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Petition for a permanent memorial to Jean Charles de Menezes
This deserves support. I get a lump in my throat every time I think about that young lad's death and what his family have had to endure at the hands of the UK Establishment. The very least that we can do is ensure that the Stockwell Tube memorial is made permanent.

Please distribute where you can.

Petition reads as follows:
Quote:Justice for Jean - Never Forget Target:
Mayor of London and Transport for London

Sponsored by: Justice4Jean Campaign

We the undersigned call on Transport for London and the Mayor of London to allow the Mosaic of Jean Charles de Menezes to be erected outside Stockwell Tube station as a permanent memorial.

Jean Charles De Menezes was an innocent man who died in tragic circumstances after being shot dead by police in 2005. His story has touched people worldwide. The family and local community have maintained a temporary shrine for 4 years, outside Stockwell station, to express the huge amount of public sympathy about the manner and circumstances in which he died. We believe the mosaic, made by the family of Jean Charles with local artists, represents the best and most fitting replacement to this shrine - it celebrates his short life whilst ensuring his tragic death is never forgotten.
signature goal: 1,000

[URL=""]189 to date
Peter Presland

".....there is something far worse than Nazism, and that is the hubris of the Anglo-American fraternities, whose routine is to incite indigenous monsters to war, and steer the pandemonium to further their imperial aims"
Guido Preparata. Preface to 'Conjuring Hitler'[size=12][size=12]
"Never believe anything until it has been officially denied"
Claud Cockburn


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