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CSETI Expedition Yields First Ever Photograph of an Extraterrestrial
On several occasions during his interview, Farrel references the Beehive. Indeed, Die Gocke was sometimes called the “Beehive” by the Nazis working on it, and when operating it gave off a buzzing or humming sound that was reminiscent of the noise made by bees swarming.

It must, therefore, be of some significance that occult-wise, the Bee and the Beehive is a profoundly important symbol. Gareth Knight, in his book: “A Practical Guide to Qabalistic Symbolism” has this to say on the subject:

Quote:The beehive is a profound esoteric symbol, traditionally brought to Earth
From Venus as a pattern for early man of. the goal of civilization, the co-operation of all for the common good,which is by no. means incompatible with the full development of
human free-will.

It is also said of the Bee and Beehive:

Quote:Two of the potencies of human consciousness that have their root in Venus or Netzach are creative imagination and desire. These are two sine qua non of occult development. Without knowledge of the right use of creative imagination and desire, the aspirant makes little progress.

I’m trying to avoid going too deeply into occult lore even though this has a tremendous bearing on the subject, as Farrell makes abundantly clear in his interview and book. One reason why occult symbolism was made so convoluted and difficult to understand was to avoid the abuse and misuse of the fundamental knowledge that was revealed by it.

“Weaponizing” ages old occult knowledge definitely was not the goal, but it was the one chosen by the Nazis and SS. But as John Bormann made clear in his epic film Excalibur, a sword can be used to to heal as well as to hack - or a Gareth Knight states “the right use” - unless, of course, one is set on the wrong use where progress of the aspirant is not the goal.
The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge.
Carl Jung - Aion (1951). CW 9, Part II: P.14
Finally, the Project Camelot interview with Farrell contains a fascinating discussion about the recent (and ongoing) financial crisis and what he considers are it's likely true causes.

And on this subject, forum members may also wish to download and read Paul Manning's important book, Martin Bormann - Nazi in Exile, freely available in .pdf format from Dave Emory's excellent website. Direct download HERE

Farrell, to my mind anyway, has the general contours - and some specific ones too - of the big picture that confronts our world today.
The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge.
Carl Jung - Aion (1951). CW 9, Part II: P.14
Where I diverge from Farrell's perspective - as expounded in the above-mentioned interview, is that post WWII the Nazis continued their experiments in Argentina and elsewhere in Latin America without the knowledge of or the assistance of the US. Or, at least some senior elements in the US - and indeed, in other allied nations.

Farrell discusses Bilderberg as being a funnel for laundering Bormann controlled money and investing it in western banks and countries across the world. This certainly is what Paul Manning reveals in his book on Bormann, although manning doesn't specifically mention the Bilderberg group.

What makes far more sense to me is that post WWII, many senior elements in allied and other governments, who politically favoured the pro business attitude of the Third Reich, joined forces to facilitate an ongoing "Nazi International", that had, in fact, existed prior to, and during the war, and which we know was used in the last year of the war to help Bormann funnel Nazi plunder out of Germany as the allied armies approached.
The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge.
Carl Jung - Aion (1951). CW 9, Part II: P.14
Multi-part 2007 iterview with Dr. Jacques Vallee.

During the course of the Vallee interview, a discussion ensues on Vallee's involvement with Remote Viewing at SRI. Obviously this discussion involves Ingo Swann and references Swann's book "Penetration - The Question of Human and Extraterrestrial Telepathy".

The original dust cover of this book - it has apparently been changed on later editions (to an anodyne image) shows an alien head seemingly embedded in a curious technological device like a long crane (the book is freely available as a .pdf file on Scribd but I can upload a copy if requested).

I know I've alread covered this on another thread (HERE), but I am always struck by the likeness of this alien head to the alien character of "Mekon" from the Dan Dare series in the 1950's British comic The Eagle.

[Image: mekon3.jpg]

Click on the above DPF thread to see the similarities between Crowley's Master Lam, the modern day "Grey" alien of Whitley Streiber the fictitious comic figure of Mekon (above) and Swann's "remotely viewed" alien on the Moon (go to Scribd for the latter).

Very curious stuff indeed.
The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge.
Carl Jung - Aion (1951). CW 9, Part II: P.14
Quote: It is also known that Aleister Crowley and Gurdjieff sought contact with Hitler. Hitler's unusual powers of suggestion become more understandable if one keeps in mind that he had access to the "secret" psychological techniques of Gurdjieff which, in turn, were based on the teachings of the Sufis and the Tibetan lamas and familiarized him with the Zen teaching of the Japanese Society of the Green Dragon.”

Quote:listening to Farrell in his Project Camelot interview, note what he says about "tortion" using the soda can analogy -- or, in other words, the energy of opposing spirals. One might even think of Chinese Taoist alchemy utilizing these same forces and which they named Yin & Yang - and which is the foundation of a Tai Chi masters Pen (centrifugal) and Lu (centripetal) expression of Chi energy.

David,I found the quotes above to be interesting.In reading them and seeing the photos of Stonehenge and The Bell,I am reminded of the Sufi Whirling Dervish as a possible representation of this "energy of opposing spirals".The Sufi dancer whirls on his own axis,and also dances as part of the larger group circle.The fact that everything is moving in a counter-clock wise motion(just like chakra energy)might disprove this as being "opposing" though.Don't know if that makes any sense to the thread at hand or not,just thinking outloud.At any rate,the Sufi trance dances are just plain beautiful to me.
"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
Buckminster Fuller
Keith, the same was said by Genevieve Obert, the author of Prince Borghezi's Trail, Council Oak Books, San Francisco 1999 (a delightful account of two women driving in the Peking to Paris automobile rally).

