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Saucers of the Illuminati
The late Jim Keith, co-author with Kenn Thomas of The Octopus, a book based on papers left behind by Danny Casolaro after his murder, wrote this short book about the Illuminati/NWO and the flying saucer phenomenon and originally published it as pages in a binder for limited distribution.

The introduction sets out Keith's intention to put forward a new theory of UFOs encompassing both the mind-control theories and the idea they are cover for advanced aerospace projects.

Quote:In 1993 a miniscule two hundred copy photocopied "researcher's edition" of my book Saucers of the Illuminati was rushed into print, upon my urging, by IllumiNet Press. My purpose for authorizing this informal edition was to get into print certain interesting connections that I had made between occult philosophy, the lore of UFOs, and the totalitarian New World Order - ideas that I had discussed at length with other researchers and that were already twinkling into being in a firmament of articles by some of those worthies. I was a little... paranoid is not the word I seek... concerned that by the time a proper paperback edition of Saucers was ushered into being, that I might be accused of plagiarizing myself.

In his foreward to the 2004 edition Kenn Thomas writes:

Quote:It was a point of view that developed over time, actually re-doing Saucers in
1998 in actual book form and now which resonates as a defining echo of the
weirdness of the post-9/11 world, years after Keith has gone on to his reward.1 As the book cover attests, "as the 21st century approaches, many people suspect that something earth shattering is about to happen..."

1. Keith and I wrote The Octopus: Secret Government and the Death of
Danny Casolaro
, which became a hard-to-find cult classic. It currently enjoys a new edition, with one of three new chapters dealing with Jim Keith's unusual death. Among the many strange dimensions of Keith's passing discussed therein was the appearance of clostridium bacteria in the kind of knee surgery that led to his early death. Keith had noted years ago the presence of clostridium bacteria in the late 1970s cattle mutilations of New Mexico. Clostridium also killed our mutual good friend Ron Bonds, who published the first book edition of Saucers.

The initial chapters note anomalies in the saucer experience--which Keith posits aren't all that anomolous, finding they occur in a significant portion of close encounters--that point to a human origin for the UFOs, despite what the "professional UFOlogists" would like to believe about their extraterrestrial origins. Keith quotes Keel, author of Mothman and Our Haunted Planet, but comes to a different conclusion (if Keel really does ever come to any conclusions about the ultimate origins of UFOs; he himself says he does not), skirting the autochthonic Shaverian Agarthic mythological continuum for a more scientific and mundane explanation.

Unlike Thomas, Keith finds the MJ-12 documents to be counterfeit. He thinks the provenance is suspect and lists the reasons why he believes the actors originally involved with the MJ-12 "revelation" were government disinformation agents, including Lear, but doesn't come to any real conclusion on Bill Cooper except to note he did more than anyone else except Lear to reinforce the public's notion the UFOs were ETs. Keith dismisses the "discovery" of a corroboriting document as easily faked by anyone with access to the archive in question, notes the document was in an unrelated collection and wonders why Eisenhower as Army chief in 1947 would need a briefing on Roswell years later, apparently the subject of the only document ever discovered which mentions MJ-12 (the original MJ-12 "discovery" was undeveloped photographic film, apparently of documents, but unverifiable).

Chapter 8 is called Philip K. Dick and the Illuminati. Keith describes Dick's visions as related in VALIS and Dick's exegesis notes, and finds strong parallels with Masonic imagery and the Masonic mission, especially in the character of Mini, the electronic music composer in VALIS. Keith touches on research using microwaves to induce hallucinations in humans and animals and draws associations with Dick's semi-autobiography.

