lockdown – an euphemism for house arrest – remains, indefinitely.
Michael Levitt, 2013 Nobel Prize in chemistry and Stanford biophysicist, was spot on when he calculated that China would get through the worst of Covid-19 way before throngs of health experts believed, and that “What we need is to control the panic”.
Let’s cross this over with some facts and dissident opinion, in the interest of fostering an informed debate.
The report Covid-19 – Navigating the Uncharted was co-authored by Dr. Anthony Fauci – the White House face of the fight –, H. Clifford Lane, and CDC director Robert R. Redfield. So it comes from the heart of the U.S. healthcare establishment.
The report explicitly states, “the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%) or a pandemic influenza (similar to those in 1957 and 1968) rather than a disease similar to SARS or MERS, which have had case fatality rates of 9 to 10% and 36%, respectively.”
On March 19, four days before Downing Street ordered the British lockdown, Covid-19 was downgraded from the status of “High Consequence Infectious Disease.”
John Lee, recently retired professor of pathology and former NHS consultant pathologist, has recently argued that, “the world’s 18,944 coronavirus deaths represent 0.14 per cent of the total. These figures might shoot up but they are, right now, lower than other infectious diseases that we live with (such as flu).”
He recommends, “a degree of social distancing should be maintained for a while, especially for the elderly and the immune-suppressed. But when drastic measures are introduced, they should be based on clear evidence. In the case of Covid-19, the evidence is not clear.”
That’s essentially the same point developed by a Russian military intel analyst.
No less than 22 scientists – see here and here – have expanded on their doubts about the Western strategy.
Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Professor Emeritus of Medical Microbiology at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, has provoked immense controversy with his open letter to Chancellor Merkel, stressing the “truly unforeseeable consequences of the drastic containment measures which are currently being applied in large parts of Europe.”
Even New York governor Andrew Cuomo admitted on the record about the error of quarantining elderly people with illnesses alongside the fit young population.
The absolutely key issue is how the West was caught completely unprepared for the spread of Covid-19 – even after being provided a head start of two months by China, and having the time to study different successful strategies applied across Asia.
There are no secrets for the success of the South Korean model.
South Korea was producing test kits already in early January, and by March was testing 100,000 people a day, after establishing strict control of the whole population – to Western cries of “no protection of private life”. That was before the West embarked on Planet Lockdown mode.
South Korea was all about testing early, often and safely – in tandem with quick, thorough contact tracing, isolation and surveillance.
Covid-19 carriers are monitored with the help of video-surveillance cameras, credit card purchases, smartphone records. Add to it SMS sent to everyone when a new case is detected near them or their place of work. Those in self-isolation need an app to be constantly monitored; non-compliance means a fine to the equivalent of $2,800.
[b]Controlled demolition in effect[/b]
In early March, the Chinese Journal of Infectious Diseases, hosted by the Shanghai Medical Association, pre-published an Expert Consensus on Comprehensive Treatment of Coronavirus in Shanghai. Treatment recommendations included, “large doses of vitamin C…injected intravenously at a dose of 100 to 200 mg / kg per day. The duration of continuous use is to significantly improve the oxygenation index.”
That’s the reason why 50 tons of Vitamin C was shipped to Hubei province in early February. It’s a stark example of a simple “mitigation” solution capable of minimizing economic catastrophe.
In contrast, it’s as if the brutally fast Chinese “people’s war” counterpunch against Covid-19 had caught Washington totally unprepared. Steady intel rumbles on the Chinese net point to Beijing having already studied all plausible leads towards the origin of the Sars-Cov-2 virus – vital information that will be certainly weaponized, Sun Tzu style, at the right time.
As it stands, the sustainability of the complex Eurasian integration project has not been substantially compromised. As the EU has provided the whole planet with a graphic demonstration of its cluelessness and helplessness, everyday the Russia-China strategic partnership gets stronger – increasingly investing in soft power and advancing a pan-Eurasia dialogue which includes, crucially, medical help.
Facing this process, the EU’s top diplomat, Joseph Borrell, sounds indeed so helpless: “There is a global battle of narratives going on in which timing is a crucial factor. […] China has brought down local new infections to single figures – and it is now sending equipment and doctors to Europe, as others do as well. China is aggressively pushing the message that, unlike the U.S., it is a responsible and reliable partner. In the battle of narratives we have also seen attempts to discredit the EU (…) We must be aware there is a geo-political component including a struggle for influence through spinning and the ‘politics of generosity’. Armed with facts, we need to defend Europe against its detractors.”
That takes us to really explosive territory. A critique of the Planet Lockdown strategy inevitably raises serious questions pointing to a controlled demolition of the global economy. What is already in stark effect are myriad declinations of martial law, severe social media policing in Ministry of Truth mode, and the return of strict border controls.
These are unequivocal markings of a massive social re-engineering project, complete with inbuilt full monitoring, population control and social distancing promoted as the new normal.
That would be taking to the limit Secretary of State Mike “we lie, we cheat, we steal” Pompeo’s assertion, on the record, that Covid-19 is a live military exercise: “This matter is going forward — we are in a live exercise here to get this right.”
[b]All hail BlackRock[/b]
So as we face a New Great Depression, steps leading to a Brave New World are already discernable. It goes way beyond a mere Bretton Woods 2.0, in the manner that Pam and Russ Martens superbly deconstruct the recent $2 trillion, Capitol Hill-approved stimulus to the U.S. economy.
Essentially, the Fed will “leverage the bill’s $454 million bailout slush fund into $4.5 trillion”. And no questions are allowed on who gets the money, because the bill simply cancels the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) for the Fed.
The privileged private contractor for the slush fund is none other than BlackRock. Here’s the extremely short version of the whole, astonishing scheme, masterfully detailed here.