-- --

FreedomFinder, one of the members at E PLuribus Unum, had this to say when I linked this thread in over there:

"[/FONT]After having a 5 day retreat in Big Bear California my ex and I retuned to our home in Quartz Hill in the High Desert region.We were driving on highway 18 and there it was as plain as day a visitor craft so I grabbed the Poloroid instead of the Minolta so that no one could claim that I had touched it up. I captured 6 photos that day as did others as they saw us pull off from the road.Joshua Tree is known to have many visitors there is a place called "Big Rock" that locals call the "Inter Gallatic Spaceport",it is an awesome feeling when you see one a "Communion"of sorts as Whitley Streiber puts it."

Then, later:

"This is a site that gives you some background of the area and the Rock. "


"This website may be of interest to you also the person who puts this together has been on Coast2Coast Radio often."
"Where is the intersection between the world's deep hunger and your deep gladness?"
In re: contact protocols, several links from within the first several pages of a Google search for same shows:




First Assessments:

A1) Immediate Impact of Encounter: Assess two-way threat potential. Does the alien life form/entity (whether singular or collective in number or structure) and/or its accompanying technology, appear to pose an imminent threat or possibly cause harm to human life? Conversely, does human life and/or its accompanying technology appear to pose a threat or cause harm to the alien life form/entity? (Hereafter, the initials 'AE' will designate the alien entity, 'HE' will designate the human entity).

A1a) Course of Action:

If it is perceived or verified that harmful impact, whether mutual or unilateral, is imminent or likely, action must be taken to separate the HE from the AE. Practicality must dictate efficiency: if it is more practical to retreat from the AE, then it should be done. In general, withdrawing from the AE is the best option. (It is always advised to treat any AE as a potential source of unknown micro-organisms and/or pathogens. Conversely, it is advisable to assume that any HE is a potential source of said contaminants.). [1]

If it is more practical to separate the AE from the HE, then this must be done. If the AE is/appears to be cellular/multi-cellular, constructing an artificial environment for it may be required. (To this end, anti-contamination/prophylactic {radiation, toxin, contagion, etc} procedures must be utilized.) However, any action intended to separate the AE from the HE could cause harm to the AE or possibly be interpreted as hostile or threatening. Perturbation of an unknown AE should only occur as a last strategy. [2]

If conditions do not permit a retreat, or, alternately, if separation and/or isolation of the AE is not possible, and a potential impact/threat arises, a defensive posture or formation may be necessary. In such an event, self-preservation tends to dictate action. However, it is imperative to long-term survival advantage to exercise extreme discipline in choosing to take any defensive course. Action taken to cease a life-threatening attack should always follow the martial art dictum: Hurt rather than maim. Maim rather than kill. [3]

If injury or death of an HE occurs as a result of contact, and upon withdrawal no more injuries/deaths occur, then the incident was most likely accidental and/or a self-defense response. In which case, retaliatory actions are excluded from consideration. [4]

It is presumed that aggressive and/or martial engagement of any AE, or collective of AE's, is fundamentally excluded from consideration, except where the absolute survival of all involved HE's is imminently actionable [see A1 notes]. If, however, a long-term threat is perceived/assessed, then the HE should suspend contact indefinitely, but may be advised to monitor (remotely) the AE. [5]

Assessments of a long-term threat may prove difficult/problematic in that a long-term threat may be operant but not apparent. This will remain true in all human/alien encounters. In general, we may presume that if a cooperative relationship or mutualism emerges after initial contact, this will tend to promote the survival/evolutionary needs of both the HE and AE, and should be preserved if possible, until such future assessments can be made again. [1]

If first contact occurs on the 'home' or native world of the HE [earth or established colony], and the contact has been assessed to be threatening to the HE, then clearly survival must be the primary determinant of action, but always tempered with the previously stated protocols. [2]

All perception is limited, imperfect, and subject to error and illusion. Thus, assessments made on the basis of this perception are similarly qualified, and must be tempered with re-consideration and oversight. Truthful apprehension of the phenomena of nature begins with the thought: it appears to me. For, it is often true that things are not as they first seem. [3]

A1b) The impact of separation must now be assessed.

Is there any change in the status of the AE? (Does the AE possess motility? What is its morphology? {static, dynamic, periodic changes, etc.} Is there any organic/technologic functioning operant? Does the potential for further contact/research/observation still exist?) [1]

If there appears to be no immediate impact upon first encounter, and the impact of separation is low or nil, then proceed to the next assessment. [2]

It is possible that, in the process of exploration, a site may be discovered that appears to have been occupied by one or more AE's. This is a problematic situation. The drive to explore/study must be weighed against the imperative of minimal impact/interference, as well as the potential for danger to the HE. [1]

In such an event, one should always look for signs of recent occupancy/activity. (waste products, artifacts, etc.) Forensic evidence may be collected with great caution (see: A1a [2], A3b). If the physical dimensions of the site are extensive, exploratory efforts may be divided at significant risk. Reliable remote communications capability is mandatory in any such exploratory efforts. [2]

If the site is determined to be a nest or lair of some sort, its location must be noted, and it then becomes imperative at that time to withdraw from the site, until such time that conditions/signs of low-risk are ideal. If the practical possibility and minimal impact exists, remote viewing/monitoring (audio/visual/thermal/motion) should be considered. [3]

A2) The Environment: Assess the nature of the environment in which the contact, or the potential for contact, will occur. Is the initial encounter in space, on surface terrain, liquid, gas, or other/unknown medium? [1]

Is the environment generic (generally conducive to life-support) to human life or alien life, or both? If not, what are its apparent adaptations to this environment? What are yours? What are the geological, biological, chemical, and climatological conditions under which the alien life form currently exists? Is there any change in environmental conditions? Does any such change pose a threat/obstacle to contact? [2]
Does the presence of either the HE or the AE, and/or either's accompanying technology, diminish/augment, interfere/obstruct, or in some way impact upon this environment? (If impact is deemed harmful, revert to A1) Assess the present environmental conditions (and if possible, the optimal conditions) and their influence/impact on human-alien contact. How do present environmental conditions appear to be impacting on the present states {positive + negative} of the alien and human forms (Are life-support demands being imposed by environmental conditions?). [3]

