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many nat geographic youtube videos
Abbrev. :
NG National Geographic
SFD Seconds From Disaster
SS Seismic Seconds
SOF Sea Of Fire

NG-SFD-Kobe Earthquake :

NG-SS-Mount St. Helens :

NG-SFD-Chernobyl :

NG-SFD-Chicago Air Crash :

NG-SFD-Pentagon-9/11 :

NG-SFD-Aircraft Carrier Forrestal Explosion/Accident :

NG-SFD-The Bomb in Oklahoma City :

Raw Video : New Look at Oklahoma City Bombing : The FBI has released
long-secret security tapes showing the chaos immediately after the
1995 bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building. The soundless
recordings show people rushing from nearby buildings after the
fertilizer bomb went off :

NG-SFD-Flood at the Stava Dam :

NG-SFD-Tornado Outbreak :

NG-SFD-KC Skywalk Collapse :

NG-SFD-Hotel Collapse-Singapore :

NG-SFD-Mall Collapsing :

NG-SFD-Zeebrugge Ferry Disaster :

NG-SFD-Florida Swamp Airplane Crash :

NG-SFD-Titanic :

NG-SFD-Hindenburg :

SFD-Seconds From Disaster-Special Effects :

NG-SS-Sinking of HMS Conventry :

SOF-HMS Coventry at War :

HMS Sheffield Hit by Exocet Missile :

AM-39 Exocet : The Exocet is a French-built anti-ship missile whose
various versions can be launched from surface vessels , submarines ,
and airplanes . Several hundred were fired in combat during the
1980s :

Enjoy ....

tl ...
these were posted on the alts by a man calling himself something like codscraft...b..:listen:thanks whomever...
Bernice Moore Wrote:Abbrev. :
NG National Geographic
SFD Seconds From Disaster
SS Seismic Seconds
SOF Sea Of Fire


Enjoy ....

tl ...
these were posted on the alts by a man calling himself something like codscraft...b..:listen:thanks whomever...

FWIW.... cdddraftsman aka Tom Lowry a long term nutter-troll of the Mel Ayton variety, guy displays a numero uno sicko mind at acj ... He tends to worship D.VonPein aka Dave Reitzes-pieces...

Actually, I think he'd make for a good codpiece .... :congrats:
well i have i should say we have enjoyed some of these so i guess that means he can now and again do a righty..on another subject some normalcy after that was not nice...sheesh.....:bawling:...we like cod fish cakes newfy style.....ta b..thanks for the name..Partyb..
Well, who ever put them together, it is an interesting collection and quite a bit of effort. Thanks for putting them here Bernice. You always post really interesting things. My children have been watching the earthquake ones all morning.
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They are a mixed bunch.

The ones with a military or political dimension are of course put through the Murdochian mangle (that's wringer in American) before they see the light of day.

The geological ones are much straighter.

For my sins, I produced & directed the Singapore Hotel Collapse documentary.

EDIT: fwiw Parts 3 & 4 of that particular film are not currently available via YouTube.
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