Wall Street has turned the Fed into a hedge fund. The Fed is going to own at least two thirds of all U.S. Treasury bills wallowing in the market before the end of the year.
The U.S. Treasury will be buying every security and loan in sight while the Fed will be the banker – financing the whole scheme.
So essentially this is a Fed/ Treasury merger. A behemoth dispensing loads of helicopter money – with BlackRock as the undisputable winner.
BlackRock is widely known as the biggest money manager on the planet. Their tentacles are everywhere. They own 5% of Apple, 5% of Exxon Mobil, 6% of Google, second largest shareholder of AT&T (Turner, HBO, CNN, Warner Brothers) – these are just a few examples.
They will buy all these securities and manage those dodgy special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) on behalf of the Treasury.
BlackRock not only is the top investor in Goldman Sachs. Better yet: Blackrock is bigger than Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank combined. BlackRock is a serious Trump donor. Now, for all practical purposes, it will be the operating system – the Chrome, Firefox, Safari – of Fed/Treasury.
This represents the definitive Wall Street-ization of the Fed – with no evidence whatsoever it will lead to any improvement in the lives of the average American.
Western corporate media, en masse, have virtually ignored the myriad, devastating economic consequences of Planet Lockdown. Wall to wall coverage barely mentions the astonishing economic human wreckage already in effect – especially for the masses barely surviving, so far, in the informal economy.
For all practical purposes, the Global War on Terror (GWOT) has been replaced by the Global War on Virus (GWOV). But what is not being seriously analyzed is the Perfect Toxic Storm: a totally shattered economy; The Mother of All Financial Crashes – barely masked by the trillions in helicopter money from the Fed and the ECB; the tens of millions of unemployed engendered by the New Great Depression; the millions of small businesses that will simply disappear; a widespread, global mental health crisis. Not to mention the masses of elderly, especially in the U.S., that will be issued an unspoken “drop dead” notice.
Beyond any rhetoric about “decoupling”, the global economy is already, de facto, split in two. On one side, we have Eurasia, Africa and swathes of Latin America – what China will be painstakingly connecting and reconnecting via the New Silk Roads. On the other side, we have North America and selected Western vassals. A puzzled Europe lies in the middle.
A cryogenically induced global economy certainly facilitates a reboot. Trumpism is the New Exceptionalism – so that means an isolationist MAGA on steroids. In contrast, China will painstakingly reboot its market base along the New Silk Roads – Africa and Latin America included – to replace the 20% of trade/exports to be lost with the U.S.
The meager $1,200 checks promised to Americans are a de facto precursor of the much touted Universal Basic Income (UBI). They may become permanent as tens of millions of people will be permanently unemployed. That will facilitate the transition towards a totally automated, 24/7 economy run by AI – thus the importance of 5G.
And that’s where ID2020 comes in.
[b]AI and ID2020[/b]
The European Commission is involved in a crucial but virtually unknown project, CREMA (Cloud Based Rapid Elastic Manufacturing) which aims to facilitate the widest possible implementation of AI in conjunction to the advent of a cashless One-World system.
The end of cash necessarily implies a One-World government capable of dispensing – and controlling – UBI; a de facto full accomplishment of Foucault’s studies on biopolitics. Anyone is liable to be erased from the system if an algorithm equals this individual with dissent.
It gets even sexier when absolute social control is promoted as an innocent vaccine.
ID2020 is self-described as a benign alliance of “public-private partners”. Essentially, it is an electronic ID platform based on generalized vaccination. And its starts at birth; newborns will be provided with a “portable and persistent biometrically-linked digital identity.”
GAVI, the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, pledges to “protect people’s health “ and provide “immunization for all”. Top partners and sponsors, apart from the WHO, include, predictably, Big Pharma.
At the ID2020 Alliance summit last September in New York, it was decided that the “Rising to the Good ID Challenge” program would be launched in 2020. That was confirmed by the World Economic Forum (WEF) this past January in Davos. The digital identity will be tested with the government of Bangladesh.
That poses a serious question: was ID2020 timed to coincide with what a crucial sponsor, the WHO, qualified as a pandemic? Or was a pandemic absolutely crucial to justify the launch of ID2020?
As game-changing trial runs go, nothing of course beats Event 201, which took place less than a month after ID2020.
The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with, once again, the WEF, as well as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, described Event 201 as “a high-level pandemic exercise”. The exercise “illustrated areas where public/private partnerships will be necessary during the response to a severe pandemic in order to diminish large-scale economic and societal consequences.”
With Covid-19 in effect as a pandemic, the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health was forced to issue a statement basically saying they just “modeled a fictional coronavirus pandemic, but we explicitly stated that it was not a prediction”.
There’s no question “a severe pandemic, which becomes ‘Event 201’ would require reliable cooperation among several industries, national governments, and key international institutions”, as spun by the sponsors. Covid-19 is eliciting exactly this kind of “cooperation”. Whether it’s “reliable” is open to endless debate.
The fact is that, all over Planet Lockdown, a groundswell of public opinion is leaning towards defining the current state of affairs as a global psyop: a deliberate global meltdown – the New Great Depression – imposed on unsuspecting citizens by design.
The powers that be, taking their cue from the tried and tested, decades-old CIA playbook, of course are breathlessly calling it a “conspiracy theory”. Yet what vast swathes of global public opinion observe is a – dangerous – virus being used as cover for the advent of a new, digital financial system, complete with a forced vaccine cum nanochip creating a full, individual, digital identity.
The most plausible scenario for our immediate future reads like clusters of smart cities linked by AI, with people monitored full time and duly micro-chipped doing what they need with a unified digital currency, in an atmosphere of Bentham’s and Foucault’s Panopticum on overdrive.
So if this is really our future, the existing world-system has to go. This is a test, this is only a test.
"We'll know our disinformation campaign is complete when everything the American public believes is false." --William J. Casey, D.C.I

