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WGFT News ~

It's happening .... time for change and cut the crap.
New English Mayor cuts Councillors, Limousine, His Pay,
and the sort of political correctness that killed well over
a million people in Iraq .....

New English Mayor Cuts His Pay, Councillors, And Limo

Controversial U.K. Mayor Cuts Gay Pride Funding,
Pledges End to Political Correctness in Government
By Hilary White

DONCASTER, UK, September 2, 2009

The recently elected mayor of Doncaster, in South Yorkshire,
has infuriated Britain's politically powerful homosexualist lobby=2 0
by attempting to withhold local funding for this year's Gay Pride
celebrations. The funding for this year's event in June went
through, but Mayor Peter Davies, a member of the English
Democrat party and the father of Tory MP Philip Davies, has
scrapped all future funding for the annual Gay Pride event.

"I'm not a homophobe," he said, "but I don't see why council
taxpayers should pay to celebrate anyone's sexuality."

Davies is only the second mayor of Doncaster to have been
elected directly by a popular vote rather than by council members.
He campaigned on a popular platform, that has reportedly
alarmed the political classes on both the Labour and Tory sides
of the House, in which he pledged to "stamp out political
correctness" in every area of Doncaster's local government.

To accomplish this, Davies has recruited the group
Campaign Against Political Correctness (CAPC) to consult
on his planned reforms. A spokesman for the CAPC,
John Midgley, said that "people are crying out" for an end
to the wave of politically correct policies in Britain.
"We commissioned a survey by ICM," Midgley said,
"that said 80 per cent of people are fed up to the back
teeth with it."

Davies promised to end council funding for "politically
correct initiatives" and to "scrap politically correct non-jobs"
such as "community cohesion offic ers" and "encourage
the former employees to seek meaningful employment."

In his first week in office, Davies fulfilled his promises by
cutting his own salary from £73,000 to £30,000; reducing
the number of councillors from 63 to 21, saving the town
£800,000 a year. He immediately announced plans to
reduce council tax by 3 per cent and got rid of the mayoral
limousine. He ended a "twinning" arrangement with five
towns around the world, which he described as "just for
people to fly off and have a binge at the council's expense."

While campaigning earlier this year, and in the midst of
a national pandemic of violent youth crime, Davies, who is
a retired school teacher, called for harsher punishments
for "young thugs." As a founding member of the Campaign
for Real Education, Davies has pressed for restoration
of traditional methods in schools that he says will reduce
crime and restore Britain's once-legendary public order.

He also called on the government to withdraw Britain
from the European Union "in order to save billions of pounds
each year and return control of the country's affairs
to our own parliament."

Calling him the UK's "most gloriously un-PC" mayor, the
Daily Mail's Robert Hardman asked, "Who should be most
worried about his success: Labour or the Tories? Because
his message threatens both ."

Hardman commented, "To the shock and dismay of many
local councillors and MPs, most of Westminster and the
entire Government, the assiduously straight-talking
Mr. Davies has just become one of the most powerful
politicians in Britain."

Columnist and pundit Gerald Warner, writing for the
Daily Telegraph's blog, called Davies's tenure "the beginning
of the end for political correctness" and a sign that "the counter
-revolution has begun." His agenda, Warner wrote, "against
all the tenets of consensual British politics, consists
of doing what the public wants."
It's funny, the English Democrats try as hard as they can to deny they are affiliated with the England First Party or the British National Party and then when they win seats they follow Nick Griffin's plan to marginalise all of the "undesirables" making life for them intolerable in the hope that they will leave and avoid the need for camps and showers. By copying the Socialist Workers Party in giving himself a pay cut he shows the working class that he is "their" man. But keep watching where all of his savings will be spent. I predict that he will continue the BNP plans to the letter. All money saved from his various endeavers will be put into areas with the largest white majority. In areas with large ethnic majorities you will see massive spending cuts, closures of all social programmes, and reallocation of emergency services.

I was talking to some guys from Unite Against Fascism last weekend between clashes with the English Defense League. I asked them why they never protested against the English Deomocrats and they told me it was because "the jury is still out on them". Well my spidy sense is tingling like crazy and I think Peter Davies is just another Fascist.

Just my opinion, but watch that money.
The worm has ate the apples core, beneath the skin lies curled.
Just so many a man lies sore, from the worm within the world.
Hmm, seems I'm not the only one who can spot a fascist. This is hardly an action you would expect from a friend of the working class.

Doncaster union rep suspended after speaking out

Doncaster council suspended Jim Board, the branch secretary of Doncaster Unison union branch on Monday of this week after he spoke out in the media.
Jim was told he was being suspended for “failure to follow a reasonable management instruction”.
This relates to an interview Jim gave to Channel 4 about the case of two brothers who attacked two children in Edlington, near Doncaster.
Jim did not speak to the media about the case until after both of the boys had entered guilty pleas in court.
As well as being suspended from his position at the council, Jim has been effectively barred from entering the Unison office and carrying out his role as a union representative. This comes as Doncaster council is attempting to push through a series of cuts.
Questions are also being raised about the timing of Jim’s suspension.
It coincided with a press conference given by Doncaster’s right wing English Democrat mayor Peter Davies who called on workers to support the Workers of England Union (WEU). The WEU is a non-TUC affliated “union” which boasts it is “proud of being English”.
The worm has ate the apples core, beneath the skin lies curled.
Just so many a man lies sore, from the worm within the world.
Well, fascists think that unions are one of those namby pamby politically correct groups which shouldn't be. I think your senses are right Damien. He has all the hallmarks of a fascist and as you say watch the money.
"The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it." Karl Marx

"He would, wouldn't he?" Mandy Rice-Davies. When asked in court whether she knew that Lord Astor had denied having sex with her.

“I think it would be a good idea” Ghandi, when asked about Western Civilisation.


meet hurricane Hazel McCallion

AND she's only 85[Image: 04.gif]

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