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Analysis of Michael Moore's effective rhetoric from his Good Morning America interview
Framing the narrative-not negating the narrative I want to point out something about the MM's handling of the bullshit "question" (propaganda) from the GMA interview posted at

Q: "But unions also can abuse their privilege."

Notice that MM did not sputter out denials that unions are abusive bla bla bla, thereby allowing toady boy to frame the narrative.

Again, "negating the frame evokes the frame." It reinforces the frame. It plays into the hands of the toady boys of the world.

Instead he pivoted--a very important skill in an interview, or a debate. And he presented his own narrative showing how abusive companies, like ABC, are to workers. They are unfair to their workers who "Don't get to share in the basic benefits that an employee used to have who worked here. What's wrong with that? What is wrong with just giving people the basic things for their hard work?"

MM knows exactly what he's doing and exactly how to present his narrative.

The word "basic" is fundamental here. It was not chosen at random. "Basic benefits." "Basic things for their hard work." Basic decency. Strong associations. Words like that resonate with people.

He just gave a class in refusing to accept a faulty frame, and framing the narrative for himself.

I genuflect in his general direction.

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