Quote:Ultimately the VALIS enigma is difficult to interpret with any absolute sense of certainty about what took place that day in March of 1974. It shines with points of illumination whose meaning remains elusive against the explanations of prosaic reality. What we do know is that, for whatever reason, in whatever fashion, Philip Dick had almost the entire Illuminist/Freemasonic mythos fired into his forebrain, and that he struggled with those images, trying to make sense of their symbolism, for the short period of time that remained in his life. Either he was force-fed a massive injection of Freemasonic mythology via electronic beam (as he believed), or in a moment of dreadful illumination--or perhaps hallucinogenic receptivity--Philip K. Dick saw the truth of the world.

Chapter 9 is called The Sirius Connection. It begins with an explication of Dogon mythology including Dick, Crowley, Lebelson, Hoffman, Temple et al. He quotes Emery's Archaic Egypt on a sudden cultural advance in Egypt about 6,000 years ago:

Quote:At a period approximately 3400 years before Christ, a great change took place in Egypt, and the country passed rapidly from a state of advanced Neolithic culture with a complex tribal character to two well-organized monarchies, one comprising the Delta area and the other the Nile valley proper. At the same time the art of writing appears, monumental architecture and the arts and crafts developed to an astonishing degree, and all the evidence points to the existence of a well-organized and even luxurious civilization. All this was achieved within a comparatively short period of time, for there appears to be little or no background to these fundamental developments in writing and architecture.

Keith responds with this:

Quote:And the reason for this remarkable increase in human knowledge is known to us, although not admitted. Although the truth has not filtered into the hallowed studios of the 6:00 News, it is not in question as to whether mankind has come into contact with an extraterrestrial culture. We have. There is complete confirmation of the legend of the Oannes, which has been obtained in the 20th century. Proof of that contact resides in the secret cosmological traditions of the Dogon tribe of Africa.

(Keith doesn't say there are no ETs, but rather that the Sirius and Orion groups of real ETs are being used as part of a propaganda campaign by Freemasonic Illuminists of the New World Order for furthering their earthly agenda.)

Chapter 11 details occult and intelligence agency ties starting with John Dee, the original 007, and continuing through to the JFK assassination. Along the way, Keith wonders if Jack Parsons wasn't assassinated as well, for allegedly providing Hughes Aircraft documents to the Israelis.

Quote:In "The Call to Chaos" in Apocalypse Culture, Downard explains, "The third degree of 'Blue' (basic) Freemasonry, and more particularly the ninth degree of Scottish Rite work, embody symbolical assassination and death ritual; but in GAOTU [the Great Architect of the Universe] operations they go in for the real McCoy: heavy snuff stuff."

The Kennedy assassination was performed at Dealey Plaza, the location of the first Masonic temple in Dallas. "Security" for the Kennedy motorcade was supplied by the New Orleans CIA office, with headquarters in a Masonic temple building. Dealey Plaza is located near the Trinity River, and Kennedy's motorcade headed for the Triple Underpass, both references symbolic of the Masonic triangle and number three fixation. In what may have been a symbolic dramatization of the Masonic Hiram Abif legend of assassination by three "unworthy craftsmen," after the Kennedy murder three "hoboes" were paraded in front of cameras by the Dallas police (one of the "hoboes" alleged to be E. Howard Hunt of the CIA), then the three were quickly released without record of their identity. In Masonic lore assassins travel in threes.

Chapter 12, The Year of Light, describes an hypothetical supernova that appeared about 6,000 years ago in the southern sky and was recorded on Sumerian tablets as occurring in a triangle bounded by the stars Zeta Puppis, Gamma Velorum and Lambda Velorum, hence the Eye in the Pyramid, and likely the "Nation of the Third Eye" as well.

[Image: 2ynkv0i.jpg]

Keith notes:

Quote:This means, interestingly enough, that the Sumerians set the date for the reappearance of the supernova in about the year 2000 A.D. Strong evidence, it seems to me, that the Freemasons probably see the turn of the next century as having a pivotal significance in their mythic history of the world. Taking into account what seem to be the secret purposes of the Freemasons and other allied secret societies, there are certainly many speculations that could be made about what the nature of that significance might entail.