"We will lead every revolution against us." --Theodore Herzl
[b]Y[/b]ou don’t need to read Michel Foucault’s work on biopolitics to understand that neoliberalism – in deep crisis since at least 2008 – is a control/governing technique in which surveillance capitalism is deeply embedded.
But now, with the world-system collapsing at breathtaking speed, neoliberalism is at a loss to deal with the next stage of dystopia, ever present in our hyper-connected angst: global mass unemployment.
Henry Kissinger, anointed oracle/gatekeeper of the ruling class, is predictably scared. He claims that, “sustaining the public trust is crucial to social solidarity.” He’s convinced the Hegemon should “safeguard the principles of the liberal world order.” Otherwise, “failure could set the world on fire.”
That’s so quaint. Public trust is dead across the spectrum. The liberal world “order” is now social Darwinist chaos. Just wait for the fire to rage.
The numbers are staggering. The Japan-based Asian Development Bank (ADB), in its annual economic report, may not have been exactly original. But it did note that the impact of the “worst pandemic in a century” will be as high as $4.1 trillion, or 4.8 percent of global GDP.
This an underestimation, as “supply disruptions, interrupted remittances, possible social and financial crises, and long-term effects on health care and education are excluded from the analysis.”
We cannot even start to imagine the cataclysmic social consequences of the crash. Entire sub-sectors of the global economy may not be recomposed at all.  
The International Labor Organization (ILO) forecasts global unemployment at a conservative, additonal 24.7 million people – especially in aviation, tourism and hospitality.
The global aviation industry is a humongous $2.7 trillion business. That’s 3.6 percent of global GDP. It employs 2.7 million people. When you add air transport and tourism —everything from hotels and restaurants to theme parks and museums — it accounts for a minimum of 65.5 million jobs around the world.
According to the ILO, income losses for workers may range from $860 billion to an astonishing $3.4 trillion. “Working poverty” will be the new normal – especially across the Global South.
“Working poor,” in ILO terminology, means employed people living in households with a per capita income below the poverty line of $2 a day. As many as an additional 35 million people worldwide will become working poor in 2020. 
Switching to feasible perspectives for global trade, it’s enlightening to examine that this report about how the economy may rebound is centered on the notorious hyperactive merchants and traders of Yiwu in eastern China – the world’s busiest small-commodity, business hub.
Their experience spells out a long and difficult recovery. As the rest of the world is in a coma, Lu Ting, chief China economist at Nomura in Hong Kong stresses that China faces a 30 percent decline in external demand at least until next Fall.
[b]Neoliberalism in Reverse?[/b]
[Image: 09094jfSan_Vicente_Agustin_Batasan_Bata_...scaled.jpg]San Miguel, Bulacan, Philippines, 2016. (Judgefloro, CC0, Wikimedia Commons)
In the next stage, the strategic competition between the U.S. and China will be no-holds-barred, as emerging narratives of China’s new, multifaceted global role – on trade, technology, cyberspace, climate change – will set in, even more far-reaching than the New Silk Roads. That will also be the case in global public health policies. Get ready for an accelerated Hybrid War between the “Chinese virus” narrative and the Health Silk Road.
The latest report by the China Institute of International Studies would be quite helpful for the West — hubris permitting — to understand how Beijing adopted key measures putting the health and safety of the general population first. 
Now, as the Chinese economy slowly picks up, hordes of fund managers from across Asia are tracking everything from trips on the metro to noodle consumption to preview what kind of economy may emerge post-lockdown.
In contrast, across the West, the prevailing doom and gloom elicited a priceless editorial from The Financial Times. Like James Brown in the 1980s Blues Brothers pop epic, the City of London seems to have seen the light, or at least giving the impression it really means it. Neoliberalism in reverse. New social contract. “Secure” labor markets. Redistribution.
Cynics won’t be fooled. The cryogenic state of the global economy spells out a vicious Great Depression 2.0 and an unemployment tsunami. The plebs eventually reaching for the pitchforks and the AR-15s en masse is now a distinct possibility. Might as well start throwing a few breadcrumbs to the beggars’ banquet. 
That may apply to European latitudes. But the American story is in a class by itself.
[Image: 32781892061_329edc468e_o.jpg]Mural, Seattle, February 2017. (Mitchell Haindfield, Flickr)
For decades, we were led to believe that the world-system put in place after WWII provided the U.S. with unrivalled structural power. Now, all that’s left is structural fragility, grotesque inequalities, unpayable Himalayas of debt, and a rolling crisis.
No one is fooled anymore by the Fed’s magic quantitative easing powers, or the acronym salad – TALF, ESF, SPV – built into the Fed/U.S. Treasury exclusive obsession with big banks, corporations and the Goddess of the Market, to the detriment of the average American.   
It was only a few months ago that a serious discussion evolved around the $2.5 quadrillion derivatives market imploding and collapsing the global economy, based on the price of oil skyrocketing, in case the Strait of Hormuz – for whatever reason – was shut down. 
Now it’s about Great Depression 2.0: the whole system crashing as a result of the shutdown of the global economy. The questions are absolutely legitimate: is the political and social cataclysm of the global economic crisis arguably a larger catastrophe than Covid-19 itself?  And will it provide an opportunity to end neoliberalism and usher in a more equitable system, or something even worse?
[b] ‘Transparent’ BlackRock[/b]