Always consider/assess the impact of waste discharge/disposal upon the environment. EM Field interference (or other force/radiation interference) and its probable impact/effect will need to be determined. (This will require the appropriate technological instruments whose impact will need to be assessed.) What is the long-term environmental impact of the HE/AE presence? Often, these will be subjective, qualified determinations, but one's which must be considered. Whenever it is possible, and to the best of one's capabilities, always minimize one's impact. [4]

A3) The Compatibility of Means of Contact or Communication: In assessing the compatibility of means of contact/communication, it must be understood that one is really assessing one's own consciousness. As such, numerous assumptions come into play. But for the purposes of initial contact/communication, certain fundamental distinctions must be made: does it appear as though the AE possesses means of communication (sensory organs/appendages/interfaces, cerebroid mass, {bio}technological means, other, etc.)? [1]

In general, we may infer that the assessed sophistication of means of communication is a relative gauge of the range of adaptive intelligence of the AE. [2]

Given the immensity of interstellar distances, it is highly probable that first contact will occur via computer, or computer-assisted technology (probe, etc.). Communication therefore will be limited by the structural congruence of the computational systems involved. The AE may be utilizing a technological device that serves the same purpose/function as a computer, yet it may have had an entirely different developmental history. Also, the time lag between sender and receiver, as well as the rate of data exchange/processing, must be assessed to determine the most significant and appropriate message/response/form of communication (language or interface). [1]

It may be presumed that any AE that is of sufficient intelligence and technological capability to anticipate alien contact, would also provide or enable one or more means of bridging the two technological interfaces, e.g., providing a primer, or heuristic for language analysis. [2]

It should be noted that any message sent to any AE will be ambiguous, to some degree. Development of an unambiguous message is highly problematic, with the very notion based upon multiple assumptions. However, it may be argued that any highly advanced AE would be able to understand that a signal/message is an attempt to communicate, and would therefore take steps to understand the message. But this is human logic, not alien logic. [3]

A3a) A distinction must be made concerning rudimentary communicative capabilities. This requires some practical standard against which to gauge. Human communication capabilities must therefore be used as a gauge: does the AE appear to have communication capability less than, equal to/congruent with (visual/audial/chemical sensory modes, etc.), or superior/wholly different to the HE capability that is present? Does the AE appear to be communicating? (Sounds, movements, periodic/sporadic changes). Does the AE utilize/exhibit a spoken/written (audial/visual) language? Can you identify any language key or primer for decoding/translating this language? Conversely, can your language be encoded/translated into the AE's language system?

A3a) NOTE:
There is the possibility that the AE may possess one or more paranormal/telepathic/ "psi" abilities, especially if the AE has been assessed as possessing means of communication that is superior to the HE. The operational potential or presence of any such abilities must be assessed (If necessary, revert to the Immediate Impact protocol, A1).

A3b) When assessing the possibility of communication, especially in the case of a capability assessed as inferior to the present HE capability, or apparently incongruent with the assessing consciousness, tests must be devised, data collected, records kept. Tests, if any, must be performed with extreme caution (Analysis of non visual spectra, EMF intensity/flux, molecular/chemical analysis {non invasive, if alive, prophylactic, if dead*} see Immediate Impact, "separation...", etc. A1).

*A3b) NOTE:
The determination of what may be described as a "life state" or "death state" natural to any AE may prove difficult. The AE may possess an estivation or hibernatorial stage, or a defensive catatonic response, or a completely different temporal mode of being, making such absolute determinations difficult {review A1 [1-4]}.

An unintentional/accidental communicative event or exchange may occur spontaneously or immediately upon first encounter. In this event, the second assessment (A2), unavoidably, will be by-passed until it is practical or imperative to make such assessments.

A3.1) Consequent Mode of Communication Selection: If means and capacity (i.e., if the AE is not injured/impaired, see A1) for communication are assessed to be congruent* between the HE and AE, the task then becomes identifying the optimum mode of communication. [1]

In the absence of signs or instructive signals from the AE to communicate within a specific mode, and given that it is the HE which desires to communicate (see A5 Motivation And Relationship Forming), it is incumbent upon the HE to adapt its exploratory efforts to the assessed means of contact/communication of the AE. (If the AE appears to have light spectra sensory capability, then forms of visible light-based communication may be explored) This may not be obvious through simple observation in that sensory apparata may be covered, hidden, or unrecognizable. The AE may have comparable visual-sensory apparata, yet it may be adapted to different conditions and may have evolved under different selective pressures (see A2). [2]

A3.1a) If the AE has been assessed as being superior in adaptive intelligence and means of communication, and also having been assessed as benign, then communication might first be initiated by the AE. However, such an AE may be acting upon a similar ethical principle of non-interference or minimal impact and may wait for communication from the HE, or its technological aid (computer messaging system, probe/satellite, robot/AI-form {see A3a,A3b,A3c, etc.). In such a case, the AE may provide a primer for one or more congruent modes of communication (see A3). If not, and if the AE seems to be making no clear instructive signs, then trial and error is the only way of proceeding. [1]

Always bear in mind that any assessed superior life-form may still be harmed and/or impacted by any 'less' intelligent entity, through an accident/mistake in the course of the interaction. On a potentially less severe level, sometimes this will be an error in the use/misuse of language that initiates a negative and/or unhelpful response. This is natural in any case where translation/interpretation of a foreign language is operant. Such an event is also an opportunity to assess the social intelligence of the AE [e.g., its 'sense of humor']. [2]

The term 'congruency' refers to a range of compatibility in communicative potential. The AE may be roughly equivalent to the cognitive capacity of a human child of the age of four, but perhaps lacking auditory (low EM wavelength) perceptual capacity. Alternately, the AE may possess slightly higher cognitive capacities and may possess an additional sensory organ and/or extended range of sensing. One must always be aware that in assessing any new species/life form [assessed as being 'congruent'], said AE will likely be engaged in similar assessments of you, and by extension, your species.