Aside from the dark catalog of covert manipulation that I have compiled in these pages, I will not delude you into thinking that I am certain that the Freemasons are planning on overthrowing the world system on or about the year 2000 A.D. I do not even know for certain whether this is the date planned for the final consolidation of governmental systems into the New World Order. All I know is that the twists and turns of history are covered with the bloody fingerprints of Freemasons and members of allied secret societies who have intervened at key moments to turn the flow of history in hitherto unanticipated directions, and that everything points to the year 2000 as being an epic culmination in the mythology of these secret groups.

The event which may prompt the placing of the key piece in the Novus Ordo Seculorum pyramid, the missing capstone, the culmination of the Fool's journey of the Tarot, may well be the catastrophic collapse of the U.S. economic system. The collapse of the U.S. currency and the stock market, as prefigured by the recent crises in the Orient, may well be the straws that will break the American Phoenix's back.


Regardless of whether there are any bigheaded grey aliens in the bleachers for the gala coronation, whether or not the occultists at the top are able to launch a fleet of UFO-style flying disks to perform synchronized aerobatics over the newly-rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem, wouldn't the appearance of a singularly impressive stellar display, a supernova flaring forth in the midst of a triangle composed of three stars, be a wonderfully impressive and awfully convenient harbinger of the Illuminati World King?

The final portion of the book reissued in 2004 is called UFOs at the Edge of Reality, A lecture delivered in Atlanta, Georgia, November, 1995. Keith speaks about an in-between reality, a "Secret Commonwealth" where mind, matter and ETs meet. He lays out his reasons for thinking that a number of ritual magicians have engaged in sorcery rather than magic, i.e., they have furthered the cause of the mind control programs. Earlier in the book Keith talks about the Masons' self-image as the primal builders, and connects it with Dick's Builders in VALIS. Dick's Builders are basically benign creatures secretly directing history toward a good end. But Dick also appeals to gnosticism and especially the material in the Chenoboskion codices, as the answer to the conundrum of the imperfect/unperfected world, as the individual' salvation and the world tikkun, while that very same corpus decries active participation in the process of creation, casts aspersions and insults on the "world-builders" and seems to recommend that the Fall of da'ath be remedied by a drawing out of the sparks of the Godhead from the created world prior to a final destruction by fire of all matter. Was Dick being hypocritical, or had he received the gnosis as co-opted by the Freemasons, a sort of "lost and now found Word" with certain exceptions made for political figures and activities? Keith doesn't belabor the contradiction and references his earlier thesis (from the earlier editions of Saucers on a number of points suggesting a Freemason/Illuminati/Ritual Magick origin for many of the UFO experiences.

Keith also describes (twice) his own expierience with a grey:

Quote:The second encounter was about four years later, in 1972. By this time I had knocked off the mescaline and LSD. Now, this was in the days before Whitley Streiber, and the media hadn't really latched on to grey aliens. But I woke up in the middle of the night in Los Angeles with one of these guys, the prototypical alien grey, staring me in the face, right up close. It terrified me, and I jumped out of bed and ran out of my bedroom into the living room. When I returned to the bedroom the visitor was gone.

I put this experience aside for twenty years, until I read the book Communion, which verified certain details of the experience, the primary one being the color and texture of the creature's skin... which was not grey, but blue grey, with the texture and reflective quality of clay... plasticine. That verification of detail was what made the needle swing over toward "close encounter" rather than "particularly vivid dream." I don't have those types of dreams. My nightmares don't feature aliens... and so now I am willing to accept that this might have been an actual encounter, one which may have taken place at the edge; at the edge of manifestation.

The book ends with some plates of photographs of an alien implant device, blueprints for an underground military base and assorted other saucer-related material.