Wall Street, of course, lives in an alternative universe. In a nutshell, Wall Street turned the Fed into a hedge fund. The Fed is going to own at least two thirds of all U.S. Treasury bills in the market before the end of 2020.
The U.S. Treasury will be buying every security and loan in sight while the Fed will be the banker – financing the whole scheme.
So essentially this is a Fed/Treasury merger. A behemoth dispensing loads of helicopter money.
And the winner is BlackRock—the biggest money manager on the planet, with tentacles everywhere, managing the assets of over 170 pension funds, banks, foundations, insurance companies, in fact a great deal of the money in private equity and hedge funds. BlackRock — promising to be fully  “transparent” — will buy these securities and manage those dodgy SPVs on behalf of the Treasury.
BlackRock, founded in 1988 by Larry Fink, may not be as big as Vanguard, but it’s the top investor in Goldman Sachs, along with Vanguard and State Street, and with $6.5 trillion in assets, bigger than Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank combined. 
Now, BlackRock is the new operating system (OS) of the Fed and the Treasury. The world’s biggest shadow bank – and no, it’s not Chinese.
Compared to this high-stakes game, mini-scandals such as the one around Georgia Senator Kelly Loffler are peanuts. Loffler allegedly profited from inside information on Covid-19 by the CDC to make a stock market killing. Loffler is married to Jeffrey Sprecher – who happens to be the chairman of the NYSE, installed by Goldman Sachs. 
While corporate media followed this story like headless chickens, post-Covid-19 plans, in Pentagon parlance, “move forward” by stealth. 
The price? A meager $1,200 check per person for a month. Anyone knows that, based on median salary income, a typical American family would need $12,000 to survive for two months. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, in an act of supreme effrontry, allows them a mere 10 percent of that. So American taxpayers will be left with a tsunami of debt while selected Wall Street players grab the whole loot, part of an unparalleled transfer of wealth upwards, complete with bankruptcies en masse of small and medium businesses.
Fink’s letter to his shareholders almost gives the game away: “I believe we are on the edge of a fundamental reshaping of finance.”
And right on cue, he forecasted that, “in the near future – and sooner than most anticipate – there will be a significant reallocation of capital.”
He was referring, then, to climate change. Now that refers to Covid-19.
[b]Implant Our Nanochip, Or Else?[/b]
[Image: 200406-Z-FC129-070-1-scaled.jpg]West Virginia National Guard members reporting to a Charleston nursing home to assist with Covid-19 testing. April 6, 2020. (U.S. Army National Guard, Edwin L. Wriston)
The game ahead for the elites, taking advantage of the crisis, might well contain these four elements: a social credit system, mandatory vaccination, a digital currency and a Universal Basic Income (UBI). This is what used to be called, according to the decades-old, time-tested CIA playbook, a “conspiracy theory.” Well, it might actually happen.
A social credit system is something that China set up already in 2014. Before the end of 2020, every Chinese citizen will be assigned his/her own credit score – a de facto “dynamic profile”, elaborated with extensive use of AI and the internet of things (IoT), including ubiquitous facial recognition technology. This implies, of course, 24/7 surveillance, complete with Blade Runner-style roving robotic birds.
The U.S., the U.K., France, Germany, Canada, Russia and India may not be far behind. Germany, for instance, is tweaking its universal credit rating system, SCHUFA. France has an ID app very similar to the Chinese model, verified by facial recognition.
Mandatory vaccination is Bill Gates’s dream, working in conjunction with the WHO, the World Economic Forum (WEF) and Big Pharma. He wants “billions of doses” to be enforced over the Global South. And it could be a cover to everyone getting a digital implant.
Here it is, in his own words. At 34:15: “Eventually what we’ll have to have is certificates of who’s a recovered person, who’s a vaccinated person…Because you don’t want people moving around the world where you’ll have some countries that won’t have it under control, sadly. You don’t want to completely block off the ability for people to go there and come back and move around.”
Then comes the last sentence which was erased from the official TED video. This was noted by Rosemary Frei, who has a master on molecular biology and is an independent investigative journalist in Canada. Gates says: “So eventually there will be this digital immunity proof that will help facilitate the global reopening up.”
This “digital immunity proof” is crucial to keep in mind, something that could be misused by the state for nefarious purposes.
The three top candidates to produce a coronavirus vaccine are American biotech firm Moderna, as well as Germans CureVac and BioNTech.
Digital cash might then become an offspring of blockchain. Not only the U.S., but China and Russia are also interested in a national crypto-currency. A global currency – of course controlled by central bankers – may soon be adopted in the form of a basket of currencies, and would circulate virtually. Endless permutations of the toxic cocktail of IoT, blockchain technology and the social credit system could loom ahead.
Already Spain has announced that it is introducing UBI, and wants it to be permanent. It’s a form insurance for the elite against social uprisings, especially if millions of jobs never come back.
So the key working hypothesis is that Covid-19 could be used as cover for the usual suspects to bring in a new digital financial system and a mandatory vaccine with a “digital identity” nanochip with dissent not tolerated: what Slavoj Zizek calls the “erotic dream” of every totalitarian government.
Yet underneath it all, amid so much anxiety, a pent-up rage seems to be gathering strength, to eventually explode in unforeseeable ways. As much as the system may be changing at breakneck speed, there’s no guarantee even the 0.1 percent will be safe. 

