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1,000's of CIA films available from the National Archives
CIA Films at the National Archives

The List of Films
choose format: plain text | Word for Windows

>>> After a certain number of years, the CIA, like many other agencies, turns over its films and other documents to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).
The lengthy list of CIA films at the Archives has never been publicly released, but researcher Michael Ravnitzky requested and received a copy from NARA. It's posted in two formats at the link above (the plain text version looks better online). Many of the films were created by the CIA, and some - such as news reports and the occasional Hollywood movie - were not. Unfortunately, there's no indication of authorship in the list, though you can sometimes tell by the title.
You can request a copy of any of the films under the Freedom of Information Act. Send requests to
National Archives and Records Administration
Ramona Oliver, FOIA Officer
Office of the General Counsel
Room 3110
8601 Adelphi Road
College Park, MD 20740-6001
More info on making a FOIA request to NARA is here.
Any request should mention the Record Group (RG), the Series, Item, etc. (all the descriptors listed for that film in the spreadsheet ). Here are the fields:
RG | Series | Item | Reel | Format | Gauge | Footage | Type
In addition, requesters should be aware that they might be able to view the films at NARA at no cost, but to obtain a video copy the first requester for any particular film will likely have to pay for the creation of a video master, and then a dub from that master.
Some of the most intriguing film titles
Animal Farm
Bolivia Cocaine Growing
Bombed Qitaf Villages Poison, Gas Use
CBS Reports: UFO: Friend, Foe or Fancy?
Communist China's A-Bomb Explosion - 16 Oct. 1964
Don't Be a Sucker/Propaganda/Prejudices
Ear Wiretapping -- Bugging Devices
Extraordinary Occurrence, II
How Free Should the Press Be?
How to Fight A Guerrilla War -- 20th Century
Interrogation Techniques
Investigation of US Bacteriological Warfare
Israel - Arab Prisoners
Israel Captured Equipment
Jews in Iraq
Jim Garrison's Responses/Discusses JFK Assassination
Kidnap Executive Style
Mickey Mouse Cartoon-Squatter's Rights
Moscow Antarctica -- Polar Outpost
Our Election Day Illusion/The Best Majority
POW Interviews & Photos 1972
Production of Uranium Feed Materials
Psychological Operations in Support of Unconventional Warfare
Psychology of Imprisonment
Restoration of Sanity, Mental Illness Diagnostic
Spying for Uncle Sam, Part 1
Study of Sun's Corona
Sunken Vietcong Boat
Unidentified Flying Objects
US Crime of Bacteriological Warfare
US Germ Warfare in Korea
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Could be an entire cable channel by itself. Some strange stuff indeed...but I'm sure the 'best' is still in the 'do not file file' vaults or has long been destroyed.....
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