Keith died after he bumped his knee at the Burning Man festival in 1999 and was hospitalized, as Thomas recounts in the foreword. Kenn Thomas and Jim Keith were part of the 'zine scene "before the internet broke" and did a lot of writing on paranormal politics. Keith wrote for Thomas's Steamshovel Press frequently. Keith was also good friends with recently-deceased Jerry E. Smith, another writer on parapolitics as well as an SF writer who was a member of the Los Angeles Science Fiction Club (where L. Ron Hubbard was a member, and supposedly met Jack Parsons via a fellow member there). Smith died on March 8 of 2010 after suffering pancreatic cancer. Smith was published by Adventures Unlimited Press. Smith was WEX (World Explorers Club in Kempton, Illinois) manager and Adventures Unlimited office manager. Hubbard belonged to an organization with almost the same name (Explorers' Club) based in New York in the 1940s (according to wikipedia: "Hubbard was accepted as a member of The Explorers Club on February 19, 1940") and sailed under their auspices from Seattle to Alaska (he set sail for Alaska "on 27 July 1940", according to the official Church of Scientology version, "wherein he not only conducted landmark studies of Pacific Coast Indian tribes, but also pioneered a long range navigation system employed along all sea and air lanes into the latter decades of the 20th century." Hubbard later told stories of breaking up an espionage ring involving enemy submarines there, a plot which was used for at least one radio drama around that time. Coincidentally there was a long-running radio drama series called either World Adventurers Club or Strange Adventures in Strange Lands--experts argue over which title is correct--that aired in North America and Australia duing the same time period, late 30s-mid-40s). Keith belonged to Avatar, a Scientology splinter group, while Smith had left Scientology altogether.

Keith's book is very good and available on

(all emphases in book quotes above added by me)

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Many thank for this Helen, it sounds more than interesting and I look forward to reading the pdf.

The book appears to cover a lot of ground and also touches upon some curious, if not distinctly curious subjects, like the Fall of Daath, regarded as the 11th Sephiroth of the Tree of Life, which according to certain schools is the emerging Sephiroth.

It can be no accident that Daath is represented - on the lower (the material or manifest world) pulse of the four worlds of Qabalistic doctrine, namely Aslyah/Assiah as being associated with Sirius, the Dog Star. More interesting is that the associated colour of this World of Aslyah/Assiah is Grey.

From this I think it is conceivable to conclude that the entire edifice of grey aliens has a distinct Qabalistic flavour, and my conclusions would be that this is pointing us towards emerging consciousness of we humans.

We must just hope that this comes about before we blow ourselves to merry hell and back, I suppose...
The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge.
Carl Jung - Aion (1951). CW 9, Part II: P.14
Quote:Keith died after he bumped his knee at the Burning Man festival in 1999 and was hospitalized, as Thomas recounts in the foreword.

Can you possibly expand a little more on this episode?Bumping your knee is not usually a death wound.But then,I'm sure there are some very strange things that happen at Burning Man......:bebored:
"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
Buckminster Fuller
OK,I've done some reading on Jim Keith.It appears that he fell off of a stage at Burning man,and broke his leg.He later developed a blood clot in the hospital that traveled into his lung,which is what killed him.Then there are other theories of conspiracy concerning his research about Princess Di.Confusedtupido2:
"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
Buckminster Fuller
David: I didn't actually see da'ath mentioned anywhere in the book. I just used it for shorthand to describe what Dick calls, ex Plato, "the streak of the irrational in the world-soul." Jim Keith does use the Hebrew word tikkun, however, the restoration or healing of the world. I was merely pointing out a contradiction in Dick's book, or mind, between pure Nag Hamadi gnosticism and the Builders, whom Jim Keith probably very correctly associates with the Masons, which strengthens Keith's argument Dick was zapped with some sort of Masonic worldview, comprehensive enough to include the gnosis as the Masonic Lost Word.

One thing Jim Keith does focus on is the identity of Crowley's Lam, and the classic image of the greys, and another person, a voodoo priest from Haiti who joined the OTO and moved to America and started some new cult, of The Black Snake or something like that, and this man claimed to be in contact with AC's Lam. The voodoo character was the only new element I noticed in Keith's treatment of Lam and the greys.