A3.2) Establishing Communication: If a direct form of communication has been established, whether rudimentory or advanced, whether auditory, visual {this includes more sophisticated forms such as symbolic representation or logic}, or tactile {or other sensory modality, see A1a [1]}, and the communicative environment is assessed to be non-threatening/hostile, then the acquiring of basic categories of information about the AE {and presumably the HE} should typically follow the following agenda: a) identity, b)purpose, c)needs, d) plans. [1]

a) 'Identity' means: to establish a basic form of indication {or distinction} enabling reference to both the HE and AE {verbal/visual names, symbols, or signs}. Once such basic indicators have been established, a more complete identification of the AE is necessary. What is the status/role/position of the AE in regards to its own kind? Is the AE a leader or representative of its kind? Alternately, is the AE a 'rogue', 'outcast' [see: A1a [2], or refugee of some kind? Despite the conventional human command posed in science fiction of "take me to your leader", it is advisable to gather as much information about the AE before seeking/requesting contact with its 'leadership'. If, however, the AE has communicated clearly that it is a scout/ambassador or representative of its species/kind, then this issue of leadership should be addressed. It is presumed that the HE is an 'ambassador' for earth. [2]

b) 'Purpose' means determining the specific and general reasons that the AE has come to be where it is. This can be problematic in that such determinations will often involve the AE's cultural reality {war}, beliefs {religion}, and/or customs. Alternately, the AE may have what is akin to a human scientific agenda/purpose. Such a possibility may provide a valuable opportunity for cooperation/collaboration. [3]

c) 'Needs' means the survival requirements of the AE. Needs assessments will typically follow from purpose assessments. An AE may have need to be where it is due to the presence of one or more resourses upon which it depends. This can also be an important opportunity to establish a cooperative/beneficial 'relationship' and/or trust {see A5}. It is important to be thorough in assessing the needs of the AE to avoid potential sources of conflict {see A4}. [4]

d) 'Plans' means the method{s} or strategies for securing its needs {see A4}. Needs assessments will require more advancement in communication, as well as mutual trust. An AE may be reluctant to communicate its plans, or may be so without communication with others of its kind, or those which it represents. Alternately, the AE may have no such plans in that in may be self-sustaining {via technological or organo-sructural means}, or simply engaged in its version of a 'pleasure trip' or 'vacation'. [5]

Subsequent Assessments

A4) Assessment of Survival Strategies and Priorities: In the event that contact and compatibility of means of communication has been assessed, and whether or not the AE possesses a congruent consciousness and communication has been established {see A3.2,}, more detailed assessments of the AE in question must be made. This is particularly so with AEs that are assessed to be incongruent with the HE's consciousness or ontological structure. It is presumed here that all life-forms, whether possessing an analogous physiologic nature (an analogous genetic "code" or replication memory structure) to the HE, or not, have evolved under selective pressure(s) of some kind (Knowledge of the indigenous conditions of the AE's native world will aid in identifying these pressures). Some information in this regard may be collected via the First Assessments Protocol {A1}. However, no such assessments, no matter how thorough/detailed, can accurately ascertain the full and true nature of the AE. [1]

Given the above presumption, what are the survival strategies of the AE? Basic (exo)-biological needs must be determined. It is likewise presumed that all life forms require the intake/extraction/utilization of energy of some kind in order to function, and that all life forms have developed strategies to obtain/secure said energy needs. Given this, what are the energy sources/resources required by the AE? (bio-chemical, thermal, electro-magnetic, nuclear, etc.) What are the AE's strategies for securing its energy needs/resources? [2]

We further presume that all life forms (unitary organisms) possess some means of autopoiesis (self-replication/regulation), although such means may not be obvious or immediately discoverable. What are the reproductive/replication needs of the AE? What strategies does the AE utilize to insure reproduction (e.g., long-term, hetero-morphic cycles)? How do these strategies impact upon the HE? [3]

Can the short and/or long-term survival strategies of the AE be determined? Can advantages/disadvantages to the HE be assessed? If such assessments can not be made at the present time, and communication with the AE is not/no longer operant or possible, then a committment to long-term study/analysis may be required. Remote viewing/sensing is often the best method of achieving this end (see A1b NOTE, paragraph [3]). [4]

Are the AE/HE strategies for autopoiesis or energy resource appropriation/utilization in conflict or competition with each other? Can this conflict/competition be successfully resolved? (see A2The Environment and A6Legal Considerations) If not, see A1a Course of Action, paragraph [5]). [5]

The above stated presumptions are based upon the high probability of universal evolution, that is, that the mechanisms and processess defined by modern evolutionary biology (such as 'life-data storage unit' [gene] variable/mutative potential, autopoiesis, adaptation [physical/cultural/psychological], and natural/artificial selection) are operant in some analogous manner, whether in aggregate or in part, on all life-sustaining/generating worlds. However, there is always the possibility of encountering/discovering an AE that has originated through entirely different ontological mechanisms/processes (inclusive of second-order or emergent entities akin to human robotic or artificial life-forms) which will warrant critical new study, and possibly the reframing of some or all of the stated assessments in this protocol.


Comments/questions? Contact:
site protocol last updated: 8/7/2003

#2) Starship Fleet Ship Contact Protocols


The following is a very brief and cursory description of the protocols used by CSETI teams in real-time research and field work. Detailed information and instruction is contained in the Working Group Training Kit.


Lights, Sound, Thought

1. Lights - We use high-powered, portable halogen lights in our field work. The ones available to us in the USA are either half million or one million candle-power portable halogen lights. They can be recharged either by plugging into the cigarette lighter of a vehicle or by plugging into US household current. These lights are difficult to obtain in other countries.

Sometimes lights can be found that are high powered, but they must be plugged into the cigarette lighter in order to work - thus limiting your range to however long the cord may be. We suggest that you try boating suppliers and hunting suppliers for possible sources of high-powered portable lights in your country. We use these lights to signal to possible UFOs/spacecraft. Anything that returns a recognizable signal is not a star, not a satellite, not an airplane, and not a weather balloon. This is rudimentary CE-5 communication. It is human-initiated and/or
human-interactive encounters.

