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Flashpoints for Global War
Flashpoints For Global War

19 Comments » By Giordano Bruno
Neithercorp Press – 06/10/2010
[Image: Bombing21.jpg]
As the economic collapse progresses through 2010 and its fiscal consequences become more certain, the field of view reaching towards our social and political future has become more vague and unclear. Every analyst or researcher of the New World Order and the global elite now seems to have a different insight into how our situation will develop once the financial implosion peaks, and people actually start to react to the obviously severe circumstances.
While having a microphone in the middle of the annual Bilderberg conference in would surely clarify the details of exactly how the globalists plan to conduct themselves over the coming year, this is unfortunately not an option, and reports leaked from Bilderberg cannot always be taken at face value. One element nearly all of us can agree on, though, is the distinct possibility of expanded wars in the near term, used as a diversion by the elites to pull the focus of the masses away from their dire economic atmosphere, away from the bankers that created the meltdown, and towards an overseas adversary.
War on a broad scale creates fear, and fear often inspires a senseless brand of collectivism and misguided patriotism in those uninformed subsections of the public, a patriotism based on blind zealotry instead of individual liberty. The average citizen faced with an ample and immediate threat by a foreign enemy tends to fall in line with establishment policy, even if the conflict with that foreign enemy is entirely fabricated, even if establishment policy is ultimately a greater threat. War has always been utilized as a tool by aristocrats and monarchy to not only expand kingdoms and empires, but to keep the “peasants” of their empires weak, weary, and subservient.
The size of these wars seems to reflect the scope of the goal the globalists wish to accomplish at the moment, and today the stakes are very high. The world has reached a point of no return as far as the economy is concerned, and only two conclusions are possible: the people stand down, the elites prevail, and global government is established, or, the people stand firm, the elites fall, and their designs are put to an end perhaps forever. It is an all or nothing scenario, and one of the few tricks the globalists have left to turn the tide fully in their favor is war on a magnitude so humbling that it intimidates champions of free society into conceding without attempting a defense. To paraphrase the Chinese tactician, Sun Tzu: the best generals win without ever having to fight a real battle. They simply give their enemy the impression that fighting back would be utterly futile and force them to surrender before the battle ever begins.
In this article, we will examine some of the regions around the world in which such a “shock and awe” campaign could begin, facilitating the escalation of global war.
Israel And The Middle-Eastern Powder Keg
If any nation poses an immediate threat to the stability of the world at large, it would have to be Israel.
Israel receives “official” financial aid from the United States to the tune of $3 billion a year, and this does not include off-book aid or armament projects such as Obama’s recently approved ‘Iron–Dome Defense’ missile system costing $205 million:
Despite this massive monetary and military support, the Israeli Government continues to hide behind the insincere notion that the country is some kind of “underdog” surrounded and threatened by the entire world:
The unbalanced denial in the majority of the Israeli community over the actions of their own leadership borders on clinical insanity, and their obsessive self identification with the ‘David and Goliath’ mythology often leads them to conveniently rationalize any act of brutality. When you constantly paint yourself as the victim, every attack you make on others can then be justified as “self defense”. As the recent slaughter of activists in international waters on a Turkish flotilla bringing food and supplies to Gaza has shown, ironically, the open viciousness of their government’s foreign policy has actually begun to legitimize their paranoia by actively turning other nations, including former allies such as Turkey, against them:
As anyone with any sense can see, the current establishment in Israel is a comprehensive disaster waiting to happen. Trying to warn most Israelis of the peril their administration has exposed them to seems to only invite accusations of racism and Anti-Semitism. Obviously, if someone is against the policies of the Israeli Government, then they must hate the entire Jewish community. Why listen to the cold hard irrefutable facts, or engage in honest debate, when you can simply label a critic as a “Neo-Nazi”?
What could be more hazardous than a country with endless support from the world’s only superpower, and a collective Napoleon Complex? That same country with its finger on the button of a nuclear arsenal.