Source: Pepe Escobar
"We'll know our disinformation campaign is complete when everything the American public believes is false." --William J. Casey, D.C.I

"We will lead every revolution against us." --Theodore Herzl
Some troubling information here.....not signing on to all or most of it...but think it all needs to be examined further.

"Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws. - Mayer Rothschild
"Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience! People are obedient in the face of poverty, starvation, stupidity, war, and cruelty. Our problem is that grand thieves are running the country. That's our problem!" - Howard Zinn
"If there is no struggle there is no progress. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and never will" - Frederick Douglass
"We'll know our disinformation campaign is complete when everything the American public believes is false." --William J. Casey, D.C.I

"We will lead every revolution against us." --Theodore Herzl
Disaster management as a new reality of the impending redivison of the world

Sergey Pereslegin is considering the concept of "controlled demolition" of the current world order system.

War as a social institution performs several functions: rejecting non-viable communities, redistributing assets, burning passionarity, initiating the work of “social elevators”, “primary simplification” of management, and so on. It may be more correct to say in the past tense - once the war performed these functions. From the bankruptcy of revalued Internet companies (dotcom bubble), from the fall of the "twin towers" on September 11 of the same 2001, a general crisis of the global world order is being diagnosed. In 2008, this crisis acquired an economic component, in 2013–2014 - a military component, since the “policy of sanctions” is a form of economic blockade, that is, an instrument of the “Athena war”.

The third world has already died

Between 2008 and 2013, Jeremy Rifkin formulated the ideology of overcoming the crisis through the transition to a new technological structure and building a post-industrial trans-industrial society.
The general features of this structure were outlined in autumn 2014: 

a manufacturing economy instead of a consumer economy;
post-global structure of the world;
deserted production and the dominance of artificial intelligence in industry;
additive technology;
closed production cycles, efficient nature management instead of nature protection;
new management formats - semantic, ontological, etc.
digital economy, that is, total control of government structures over any transactions.

Building a trans-industrial society involves solving a number of technical problems, creating new ones and destroying old social institutions, redistributing assets in favor of the industries and organizations of the emerging technological structure, changing the balance of forces between countries and military-political blocs.

Similar tasks have always been accomplished through war.

