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Half-coup in Venezuela: The CIA Frames Trump
Half-coup in Venezuela: The CIA Frames Trump

What could have prevented the Democrats from setting up a provocation in Venezuela designed to sink Trump’s approval rating or at least create conditions for another massive campaign to discredit him?

It was further revealed that the Caracas security services were well aware of the size of the sabotage, their disembarkation areas, weapons storage sites, etc. All were taken warm and without any, at least academic, resistance. At the same time, about a hundred more local opposition activists were arrested and about the same number managed to escape.

And another oddity – a pre-prepared ambush await the secretly disembarking mercenaries, while for several dozen well-known local opponents of the regime, the police do not have enough forces to cover everyone at once. There’s such impression that they were not very inspired to do it. Like saying let them run to the United States – there will be fewer problems from them than at home.

Another strange fact. Silvercorp Chief Executive Jordan Goudreau, who admitted with enviable speed his responsibility for preparing the putsch, previously held a significant position in the White House security service, and one of the mercenaries (Luke Denman) captured on Venezuelan territory served in Trump’s personal guard.

Since when are employees (even if former ones) of the personal protection of the current President sent on such tasks? They are, of course, well-trained guys, but their specialty is slightly different, not for long-term wandering in the jungle and ordinary terrorism. The United States is full of real professionals who can easily be hired for relatively little money to do such work. And the money is really small, because, according to the mercenaries themselves, the main stake was supposed to come from the new Venezuelan government that would have come to power as a result of the putsch.

Venezuela’s security services prevented a strange coup attempt. According to the official story, the American PMC Silvercorp, hired by someone, assembled two groups of mercenaries, a total of less than 20 people, and sent them to Venezuela on a mission, joining local insurgents, to start killing civilians and statesmen in order to destabilise the country and create conditions for an armed putsch.
Everything in this story is splendid. For starters, the militants arrived almost without weapons. They were waiting for them in caches on the territory of Venezuela. The arsenal “staggers” the imagination: pistols, shotguns, and some automatic rifles – this wouldn’t be enough even for a small group to go on a sensible hunt for a large animal. Meanwhile, after previous failed attempts, it became clear that the putschists would have to face a well-armed Venezuelan army, which has not yet been seen as disloyal to the government. By the way, if Venezuela had a serious opposition organisation in its armed forces, sending a dozen and a half mercenaries would have been unnecessary – they would have managed to organise the putsch themselves.

So, what do we have?

On the territory of the United States, under the vigilant supervision of the CIA and the FBI (and they could not help but know about the forthcoming action), a poorly trained group, gathered from the pine forest, gathers, which, with minimal funding, almost no weapons, and without hope of serious support inside Venezuela, plans to organise a coup. This is despite the fact that several significantly better prepared coup attempts have failed in recent years, including at least one involving a large enough group of local military personnel.
Venezuela’s security services are amazingly getting full information about the upcoming action. They only have to arrest essentially unarmed mercenaries at “X” hour without any problems and demonstrate to the whole world another aggressive idea of the United States. I have no doubt about the professionalism of the Venezuelan security services, but to obtain such complete information you have to have a “mole” either at the top of Silvercorp or (more likely) in the CIA.

At the same time, the US has not started a scandal about the leaking of classified information to foreign intelligence. The people who organised the operation have not yet been identified. But there is a direct link between President Trump and a group of mercenaries who have attempted an absolutely idiotic and harmful to both US interests and Trump’s own electoral campaign putsch attempt in Venezuela. Moreover, the stated intention to destabilise the situation in the country to kill someone (civilians and authorities sound too abstract and read like “kill the first person you meet”) allows Caracas to accuse Washington and Trump himself of encouraging state terrorism.

Even in their many attempts to overthrow Fidel Castro, the Americans did not behave so flagrantly. And Fidel was a significantly bigger pain in their ass than Maduro.
I don’t like conspiracy theories, but I have no other explanation for all the inconsistencies of the failed putsch story, except that it is an attempt to undermine Trump’s electoral position.