Israel has never officially confirmed or denied the possession of nuclear missiles. However, in 2006, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert made an embarrassing slip during a visit to Germany in which he named Israel as a nuclear armed state:
Evidence has been uncovered showing that not only has Israel had nukes for decades, but they have also tried to sell them to other countries such as apartheid South Africa during the 1970’s:
Reports of Israeli war games in preparation for a strike on Iran also apparently include a nuclear option:
The Israeli government has refused to join in a recent anti-nuclear arms treaty which would make its nuclear facilities subject to UN inspection:
One would think that if Israel is so concerned about countries such as Iran constructing nuclear weapons, they would put their money where their mouth is and support a treaty which mandates UN inspection to prevent ballistic development. Apparently, Israel has more to hide than Iran does…
Last year, we talked about the link between Syria and Russia, and the possibility that any strike by Israel in the Middle East could spur Russia into open warfare. This possibility seems more and more prevalent as 2010 progresses.
Russia has maintained a naval base on the Syrian coast of Tartus for years, and has recently revamped and rearmed it:,7340,...45,00.html
Last year, Iran signed a ‘mutual defense treaty’ with Syria:
And now, Israel has threatened both these countries with war:,7340,...04,00.html
The U.S. has pressed for tough sanctions against Iran in the UN, and Barack Obama has stated essentially that the nuclear option is viable in response to Iran’s enrichment program (even though UN inspectors have found no evidence that this program is for weapons purposes):
What this produces is a regional domino effect. Anyone who thinks that an Israeli or U.S. attack on Iran or Syria will be isolated to just those countries is sorely mistaken. An attack on one will eventually if not immediately involve the other, and the potential for intercession by Russia is high, especially if even a single nuclear weapon is used. How far such a conflict would escalate is anyone’s guess, but even a war on Iran alone would be devastating to the world economy and to the United States specifically. The chances for a catastrophic global conflict are very high in this situation.
China, North Korea, And The Asian Union
Communist China has been, and probably always will be, a construct of Globalist interests. The Chinese communist revolution succeeded because of supply and support from the U.S. military under the direction of Roosevelt and General George C. Marshall using Russia as an intermediary. The Rockefeller Foundation and the UN helped form China’s one child policy 1979, and the Rockefellers are heavily involved in the financial affairs of China to this day. China plays a key role in the push towards forced globalization.
As we have covered in numerous articles over the past few years, China has been shifting its economic policies away from an export based economy with an artificially weakened currency, to an immense 1.3 billion person import and consumption hub with a strong reserve currency at the center of the new ASEAN trading bloc. There is a very high probability that this move is in anticipation of a final economic plunge in world markets soon to occur, allowing China to not only survive, but thrive as a new center of trade and finance.
For this shift to succeed, China will eventually dump its extensive holdings of U.S. Treasury Bonds, causing the now publicly traded Yuan to rise, and the Dollar to finally collapse. A dollar implosion, of course, was always inevitable, and the dumping of bonds by China makes perfect sense when one understands this, but due to a lack of knowledge on currency issues a majority of the American public could be convinced that the dollar collapse was completely facilitated by China, and that war is a viable response. If recent Chinese military movements are any indication, they may be preparing for just such an eventuality.
Military movement on the Chinese mainland has been muted, and signals little if any intentions of expansion or conflict with its neighbors, but Chinese naval production and scope has greatly increased, which is congruent if China has expectations of conflict with the West. China has diverted large portions of funds away from its ‘People Liberation Army’ into its Navy, Air Force, and Missile Command. In 2008, an underground nuclear class submarine base was discovered on the South Pacific, which would give China the ability to command the region, including the Asian shipping lanes vital to countries like South Korea, and Japan:
The number of nuclear class submarines being built by China in the past few years has also caused India concern:
Chinese aggressiveness in the pacific has been heightened since 2008 as well. Most of us remember the incident last year when five Chinese vessels harassed the USNS Impeccable in international waters. But this was only a preview. In April, a Chinese armada passed extremely close to Okinawa and Japanese territorial waters, which some in the Japanese government consider an act of intimidation:
This was quickly followed by the harassment of a Japanese ship by a Chinese helicopter from the same armada:
A Chinese submarine had also been spotted near the coast of Taiwan only days before the U.S. approved a $6 billion arms sale to the island nation, though China has officially denied the incident:
All of these events appeared to culminate in a long range war games display by the Chinese at the end of April. The message is obvious; China wants pacific dominance, and is preparing to commandeer it by force. Why now? Because the economic bridge between Beijing and Washington D.C. is about to collapse, and there will no longer be any financial incentive to keep mutual relations peaceful.