The First World War marked the transition from the century of steam and electricity to the century of aviation and internal combustion engines. It led to the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and Austria-Hungary, the degradation of France and Germany, the loss of civilizational leadership by Great Britain and its capture by the United States of America. Russia emerged from this war through a revolution, which allowed it to avoid the fate of the vanquished, not to take on the sins of the victors and, although with territorial losses, to preserve the empire.

The Second World War, on the one hand, was an attempt (with unsuitable means) to “replay” the First, on the other, a transition to the century of atomic energy, all-weather jet aviation and space. In the process, the “German project” was finally liquidated, the Japanese Empire was destroyed, Italy lost its acquisitions as a result of the previous war, England lost its political independence and became a US satellite. America strengthened its world leadership, created a new type of global organization based on the principles of logistics, and ended the war with a power - the sole possessor of nuclear weapons.

But the global organization of a new type - on the basis of Marxist ontology and communist ideology - was also created by the Soviet Union. The confrontation of superpowers began.

Since both opponents possessed nuclear, and since the beginning of the 50s, thermonuclear weapons, the third world war was designed from the very beginning as a global nuclear one. It should be borne in mind that in this potential conflict the United States had the advantage from the very beginning to the end: complete parity was not achieved at all, relative parity developed only towards the end of the 70s. Prior to this, the strategic situation was as follows: the USSR could completely destroy the European allies of the United States, the United States could completely destroy the Soviet Union and survive, but at the same time they would suffer unacceptable losses.

There were plenty of reasons for a real nuclear missile war, but its risks were perceived by the parties as unacceptable. In the early 80s, Karl Sagan and Nikita Moiseyev creatively reacted to the current military-political situation and developed the concept of a “nuclear winter”: a total climatic catastrophe generated by the global war.

The “nuclear winter” model was absolutely hermetic - it could be proved or refuted only by organizing such a global war. But the reasoning seemed convincing enough for the world elites to finally accept the long-held fact: the third world war turned out to be cold. This is a blockade war, not involving a clash of the main forces of the main opponents. Of course, on the little things, the passionarity of the parties was burned in local conflicts. Of course, these conflicts slightly shifted the balance between the superpowers, but the content of the Cold War was not a shootout in Vietnam, Angola or Afghanistan, but the struggle of Soviet geopolitics with American geoeconomics. The blockade and the blockade.

The Cold War unmounted the USSR, the socialist community, the world "leftist project." The result of it was the 5th technological structure: globalization, the economy of consumption, the economy of services. And the indisputable military-political, economic, cultural leadership of the United States of America.

Thus, the third world war solved the problem of changing the technological structure and redistributing assets between old and new centers of power. The conflict of superpowers was global in nature, but at the same time, from the generally accepted point of view, war did not occur as such. There was a slow confrontation, a suffocating blockade, informational impact in the background of the global theater scene - local clashes on the far periphery of the world in the form of familiar wars: with shooting, bombing, destroyed cities and corpses of people.

The war has become different.

The battle for the trans-industrial order: the global civil

Collapse of the USSR gave rise to the concept of "sustainable development" and "end of history", implemented in the format of globalization. From the very beginning it was clear that this was not for long and that a new stage of the struggle for the redivision of the world was waiting for us.

The first subtlety is that globalization destroyed the traditional cycles of economic ups and downs described by Nikolai Kondratyev a century ago, which made it impossible for the competing world economies to coexist (or, on the contrary, war). Consequently, a new global conflict should form around technology worlds. This identifies it, on the one hand, as a transition between technological structures, and on the other, as the dismantling of a consumer society and the construction of a new producing economy.

The second subtlety is connected with the cyclical nature of American history: twenty-year instability, four to five years of conflict in the form of a civil or external war, 15 years of reconstruction and 40 years of sustainable development. Since the summer of 2001, the United States has entered a new cycle. In 2020, he should come to the crisis phase, which provokes a civil war in the hegemonic state, that is, a global civil war. Alternatively, the conflict can be broadcast outside, as was done in the early 40s, but this requires the creation of a strong external adversary. This could be done by destroying the globalization system. The Americans took appropriate steps, but “world terrorism” did not pull at all to threaten the American way of life, despite all the PR provided to it.

Finally, the third subtlety lies in the characteristics of the economy of the 5th way with its dominance of financial technology over production and management over management and common sense. As a result of many years of practice of moving dirty enterprises abroad, the Americans have strengthened their main competitor, China, along the way giving it the status of a “workshop of the world” and, in addition, overloading its financial system with credit obligations and the economic system with derivatives.

As a result, a macroregional polycentric structure has somehow developed in the world by itself. The United States of America remained the undisputed military and economic leader, but could not use its advantages under the globalization regime. China, on the contrary, blended perfectly with the existing world order, eliminated the age-old backwardness and concentrated in its hands almost everything necessary for a new leap, excluding several critical technologies that the States held to fail, and the PRC could not reproduce. Russia "rose" in the hydrocarbon trade and began to claim its own design, and Europe for the first time in its many thousand-year history managed to create, if not genuine unity, then at least a political union and "five freedom of movement": people, goods, money, information, services.