Keith: It really is strange, whether it was a bloodclot or some new hospital superbacteria. The chances on a bloodclot travelling that far are not really good, a billion to one or whatever. I read Jim Keith had said at the Burning Man he was hoping to investigate the red-haired sasquatch reported in the area, the things mentioned, I surmise, in the Secrets of the Mojave document. Jim Keith also reportedly had told friends if he went to the hospital for this, he'd never leave alive. I think Kenn Thomas was probably very close to him and of course there is that initial shock after a friend dies where you refuse to believe it, but I think it goes deeper than that, because the circumstances are so strange. I didn't know he was on the trail of the Princess Di conspiracy, all I've read is about the mysterious red-haired bigfoots said to inhabit parts of Nevada and probably the adjacent area in So.Cal. I seem to remember them in connection with that famous UFO contactee venue in the desert, what was it called? Giant Rock? The one that split in two a few years back. The memory might be false, I'm really not a very good UFOlogist and can't keep most of it sorted out. When I was looking up some stuff regarding this Jim Keith book I happened across a small book by Manley P Hall on the flying saucer phenomenon. It largely supports Jim Keith's thesis. It's called The Case of the Flying Saucers and is available at the Manley P. Hall archive site,

Quote:The device in all probability is some highly specialized scientific structure intended to advance research. The device itself may not be the project, but some means of testing for something else, but whether it is a means to an end, or is the end itself, it is almost certainly humanly guided, humanly devised, and is being advanced in the unfoldment of necessary research into the great and powerful potentials of the planet. Beyond that I think we shall simply have to wait until Uncle Sam decides to talk, and anyone who talks before that would be doing every one concerned a great unkindness.

Hall was a 33° Mason, but sort of an honourary one, he hadn't risen up through the ranks but was knowledgable enough he didn't need to. Who financed his trips around the world isn't very clear. He operated around the same time as Nicholas Roersch, the Russian who reported back to Truman on spiritual phenomenon in Central Asia and India before settling down to work for Indian-Russian cultural ties in India seemingly on behalf of the early Soviet Union he had earlier fled. Hall had been a banker for a while, and might have had relatives in the NY banking community. He has pretty well hidden who his parents were until the present, and was raised by his grandmother.
Quote:>In 1998, one of my Sufi contacts, who chooses to remain anonymous,
>to London to participate in Dhikr, a remembrance of Allah. This ritual was
>attended by both Sufis and orthodox Muslims. My contact reports that while
>participating in this ceremony, he met Dodi Fayed's personal physician, a
>who is a Muslim, but is not a Sufi. In private conversation, the physician
>told him that Diana and Dodi Fayed had planned on getting married, and that
>he had personally examined her and determined that she was pregnant.

Jim Keith was writing that Princess Di was pregnant.Hey,that might get you killed,but who knows.......

I'm not too much involved in UFO stuff.Actually,my youngest son is very much interested in these things.So,I'm out of my league here.

Clostridium seems to be a botulism bug,that has been found to cause cases of food poisoning,which is what killed Ron Bonds.It should be noted that Clostridium is also a bio-weapon.Great stuff for conspiracies and rumors,but I don't know.:dontknow:
One other thing to mention is that my mother developed blood clots in her leg that eventually traveled up into her lung and killed her.So,it is indeed very possible that this is how Jim Keith died.Yeah,a lot of strange things to consider in this story.
"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
Buckminster Fuller
Yeah I can't pin anything down here, and much less in general concerning UFOs, which are interesting but I have no real information to offer.

I had heard Di was pregnant with Dodi's child before.

If Jim Keith had decided not to seek medical treatment, would his blood clot have taken another route less deadly? I know these things happen, and sometimes your blood clots during a long air journey because of the pressure and the lack of movement. Thrombulism? I forget the term. Anything's possible.