That does not mean that the citizenry of either side would be supportive of all out conflict, but this could change with events in North Korea.
North Korea, like Iran or Syria, could be used as a stepping stone by globalists to lure the west into a wider war. The American public would not accept immediate full-scale combat with China, but they might accept the invasion of North Korea, and then later be manipulated into seeing combat with China as a necessary “outgrowth” of the smaller war. The bottom line is, whether China is willing to risk an alliance with North Korea in the face of U.S. opposition, the mere presence of large U.S. naval forces so close to China at this point in time would be like tripping the Chinese in the middle of their puffed-up strutting and chest beating. It would be an invitation to hostilities…
A war in the East would be a perfect opportunity for consolidation of power. Desperate Asian nations affected by the resulting fallout would be much more apt to fully commit to ASEAN and an Asian Union. The Economic collapse would hit the U.S. harder than any other country, and China would be left to centralize control of the Pacific region.
Pakistan, India, And The Bomb
The U.S. has been blatantly encroaching on Pakistani territory since the Afghan war started. Aerial drone attacks on Pakistani soil now take place almost daily. Ten years ago, open U.S. incursions into allied airspace without permission would have been unheard of. Now, it’s almost expected. This type of activity undoubtedly breeds resentment in the local populace, and the terrible cycle continues. America oversteps its bounds on the orders of globalists, innocents get killed, their families become militant against us, and then we label them “terrorists”; lumping them in with Al Qaeda, an organization the CIA created and supported in the early 80’s using $3 billion in taxpayer funds. Is this irony, or is it completely intentional? Creating pockets of vengeful people around the world can be useful…
After angering the locals with indiscriminate killing, the U.S. has now given Pakistan an ultimatum; launch more offensives against the “terrorist networks” (which we created) in outlying territories, or we will involve ourselves further in your affairs:
One would think that the U.S. government was TRYING to infuriate Pakistan. Perhaps they are…
Pakistan makes a wonderful target for the Elite. First, it holds a moderate nuclear arsenal of 70 to 90 missiles. Second, their western mountain ranges are home to the Taliban which was driven from Afghanistan by the U.S. Third, their previous alliances with America can be used to take advantage of them while at the same time slowly turning them into an enemy. Fourth, the failed attack in Times Square by supposed Pakistani terrorist, Faisal Shahzad, has been widely reported.
Now, imagine a successful attack befalls an American city. Perhaps a false flag nuclear attack. How easy would it be to fabricate evidence and blame this event on Pakistan? A substantial number of Americans would buy such a story in a heartbeat. The tale falls together perfectly. U.S. actions in Pakistan are interpreted as invasion. The Pakistani government “recruits” terrorist cells in secret, hands them a nuclear weapon, or allows them to steal one, and then helps them to unleash it on their enemies in America. Retaliation and invasion becomes essential to American “security”.
Pakistan is being groomed by our media as the new “axis of evil” state, and why not? The perfect motive has been carefully provided by us!
The same tactic could be used on Indian soil. India holds between 60 and 80 nuclear weapons. An attack of this magnitude could set off a nuclear exchange between the two countries which would reverberate throughout the world. Even if a wider war did not erupt, the global economy would evaporate within a day.