2. Sound - We use two types of sounds in our field work: 1) anomalous tones recorded inside a crop circle in England. It is a continuous tape with the speed slowed down incrementally, that repeats over and over. 2) beeping tones left in the landing trace from a reported UFO in New Hampshire, USA. We sometimes broadcast these tones, played on a portable tape player, over a walkie-talkie or radio transceiver. We use these tones as a signature or calling card. We hope that whoever made these tones in the first place might recognize them and realize that we are using them as a way to make contact. (These tapes are included in the Working Group Training Kit.

3. Thought - We employ a CSETI technique called Coherent Thought Sequencing. After reaching a state of unbounded consciousness and expanded awareness through any type of meditative technique, silence, or prayer, the team goes through a guided experience where each member sequentially sends his/her awareness out into the cosmos as a beacon which other intelligent living beings might recognize. We then guide any
biological lifeforms and their craft through the cosmos, into the solar system, to Earth, and directly to where the team is located in the field. (These techniques are explained and taught in the Working Group Training Kit.)


CSETI - Through CompuServe: Shari Adamiak - 102542,3573
CSETI - PO Box 15401 Asheville NC 28813 USA - OR -
CSETI - PO Box 587, Englewood, CO 80151 USA


“Ambassadors to the Universe Program: Protocols for Contact &
The Death of the 4th Estate”

Exclusive Interview with Dr Steven Greer – Crestone, Colorado - July 4, 2005
By Paola Harris

Paola: Steven, what is the focus of your career at the present time?

Dr Greer: My main focus is still the CSETI encounters that we are doing now like this one at Crestone, Colorado. But there are different levels of this. We have people who train people like Dr. Loder and his people. There are others that get a group together and take them out in smaller groups, and have done 20 or 30 of these expeditions. They know what they are doing. The big trainings like this of 20 or 30 people I do. The main ones are Mt Shasta, Crestone and Joshua Tree Wilderness area in California. The core basis of our focus is the fact that humans are going to have to learn to contact these nonhuman beings in a peaceful way and right now there is no initiative in the world that are doing this but ours. There are a few in Latin America that sort of have the same concept. Unfortunately the political structures have not dealt with the issue and the covert programs are military and hardly diplomatic. I mean they are actually increasingly hostile. so what we are doing is a citizen’s diplomacy effort and we have laid down protocols that are interrelated with very spiritually based and we believe that we are spiritually conscious beings and there is that one mind of the cosmos that shines in every being. This is the fundamental basis for helping to make contact and. because extraterrestrial technologies interface with thought and interface with what some people call the etheric or astral level of things, we have found that we can put together protocols that involve electromagnetic things like lasers and BP signals using this concept of sort of the center of the universe of mind. and in that center begin to see in sort of a remote sensing where the ETs are and connect with them mentally. We have had amazing contact, sightings and even things have come right to the field and what have you all over the world. So the concept is an very adapt one because it integrates the mind, the physical.

Paola: This is a very spiritual place here in Crestone. It has an incredible energy. there are many religions represented in this valley. I saw a Zen center and an ashram, and a center of Carmelite nuns.

Dr. Greer. There is a beautiful white stupa with the gold on top authorized by the Dalai Llama

Paola: Yes I saw that.

Dr. Greer: Yes. Ambassador Jim George from Canada was involved and was asked to build the stupa here and he did it. and he is an advisor to our group and has spoken to Canadian officials the energy problem and alternative energies. I just spoke in Montreal and there were over a
thousand people there. I also spoke at the University of Toronto.

Paola: So Is the focus of your ET communication training a type of Universal Cosmic Consciousness?

Dr. Greer: Yes. You see the fundamental basis of being an ambassador to non-humans life forms, as I see it, is the understanding what it is, what’s the Nexus where we all have some point in common. Well it is not going to be that we are human with those who are non-human. So it is that we are conscious. And so, I remember Monsignor Balducci saying “we are all children of God” but there is this light of Conscious Mind , this one spirit within us all. And there is One Spirit shinning through all of us so by relating to that which ,I feel is very important. I train people to do is take people to higher states of consciousness. I am taking people who are ready for that to a cosmic consciousness development retreat in Palm Springs in November. We will use meditation techniques and the contact techniques to be able to center and experience Cosmic mind and then
remotely view, using Cosmic Mind. We don’t use the military system. It is very primitive. If we understand that the mind is omni-present and the Mind, and the Mind where you and I are awake right now, is a singularity; we can settle into that “non-local” or expanded reality, you can see
everywhere. People come on these retreats who have spent big bucks trying remote viewing and get these breakthroughs in three or four days because I am teaching them to stop and be still, and center; and then use some specific techniques that I have learned to be able to remotely sense places and distant different objects. This training is very riguous. And I think that people have to understand that the fundamental reason why that is important is that if you don’t connect or relate to that aspect of Universal Mind, then how are you going to relate to non-human people? It
doesn’t make any sense.Think about it .They are not going to have the same emotional quality; they are not going to have the same mental aptitude; they are not going to have the same font of knowledge ; they are not going to be biologically the same. So where are you connected? It is in this “ conscious mind” which is the spirit! So in this kind of world, you not only have a diplomatic foundation for communication, but you
also have a functional paradigm because their technology, it has been recorded at least in the 40’s and 50’s if not longer, they have devices that are electronic that interface with thought. They are not communicating with stellar systems in using microwave systems. They are using a subelectromagnetic signal that interfaces with what the mystics used to call astral or thought energy and it is scientific reproducible. We have covert programs in the United States that develop these systems as well.

Paola: Edgar Mitchell used “thought transfer” from the moon and it worked!

Dr. Greer. Right it does work. He and I talked about this. Every human being is a quantum hologram of the whole universe. In other words, I love this Sufi saying: “think yourself a puny form when within yourself the Universe is folded.” It is a rhetorical question. You are not a small thing. Within each person the entirety of the cosmic universe is unfolded literally. And opening to that you can not only communicate with these extraterrestrial life forms but you can also begin to relate to a universal
aspect of yourself. So you don’t have to react to xenophobically when
you encounter the diversity of extraterrestrial life.

