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Coup D'Etat - A Practical Handbook, Luttwak
Luttwak is a well known neocon and he explained in "Coup D'Etat - A Practical Handbook" (written in 1969, he was just 26) the steps to perform the perfect coup d'etat.
The interest for this dated book is not in the pratical informations it gives, but in the logic underlying this and other authors, such us Ted Shackely, the blond ghost, in "the third option" (anyone have this book?)

An extensive critique of this work here
... one of the chief sources of cultural paranoia is the everwidening rift between the beliefs of a people and their actual behavior, and the tacit assumption among these same people that this practice�this contradiction between idealism and practice�is a normal state of affairs.
LIONEL RUBINOFF, The Pornography of Power


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