With all this, the military alliance of China and Russia, concluded in the past, if not the year before last, was not dissolved, which in the future created a confrontation between the first military power in the world and the coalition of the second and third powers. The world war acquired quite understandable and familiar outlines, and in these conditions the importance of the armed forces of the EU sharply increased. Within the framework of NATO structures, of course, they were supposed to support the United States, but NATO more and more looked like a paper bureaucratic organization, and not a real military alliance.

The 2014–2016 “Sanctions Policy” and its subsequent transition to a “blockade policy” did not solve the US problems even if this blockade was ideally completed - say, with the change of the political regime in Russia and the return of Crimea to Ukraine. It was necessary to include China in the orbit of the blockade, and the PRC stubbornly continued to act “within the rules” and did not give the necessary reason.

The local wars of 2011–2019 in Libya, Syria and several other countries demonstrated the technological advantage of NATO and the USA, but from an economic and political point of view, they turned out to be disastrous actions. It became clear that just as the Third World War did not become like the Second, the new war would not be a combination of an “ice blockade” with local conflicts on the periphery.

In general, between 2013 and 2020, a decision is ripening slowly and painfully in the world elites. Its essence is that local wars have become economically unprofitable, that is, they have ceased to be an adequate tool for redistributing resources. A global war is not even important - a saturating nuclear missile, according to the early ideas of the Third World War, or a large war with limited use of WMD, built rather in the logic of the Second, contains unacceptable risks. And even worse, a major war partly made it possible to resolve the dispute between the powers for world leadership, but in the new fundamentally created conditions it did not overcome economic problems with either debt, derivatives, or even with the economy tilting towards consumption.

A “problem of scale” arose and was reflected: a limited war could not act as a “high-tech economic destructor” according to Alexander Nekless, but a global war turned out to be too good a destructor - “there will be no stone unturned”. In the same way, a war, even of the scale of World War II, will have no effect on the labor market under conditions of progressive robotization: billions of hands are released, and military losses are projected within the first tens of millions - a difference of two orders of magnitude. The global exchange of nuclear strikes will probably solve the problem of excess workers, but too radically even for the modern world elites, who, by the way, could also suffer from such an exchange.

As a result, the opinion that the war ceased to be an adequate, albeit radical solution, gradually crystallized. It is either insufficient or excessive.

The contours of the global battle.

So, there will be no war? Of course it will! But completely different.

Not the first - with infantry attacks against machine guns. Not the second - with tank attacks and strategic bombing. Not the third - with political and economic confrontation, blockade and subversive operations. All this, however, is also used - but as a background, not content.

At the state level, the United States of America is the actor - and moreover, the only one. The main challenge facing the United States is reformatting the national economy. It is at least a leading position in the 6th technological order, and ideally, a transition to post-technological development. In this case, America needs to improve its financial system, redistribute assets in favor of industrial capital and withdraw from the game, at least temporarily, imagining China, Russia and the European Union.

“Redistribution of assets” means a sharp weakening of the 5th technological structure, that is, the confiscation of financial capital, primarily banking. This cannot be done without violent measures, therefore we are talking about a “right” or “substantial” civil war. Civil war in a hegemonic state, and even in conditions of global peace, will certainly become global. The Americans tried a “hot” civil war in the second cycle of their history (1861–1865); they have no special desire to repeat this bloody experiment. Therefore, firstly, the civil war should be exported from the “city on the hill” to the world periphery, and secondly, the war itself should be as cold as possible.

We have a global cold civil war. And this, alas, is not the future of the world, it is its sad present. About five years ago, I read the report “Global catastrophe as an optimal solution.” A certain part of the above considerations was formulated there and it was concluded that it is now more convenient to deal with global economic destruction not with war, but with global catastrophe. Or in other words, global catastrophe is a modern form of war.

And the coronavirus epidemic begins first. At first, with the help of the media, she was given all the features not even of the XIV century plague, but of some almost otherworldly zombie apocalypse. And then an all-terrestrial catastrophe really happens. The paralysis of world trade routes, the total closure of borders, universal quarantine, the fantastic “self-isolation regime” - all this destroys the world economy much faster and more efficiently than strategic bombing, underwater blockade or atomic confrontation of superpowers in the previous great wars. Moreover, globalization has done its job and the economy of almost all states is excessively open.

And right before our eyes, economic ties are breaking. The length of technological chains is sharply reduced. In connection with the breakdown of the sowing season, the ghost of hunger hangs over the world. The universal gross product, the fall of which by a few percent was perceived by each country as a national tragedy, falls immediately by 15 percent, the forecast reaches 50 percent or more. Let me remind you that the marginal indicator of the Great Depression of 1929 was only about 30 percent of the fall in GDP.