Paola: Right. We already have trouble with diversity here on Earth.

Dr. Greer: My God, we are blowing people apart. We are spending a trillion dollars a year in military spending. So if we are going to be talking about a serious effort to become ambassadors to these other civilizations that are obviously involved with earth and obviously concerned with what we are doing, then those ambassadors in my mind, have to be knowledgeable about the universal component of conscious. So I find that as the fundamental foundation of being an interplanetary ambassador so that is how I train people. That is the basis of what we are doing. A lot of people say that is very far out but it is actually simple, Because if you don’t have something that you are anchored to that is deeper than the human, animal, intellectual emotional state, then you are not going to relate, First of all you can barely relate to another human from another culture. Look how different an Italian is to a Japanese? You are talking about different star systems and people, and so to be able to transcend that level of diversity, and the diversity is fine if you are able to keep that
perspective. But what happens is you get overwhelmed by the diversity or that becomes a cause of conflict which is what human beings normally do. You know someone looks different, thinks differently. If they are gay, they are straight; they are black, they are white; they are Arab, they are
Iraqi; they are Suni, they are Shite; they are Protestant, they are Catholic; whatever it is we find that for a reason to blow each other apart. Well, we cannot export that kind of thinking to the next stage of human development which is the cosmic moment. This is a cosmic moment. And the death throws of what is happening on Earth today is that the diversity is becoming a cause for conflict. It is really a spiritual problem as I see it. Now, I am not a religious person at all, but I am a spiritual person.

Paola: But you are optimistic? Right? You could get real pessimistic if you look at the reality of this. You are developing an alternative.

Dr. Greer: Very optimistic. The whole thing is I think that we have to create a world that is commiserate with the challenges of our time and we have failed to do that . In other words, we are 100 or 150 years into this chapter of human history and yet we have refused to make the
fundamental changes spiritually, socially, politically, geopolitically and technologically that would support a civilization commensurate with this time. For instance, we know that there have been technologies that could have elimminated world poverty and pollution that could have been here for
75 years. They went deep black in the 50’s. The reality is that the human situation has been in a sense, retarded from an evolutionary development point of view for at least 50 to 100 years and this is why we see so much imbalance today. I’m optimistic that will be brought back. But it is going to
take courage, good leadership, some sacrifice which we had to face in our group. It is going to take some thinking in how we are going to create a civilization that is commensurate with the challenges of the time. There are many power dynamics working in this dysfunctional world that need to be

Paola: You articulate that really well Steven. You are one of the only people who has it together. I mean you synthesize this problem well. I mean people have little pieces of it. They are talking about Zero energy here. They do not look at the spiritual, they don’t even talk about ET communication. Forget that! You synthesized the whole entire planetary situation and offered a possible solution in the CSETI Ambassador Program of Consciousness. You said you were working on three
things. What are they?

Dr Greer: CSETI, the Ambassadors to the Universe program, the other is Disclosure Project. We are still doing the Disclosure Project because we have a website with ten million people on it. People don’t realize that the Disclosure Project video has been seen by more people than who see
CNN every night. I am still meeting with members of Congress. Within the last year, I’m trying to say “look this information exists and it is not only related to UFOs and extraterrestrials and but also to alternative energies and propulsion systems that would solve most of our problems. And so
Disclosure still has to go on and we have a Disclosure Representatives Program..We also have dozens of people all over the world who host Disclosure project screenings….and meetings. So that is still going on.
We would love to do Disclosure II. Many have yet to understand that after we did the Disclosure Project event in 2001, we doubled the number of military assets in terms of the number of witnesses because they came out
of the closet. As a matter of fact, a retired Air Force general who has knowledge of these covert programs is one of them. The problem is that we do not have the funding to do it. We have got to find a source of institutional support and funding to be able to do the next level of it, or it’s impossible to carry forward. There is no funding for anything serious and
this is the whole tragedy of the whole UFO movement. It has become a carnival and caricature of itself, yet we are dealing with incredibly important things and my understanding is that the intelligence community which really does run the UFO subculture, wants to keep it that way. Now
what I’d like to do in the next year or two is do another level of disclosure where we would bring in some of the new top secret witnesses we have, and government officials including a former Clinton administration official. Also in technology where we can bring in scientists who can testify to the
existence of new energy and propulsion systems, and how they have been systematically acquired and suppressed by large transnational corporate interests. Most people post 9-11 really don’t care if there are UFO and ETs out there. The majority of Americans believe UFOs are real anyway. They just don’t know what to make of it You’ve got to connect it to something meaningful. The fact is that it is meaningful because there are enormous implications to the secrecy, and the secrecy is not because of the extraterrestrial component. The secrecy is because of the technology that would make obsolete all the oil and gas and coal power in the world Paola: I am asking if it is possible that disclosure can come from the United States? Maybe Canada. Did you even dream of doing Disclosure II in Canada? Dr Greer: Now I am going to say something here people hate to hear. You can not do this without the dominant Power, the only super power in the world. We have projects, in Norway and Canada. The dominant power is the American Transnational Corporate Machine. What I tell people is that geography is irrelevant!

Paola: But the Media could open it up there!

Dr Greer: I think that what most people don’t realize is the issue that we are dealing with has no geographical boundaries and hasn’t had for decades.

Paola: We still need the media support, don’t we?

Dr Greer: Of course. It would have the seed funding we asked for. We could have had another level of the Disclosure Project in Washington, D.C., then move the whole thing to Canada, and to Rome and Switzerland and these places. There was the Chinese news media that took it seriously.
You cannot ignore 110 military top secret witnesses who are cosmonauts, brigadier generals and so on. You can not ignore these people! The other problem is that the major media is corrupt and is the most corrupt institution in the world.

Paola: How does this affect disclosure?