It is clear that it is not Venezuelan intelligence that invented the story of the putsch. The Democrats in the United States have an extremely poor electoral campaign. Their hopes that Trump’s position would be undermined by the coronavirus epidemic, which the US authorities are clearly not coping with, have not been justified. Trump’s PR may seem naive from the outside, but it is working.

Apparently, the president knows his voters well. He won the last electoral campaign on Twitter, despite the fact that his rival (Hillary Clinton) was supported by all the mainstream media of the United States and the collective West. And this time, his allegations against China, which allegedly “did not warn in time about the epidemic”, the WHO, which “made the wrong recommendations”, and Russia, which “carries out aggressive propaganda”, act on the fledgling minds of ordinary Americans. Behind Biden in popularity among voters by 4% in February, in April Trump already overtook him by 2%. And the Ukrainian dirt on Biden, collected and correctly legally registered by Trump’s personal lawyer Rudolph Giuliani, has not yet started to play its role at full capacity.

The election, of course, is still far and everything can change, but the fact that the Democrat campaign strategy was ineffective and needed to be adjusted was not in doubt. It is no secret that during his first three years in office, Trump never managed to clear out Democrat personnel at the State Department, the CIA, the FBI, and other departments and agencies. They have previously conducted operations inconsistent with the President and even contrary to his policies. What could have prevented them from setting up a provocation designed to sink Trump’s approval rating or at least create conditions for another massive campaign to discredit him?

Suppose the CIA hired a PMC for cheap money that is easy to link to Trump through its Chief Executive (his former employee). The task is simple – to setup a loud but failed operation to organise a putsch in Venezuela. For reliability, another former Trump guard was introduced into a group of mercenaries abandoned on Venezuelan territory, and information about all the details of the operation was leaked to Caracas, through controlled sources (in Latin America, everyone transmits and resells information to everyone, so it will not be so easy to track the source of the leak, with minimal conspiratorial measures).

It’s a win-win game. Even if Maduro suspects that the information was leaked to him on purpose, why should he refuse such a great opportunity to once again demonstrate to the world the aggressive and even terrorist (a plan to sequentially kill everyone to “destabilise the situation”) nature of US policy. It doesn’t matter to him who sets up who in Washington and how. In any case, this is no reason to stand idly by while a band of terrorists infiltrates Venezuelan territory. Caracas should have accepted the game offered to him anyway. After all, Venezuela is clearly a winner, and only Trump is the loser, but this is his personal problem.

Now we’ll look at the result. Democrat media immediately after the operation failed concentrated not on the sources of the leak of information to Venezuelan intelligence, but on the trails leading to Trump. The President has already had to deny any involvement in this adventure on several occasions.

Let’s see if any of the participants “remember” that he “heard” or was “told” that Trump was personally aware and approved the operation. It is impossible to verify these claims, but the attempt to impeach Trump, made by the Democrats in 2019, was based on exactly the same “evidence”, and they drank a lot of blood from the president and his team.

It must also be borne in mind that Americans are non-fussed about the forceful actions of their government abroad (even if they are illegal) if they succeed. But they become extremely nervous towards failures, believing that it is a blow to the “greatness of America”. Those responsible for such failures have a hard time.

I don’t think a single Venezuelan incident could seriously undermine Trump’s electoral position. But he’ll lose some points from it. And the campaign in the United States consists of a mass of such incidents. One side wins some, and the other side wins the others. 

Sometimes a critical mass of negativity is gained for one of the candidates and they lose the campaign by a “knockout” even before it ends. More often, victory is determined by “points” on voting day.

Let’s see how Trump will respond to his opponents, but so far the situation with the “strange putsch” is not in his favour.
Rostislav Ishchenko
"There are three sorts of conspiracy: by the people who complain, by the people who write, by the people who take action. There is nothing to fear from the first group, the two others are more dangerous; but the police have to be part of all three,"

Joseph Fouche

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