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The hidden face of terrorism
The Hidden Face of Terrorism: The Dark Side of Social Engineering, from Antiquity to September 11
by Paul David Collins

I just heard the interview with the author on black op radio show number 140. The author makes very understandable the mechanisms that work in the human mind when trauma is applied, and shows that the knowledge about this and the exploitation of this goes back in history a long time.
He is also crystal clear in his assessment of september 11 as a traumatizing event created to apply "pressure from below", leading to the population requesting government action, creating "pressure from above".

I think this is one of the best author interviews I heard ever, the book, which I did not read yet, is available at amazon.
Extract here:
Review here:

I can provide the mp3 of the black op show, if there is demand and if I get permission from Len Osanic.
Or better, if you dont have it, buy the whole archive here:
I guarantee I will personally give you your money back, if you are not satisfied.
The most relevant literature regarding what happened since September 11, 2001 is George Orwell's "1984".

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