Dr Greer: If you were to ask me what is the largest problem with getting disclosure out and getting these technologies out to the world, it is not the White House, it is not the Congress, it is not the UN, it isn’t the parliament; it is the Media which in democracies was supposed to be the “fourth estate” which means, one of the “watch dogs” of checks and balances to the other three branches of government: the judiciary, the executive and the legislative. That is where the fourth estate concept
came from. I have a man who was on the board of AOL Time Warner and CBS who told me in 1992, he told me basically” the Fourth Estate is Dead!” We have no Fourth Estate. I had a Washington Post reporter frankly tell me that nothing important will ever be published in the major media. Look at our website where I talk about the Peter Jennings special and you will see a link to a CIA document that was sent to me recently this year that was dated 1991 during the first Bush presidency. It clearly describes on page 6, if I remember correctly, that there are assets that the intelligence community has at every major news media in the world; to kill, change or alter stories that they want to have done. The problem is the corruption of the news media, and the lack of a truly free press at large. Now the minor media is irrelevant. The major media is corporate and they are shills for the shadowy transnational para-govermental entity. Again the problem with that is that we are living in a pseudo democracy where the people cannot get the information. I have said seriously recently that Gorge Soreas and others need to come forth and put a billion or two into a “new” media empire. I said this should be called the Disclosure Network News. DNN instead of CNN and basically say: “Ok. We need to be able to have the assets to pour this information into the public to educate them to what is
really going on Corporate America, or Corporate Italy or Corporate Japan”. Why is this secrecy going on? Who is sitting on the technologies and what is the truth? It is not going to happen. [Image: Dr Greer being introduced at 2004 X-Conference]. The major media right now is horizontally and vertically integrated with corporate interests that do not want this information out. One of the fundamental problems is the notion that we are living in a democracy without a free press, but a press that is corrupted by these secretive interests. It is very difficult for the masses to know what is really happening for that reason. It makes a mockery out of our democracy. It is interesting that I’m talking about this on July 4th. I think that what everyone has to understand is that we have to get some seriously committed people financially, professionally and with talent in the media to say: “look we really have to do some serious exposes.” For instance, this AOL executive told me that some of the secret UFO Documents he gave to Mike Wallace of “60 Minutes” TV show. Mike Wallace who is one of the most famous investigative reporters in the world, wanted to do a special on them, but all at once they pulled the plug on it.

During the Disclosure Project event, the executive producer of ABC news, who was the final call guy on “Prime Time Live” and 20/20, told me he wanted to do an hour special involving these top secret witnesses. A few weeks later I called him about it and I asked: “What are you doing about the special; and he said: “ well they won’t let me do it”! I asked “who are they? He said: “Dr. Greer you know who they are!” I have seen this up close and personal with the world’s media, not just with the U.S media. I have seen it with the BBC and I have seen it in England and other countries. So the inability, for even people who are in high places within the news media to be not able to be allowed by their corporate masters to tell the truth, is appalling. So since we do not have a truly free media, the Fourth Estate has been essentially assassinated.. You have a mockery of democracy because that is a “checks and balances” system that is no longer there.

About the Interviewer

Paola Harris, MEd. is an Italo-American photojournalist and investigative
reporter in the field of extraterrestrial related phenomena research. She has studied extraterrestrial related phenomena since 1979 and is on personal terms with many of the leading researchers in the field. She has been a speaker on many radio shows and conferences in Italy, San Marino, Belgium and Germany, and has appeared many times on Italian TV. She has written for Nexus, UFO Magazine, Notizario UFO and Dossier Alieni, among others publications. Her book is entitled, Connecting the Dots: making sense of the UFO Phenomena (Granite Press). Her principal website is:

Exopolitics Journal 1:2 (January 2006). ISSN 1938-1719
"Where is the intersection between the world's deep hunger and your deep gladness?"
Keith Millea Wrote:David,I found the quotes above to be interesting.In reading them and seeing the photos of Stonehenge and The Bell,I am reminded of the Sufi Whirling Dervish as a possible representation of this "energy of opposing spirals".The Sufi dancer whirls on his own axis,and also dances as part of the larger group circle.The fact that everything is moving in a counter-clock wise motion(just like chakra energy)might disprove this as being "opposing" though.Don't know if that makes any sense to the thread at hand or not,just thinking outloud.At any rate,the Sufi trance dances are just plain beautiful to me.

I agree Keith, the image of a swirling dervish is a good one.

Back in the days I practiced Chinese martial arts, one of the three "inner" styles was Pakua, which, like Tai Chi is practiced with utter attention to posture, internal alignment, breath, energy flow etc etc. Pakua differs in that it is performed by walking an imaginary circle and within that one performs spinning and circular movements, which can be seen from the following youtube clip. Note the circle embedded in the floor which is the guideline for walking the circle of the form (see HERE). I was taught Pakua by my TaiChi master at his north London home on a Sunday morning. Take it from me that it is not wise to drink heavily the night before. Confusedmokin:

When these techniques are performed by a properly taught master with developed chi, the results are devastating. The centrifugal expression of chi (Pen) is, without a question of doubt, anti-gravitational - which is why I have mentioned it in this thread. On the receiving end you fly upwards and backwards. The below image shows my old master, who now lives in Germany demonstrating Pen energy with one arm.

[Image: chu_push2_20051015000923.jpg]

The recipient of Chi energy cannot feel what has happened - its unlike muscle or tendon power - and you're normally also busy trying not to land on your derriere - that is when you land on dry ground again. The wall in Master Chu's house was badly cracked where I and other pupils hit it at force with our backs after being tossed "up" against it. These are simply techniques for "testing" chi. When used with intention, the chi penetrates into the meridian system and internal organs of the opposing fighter, with potentially deadly consequences.
The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge.
Carl Jung - Aion (1951). CW 9, Part II: P.14
Many thanks for the "Contact Protocols" Ed, I'm very grateful. When I posed this question, and based on the sort of description provided in the earlier part of this thread, I pre-supposed that there were some form of meditational technique involved in the process. And, indeed, this supposition proved correct:

Quote:3. Thought - We employ a CSETI technique called Coherent Thought Sequencing. After reaching a state of unbounded consciousness and expanded awareness through any type of meditative technique, silence, or prayer, the team goes through a guided experience where each member sequentially sends his/her awareness out into the cosmos as a beacon which other intelligent living beings might recognize. We then guide any
biological lifeforms and their craft through the cosmos, into the solar system, to Earth, and directly to where the team is located in the field. (These techniques are explained and taught in the Working Group Training Kit.)