What I found really fascinating is that Jim Keith wrote this back in, oops I forgot the year now, 1992? 94? And what he's writing then is still being discovered now, the connexion between Crowley's astral creature and the greys, different connexions between mind control, UFOs and the one-world government project. He also seems to be a bit more sober about it all than some of the present-day writers on the same topics, not to name any names, but even some of the old JFK researchers who should know better fall for some pretty tenuous connexions in their newer writings. Jim Keith seems to have really researched and thought at least somewhat critically about what he writes. It's also sort of discouraging that we're still at the same place he was two decades ago and haven't advanced much. Purely subjective observations on my part.
Thanks for your response Helen. Great find on the Manly Hall UFO piece btw.

The following is extracted from Keith's book re Lam etc:

Quote: There are further symbolic linkages on this speculative trail
that may or may not lead to the stars. At the beginning of this
century, contact with the Sirius star system was claimed by the
occultist Lucien-Francois Jean-Maine who, through the famous
occultist Papus, learned the rituals of the Ordo Templi Orientis
lodge, founded by Aleister Crowley, and formed his own group in
his native Haiti. Jean-Maine is said to have in 1922 combined the
OTO rituals with voodoo practices to form the Cult of the Black
Snake in Haiti. He also claimed to be in contact with a disembodied
being or voodoo loa named Lam, an entity who OTO Grand Master
Kenneth Grant said was one of the Great Old Ones, an elder as well
as eldritch god nigh-identical with those portrayed by the American
horror writer H.P. Lovecraft in the 1920s and 30s.
Lam, according to Grant, has the task of uniting the current
that emanates from the Andromeda galaxy with the current that
flows from Sirius. Grant believed that a dimensional portal exists in
the Andromeda galaxy, and through this portal will enter the Old
Ones, demonic entities intent on returning Earth to their dominion
and having humanity for breakfast.
Prior to Jean-Maine's contact with Lam, the famous occultist
and founder of the OTO Aleister Crowley reported that he had
summoned the same entity through one of his own "magickal"
workings. Crowley also penned a drawing of Lam, reprinted in
Kenneth Grant's The Magical Revival, adding another strange
dimension to the now inter-dimensional puzzle.
Crowley portrays the entity Lam as a prototypical big-headed
"Gray," i.e. as the picture of modern popular conceptions about what
a UFO alien is supposed to look like. Crowley, relates Grant, also
"unequivocally identifies his Holy Guardian Angel with Sothis
(Sirius), or Set-Isis." The obvious connection here is the significance
of Sirius, although the Ordo Templi Orientis lodge, Crowley, and
Lam also have their own special relevance.

From this I think we n again see that the Qabalistic Sephiroth Daath is all over the story of Lam, Grey aiens and Sirius. In fact it is this Sephiroth Daath that is said to be the gateway from the Tree of Life into it's dark reflection, its antithesis in fact, known as the Tree of Evil - and usually referred to as the world of the so called "Shells" or the "Qlippoth" (to purloin the Qabalistic name for it). The following link provides some small insights into this subject. However, it is interesting to note that the following states:

Quote:Qlippoth, Hebrew, "shells, husks," is a term in the Kabbalah tradition means "Lords of Unbalanced Powers" referring to demonic entities from a former universe who survived in the present one.

This is why it strikes me that the whole subject of UFO's, namely the development of advanced Nazi aircraft by he US and others, has also woven into it the subject of Qlippothic magic -- not least because the Nazi's were deeply engaged in Black Sun research which delves in these unwholesome areas. And when we add to this equation NASA giants like Crowleyian Jack Parsons, then we can assume that this trend continued after WWII.
The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge.
Carl Jung - Aion (1951). CW 9, Part II: P.14
David Guyatt Wrote:This is why it strikes me that the whole subject of UFO's, namely the development of advanced Nazi aircraft by he US and others, has also woven into it the subject of Qlippothic magic -- not least because the Nazi's were deeply engaged in Black Sun research which delves in these unwholesome areas. And when we add to this equation NASA giants like Crowleyian Jack Parsons, then we can assume that this trend continued after WWII.