Since people are deprived of the opportunity to earn money (this applies to small businesses, self-employed and many others), their savings are burnt in the flame of quarantine. Almost all loans issued by banks to private individuals become non-repayable. So much for the reorganization of the economy, the elimination of “financial bubbles”, and most importantly, the flow of assets from banks to financial funds and from them partially to the industry of a new technological structure. The United States, of course, is also suffering, but they have a plan of action, they have an understanding of what is going on, there is light at the end of the tunnel. They will pay for everything, only they will use the fruits. Actually the perfect strategy!

And where is the civil war? It will begin a little later, when the level of the devastating country that has befallen is finally realized. And not so much by the masses of the people as by the petty bourgeoisie, which the war without a knife put under the knife. And note, the American financial elites, whose interests are expressed by the Clinton clan. Of course, they will start a war for lost property, burned money - for existence.

Spaces of fierce struggle

The task of those elites who win by disaster will be to keep the war within the framework of the cold. That is, to conduct it in the legal space, in semantics, in virtual and augmented realities. But the real world cannot be completely ignored, therefore again, as in the third world war, there will be a political opera, where the protagonist and antagonist sing their arias in the foreground, and Troy burns in the background and the dead bury their dead.

To summarize. Previously, war was a social disaster. Today, social disaster has become a war. Before civil war sought to present as a world war. Now the world war will be instituted as a civil war. But this war itself, in the format of popular riots and anti-terrorist operations, will only be a cover for the struggle in completely different spaces.

We list them. 

First of all, this is a legal space. The experience of the coronavirus has shown that all constitutional guarantees of citizens, and therefore all articles of laws based on these guarantees, are not worth the paper on which they were once printed. This applies to international law and national laws. On the one hand, this means that the elites are going to rule, relying on brute force, that is, we are threatened by information fascism, medical fascism, or even ordinary fascism. On the other hand, power as the only instrument of power is short-lived. Sooner or later, the “law of the savannah” will be replaced by some form of legitimization. “New Law” will determine the winners and losers in the global civil war.

Let us single out a separate line information law, media law, law, acting in a variety of virtual worlds. Protection of information. Information management. Transformation of information. The main thing is control over networks, network protocols, software shells and work programs. Physical control over servers, data centers, network nodes, and intermodal portals linking virtuality with realities.

Next, we call the conceptual space and the semantic and ontological spaces associated with it. And of course, linguistic space. In my opinion, the coronavirus media epidemic hit not so much the Chinese economy, although its long-term losses are projected to be greater than those of the other participants in the game, but rather the Chinese language, which gradually began to be perceived in the world as a competitor to English. So if the United States achieves its goals in this war, only one conceptual language will remain on Earth - English.

Finally, only last but not least “war without war” will cover the technological space, above all, critical and closing technologies.

Armed forces in the ordinary sense of the word, that is, operating in an ordinary geographical space, of course, will also be used, but only for one purpose - to discourage the losing side from the desire to unauthorized turn a cold war into a hot one.

A war for which Russia, as usual, is not ready, is not a problem of an uncertain future. She has been walking for two months. And in my opinion, in this war the enemy uses blitzkrieg tactics better than Hitler generals did in 1941.

Sergey Pereslegin 

"There are three sorts of conspiracy: by the people who complain, by the people who write, by the people who take action. There is nothing to fear from the first group, the two others are more dangerous; but the police have to be part of all three,"

Joseph Fouche
"We'll know our disinformation campaign is complete when everything the American public believes is false." --William J. Casey, D.C.I

"We will lead every revolution against us." --Theodore Herzl
Interview with Daniel Estulin: best explanation for the global virus and economic collapse.  The summary and interview at the link:

Quote:In this interview bestselling author Daniel Estulin says the fabricated coronavirus crisis is a bankster scam to write off debt and avoid blame for what was already an inevitable global economic collapse:

“We’ve reached the limits to growth. And this is systemic for the entire planet. The entire system is in a state of collapse. So they realized they needed to do something to write off all these debts…When the system collapses and you have 90% of the planet’s population unemployed, somebody’s going to have to pay the piper. And the elite don’t want it to be them. So they devised a virus…”

Estulin argues that those who manufactured the virus also created a vaccine, which will be unveiled along with a compulsory vaccination program in the not-too-distant future. He expects a major ratcheting-up of the police state, since the bankster elite will need to control a huge mass of increasingly desperate people.

The current crisis, Estulin says, will mark the third great historic shift of the past 1000 years, comparable to the transition from classical civilization to feudalism in the 4th to 6th Christian centuries, and the transition from feudalism to capitalism in the 16th and 17th centuries. He expects a final crisis—a complete economic collapse followed by total chaos—as early as September 2020.

The good news, he adds, is that the US and Chinese elites have an understanding, and there will be no global nuclear war.
"We'll know our disinformation campaign is complete when everything the American public believes is false." --William J. Casey, D.C.I

"We will lead every revolution against us." --Theodore Herzl
"We'll know our disinformation campaign is complete when everything the American public believes is false." --William J. Casey, D.C.I

"We will lead every revolution against us." --Theodore Herzl

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