"... unbounded consciousness and expanded awareness from any type of meditative experience..."

I am very, very cautious of this description. "Unbounded consciousness" and "expanded awareness" are so different in concept that they should not appear in the same para. Expanded consciousness, I don't doubt, can be achieved with a bit of meditative experience. In the same way that car mechanics can be learned, a bit, from a book.

Unbounded consciousness, on the other hand, is nothing less than the Holy Grail.

Based on this I would assess the results claimed by Greer's people to be highly unreliable. In fact, speaking personally, I wouldn't credit it with any more potency that indulging in active fantasies after a glass or two of wine.

Earlier in this thread I pasted in a para about the bee and beehive that outline the occult technique of "creative imagination and desire". Unless one has been taught these and associated techniques, and spent a very long time developing and honing them (years not weeks or months) then the results are likely to be nothing more or less than random chance - and certainly could not be trusted, per se, to be valid.

Being in a critical frame of mind, I also wanted to add a few caveats to what I said earlier about Farrell's interview. I do not, for one second, accept the validity of Farrell's (in my mind credulous) argument that technology spun off the Bell has resulted in man landing on the Moon - or worse still, that Nazi man has now colonized other planets (the Hoagland story) using money derived from successive covert financial devices including the recent banking crisis.

In my view the Moon landing was a cold war PR exercise and little more than that. Farrell's argument that the LEM taking off from the Moon demonstrated to him that an unknown propulsion system was used ignores so much other evidence that the Apollo missions were faked up. What he believes was the curious lift off of the LEM could, I suspect be better and more rationally explained by a small lifting crane situated on a lofty gantry located in a dark movie studio.

Having said that I think the research he has done on the Bell is powerful.

I suppose this illustrates the danger we all face of propagating a favoured theory into the realms of the wholly unlikely. I suspect I am also guilty of this, too, at times.
The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge.
Carl Jung - Aion (1951). CW 9, Part II: P.14
I have just received Farrell's book The Philosophers Stone and look forward to reading it.

I am already intrigued because the title page contains part of the glyph of the Qabalistic Tree of Life - the lower five spheres. Within the pathways connecting these five lower Sephira of the Tree, the words "is not" and "is" have been placed, where each of the five Sephira the words "the American “Gold,” The Soviet “Mercury,” and "the Nazi Serum” are placed. The arrangement shows that none of these elements connect to each other (i.e., the American Gold "Is Not" the Soviet Mercury etc). But all three are directed to the Sephiroth Yesod with the word "Is" which contains the words "The Philosphers Stone". The words "Is Not" are repeated three times, whereas the words "Is" are repeated twice. Whether the author was cognizant, or not ( and I think not), by placing the two words "Is" together in the way he has done, he effectively has spelled out the word "Isis". Quite funny really.

On the next page is a paragraph from Manly P Hall's book The Secret Teaching of All Ages, which speaks directly to matters Qabalistic:

Quote: As one of the great alchemists fittingly observed, man's quest for gold is often his undoing, for he mistakes the alchemical processes, believing them to be purely material. He does not realise that the Philosophers Gold, the Philsophers Stone, and the Philosophers Medicine exist in each of the four worlds and that the consummation of the experiment cannot be realised until it is successfully carried on in four worlds simultaneously according to one formula.

The Sephira Yesod is generally regarded as being (what we call today) the Unconscious, but which formally used to be known as the etheric or lower astral or psychic realm (using the definitions of Gareth Knight referenced earlier).

I completely understand that discussions of this nature may appear too obscure for some, irrelevant to some, incomprehensible to others and downright wacky and pointless to still others. Be that as it may be, Farrell is telling us that in his investigations of the Nazi SS Schwarze Sonne technological experiments, that they were, in fact, dealing with experiments that penetrated deeply into other realities.

Having said all that, the Philosophers Stone is not to be found in Yesod, as his version of the glyph / diagram of the Tree of Life seems to suggest.

But it is a starting place - a gateway, the gateway to other immaterial dimensions. Perhaps that is what his glyph / diagram is telling us.

Having also said that, I still don't think Farrel is dealing with the Philsophers Stone. Not the Philosophers Stone. Which to my understanding anyway, is a state of complete, full and unfettered consciousness, and not a technological advancement - although the latter may be possible if you have achieved the former.

But who can be said to have achieved that?

Yours obscurely,


Edit = PS, my error. Participacion Mystique coloured my eyes.

Farrell was not referring to the lower five Sephiroth as I stated above. He was building on the Augustian "shield of faith" which involve the four lower Sephiroth of the personality. The fifth element is missing in this shield. Despite Farrell's quotation by Manly P Hall, I am not sure he even intended to reference the Qabalah, at least from what I have so far read.

Meanwhile, Manly Hall was unquestionably discussing the Qabalah; hence his reference to the "four worlds" (Atziluth (World of Emanation), B'riyah (World of Creation), Yetzirah (World of Formation), and Asiyah (World of Activity, Making or Physical Manifestation) in the carrying out of the formula as described.

Farrell seems to be focusing entirely on material alchemy and altogether missing the occult point I shouldn't wonder --- alchemical operators of the same narrow focus during the late middle ages earned the title of "puffer". But that has its place too, I think. I suspect I was secretly hoping for something more profound. Oh well, on with the read I suppose.
The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge.
Carl Jung - Aion (1951). CW 9, Part II: P.14

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