Parsons and Hubbard were re-enacting Dee and Kelley's Enochian rituals with Parsons in Dee's role, Dee whom Keith says was the original 007 and the founder of British intelligence. Interesting coincidence of Enochian practitioners at the very genesis of powerful organizations, JPL leading more or less directly to NASA.

Hekhalot mysticism (or Merkavah) mirrors the ascent of the soul through the lower heavens, or the archons, of gnosticism, to the upper realms of light. The qlippoth powers described in the Golden Dawn material linked above are a good description of the gnostic concept of the archons, even down to the names. There's no reason to suppose hakhalot sprang whole-cloth after the destruction of Harod's temple in AD 70, it probably had earlier roots that gave rise to both Christianity and Jewish gnostic schools that later incorporated parts of the Christian gnosis, i.e., accepted Jesus as a relevant teacher rather than rejecting him as a heretic schismatic who had broken away from the true teaching and had popularized a warped version of the doctrine and practice of spiritual liberation via some sort of hekhalot/merkavah mysticism and speculation.

The system of gates--which HP Lovecraft uses in his fiction, "outer gates"--involved knowing the name of the powers and certain passwords, or answers to accusations or riddles. The lower powers comprised the seven heavens. The archons and aeons can be called, simply, "angels," for the sake of simplicity. Dee's scrying is probably a rediscovery of this practice, probably via kabbalah brought to Europe in the Jewish exile and probably first revealed more widely in book form in Spain in Aramaic. Kabbala is really supposed to be an oral tradition, just as early Christianity and Christian gnosis was an oral tradition that frowned on the "diminished word," i.e., the words written down in codices and on scrolls.

Ravecroft's Spear of Destiny gives a lot of space to Steiner's conviction Hitler was actively channelling a demonic power, one who was more politically astute than Hitler was.

The really early UFO accounts in North America--Roswell and related--do seem to me to be consistent with Black Sun imagery, little dark men like Niebelungen piloting craft powered by some dark light... There is also the matter of reports of an Oriental script witnessed on the Roswell craft, not definitely identified as Chinese or Japanese, or anything else, for that matter. Was it Enochian script? If the mystics working for the Third Reich really did channel technical information from entities claiming to be from Sirius or wherever it was, and this technical information was succesfully implemented in practice as flying saucer technology, are these entities related to the entity Rudolph Steiner perceived as pulling Hitler's strings? And what, exactly, was Crowley doing in the British MI5's Occult Department for the war effort, besides astral-projecting to the Fuehrerbunker and eavesdropping in on snippets of speech? And if the foo fighters appeared during WWII, what were the pre-war UFOs over Scandinavia all about, and why did they communicate with control towers in broken Swedish? Is it all some sort of elaborate Sirian joke?
I meant to add (but had to go out) that concerning the Qlippoth and the link I provided above (namely ), that the order of "Evil Chiefs" (the "Old Ones" I suppose?) is listed as follows:

1. Kether — Satan and Moloch

2. Binah — Beelzebub

3. Chokmah — Lucifuge

4. Chesed — Ashtaroth

5. Geburah — Asmodeus

6. Tiphareth — Belphagor

7. Netzach — Baal

8. Hod — Adramalech

9. Yesod — Lilith

10. Malkuth — Nahemah

One of these "Chiefs" (in particular) has featured on this forum a number of times before. I refer to Moloch, who is symbolized by the Owl (who sees, lives and breathes in darkness) and who features as the object of worship in the annual ritual by those who numerous elite shakers and movers who attend the Bohemian Grove in California.

Nice to know the object of adoration of those who rule us isn't it.
The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge.
Carl Jung - Aion (1951). CW 9, Part II: P.14

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