In testimony before the House Armed Services Committee in May, General Petraeus warned that a new terrorist attack in India could destabilize the region and increase tensions with Pakistan:
A conference of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation in April was also overshadowed by the growing antagonism between Pakistan and India:
The fact that Pakistan had to borrow $11.3 billion from the IMF last year just to stay afloat does not help. The austerity measures demanded by the IMF could eventually cripple the Pakistani economy. If the their government were to default on it sovereign debt load, their nuclear weapons facilities could go unprotected as many in Russia did during the fall of the Soviet Bloc. Under those conditions, a nuclear event would be assured.
War Is Good For Globalists
Each one of these projections might sound entirely theoretical, but the the evidence supporting their development is tangible, and their culmination is far closer than any of us might like to admit.
While a large nuclear exchange would be devastating for everyone, including the Elites, a smaller controlled exchange would create enough fear to take hold of the population without laying the world to waste. Even without radiological disaster, conventional war on a new front in the midst of the most fragile financial atmosphere modern man has ever seen would be just as demoralizing. War makes drastic change, sometimes terrifying change, possible. Changes that would normally require decades to accomplish can be unleashed in the span of months or even weeks. War conditions the national psyche, and makes it susceptible to tyranny. It gives rise to collective madness, and makes us forget who we are.
As the Liberty Movement gains ground in the real battle, the battle for the truth, we should also anticipate proxy conflicts, false terror attacks, and engineered international diversions. The closer we get to exposing reality to the masses, the more probable a global war will be. This is just the name of the game. Men in positions of unrestrained power do not give it up without taking other men down with them, and they prefer to take as many as possible. We will see terrible things in our lifetimes, and make difficult decisions no one should ever have to make, but our purpose remains clear: end the fog of lies, and keep the world free. No matter what happens, the focus should not be whatever war we are faced with, but who caused the conditions that led to that war. In all the confusion, there is only one real confrontation, one campaign; the fight between those who wish to dominate life, and those who merely wish to live unchained.
"Where is the intersection between the world's deep hunger and your deep gladness?"
There are lots of places to see information that may or may not be relevant to the run-up to world war next and the confrontation by the empire with the evil peoples and nations and their resource-laden rocks. The recent "new" disclosure of the old knowledge about various resources in Afghanistan (copper, gold, lithium et al) [I wonder if they are going to use the lithium in America's water supply to aid in the national mania?], the recent deployments of special ops teams globally, the transit of armadas through the Suez Canal, the flotillas and the prodromal psy-ops, and so very much more. We could almost (except that it would likely draw a high degree of unwanted attention) post up a global map with moveable dots -- in the old days, it was done with sand drawings or game pieces on mapboards. We'd best keep our own map-boards in our minds, or on our side-tables.

If you have such a board, you then might read and consider the following blog entry (and see its comments) which suggests that an American aircraft carrier is carrying Israeli aircraft.

Senate Passes Refined Gasoline Sanction as U.S.S. Truman is Probably Carrying Israeli Warplanes to Attack Iran

Posted on June 24, 2010 by willyloman
In a possible violation of the U.N. sanctions agreement, the US Senate has passed a NEW SANCTION PLAN targeting Iran by a vote of 99-0. (These new sanctions to keep Iran from producing those nuclear weapons they don’t want and are NOT trying to produce)… THEY WILL NOW BE BLOCKING THE SHIPMENTS OF REFINED GASOLINE IN ORDER TO CRIPPLE THE IRANIAN ECONOMY AND CAUSE MASSIVE HARM TO THE PEOPLE OF IRAN… I do not believe the blocking of refined gasoline shipments has been approved as part of the UN Security Council sanctions.
THIS IS MAJOR NEWS… The House is expected to pass this as fast as they can then rush it over to “The Greatest Man of Our Generation” for him to sign into law…With the Israeli and U.S. armada already in place in the Gulf, this could be the start of WWIII… all at the hands of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton… AND ALL FOR THE SAME LIE THAT GEORGE BUSH TRIED TO PASS OFF IN 2008
Thursday overwhelmingly approved a sweeping new package of sanctions on Iran, aiming to force Tehran to halt its suspected nuclear weapons program by choking off its gasoline imports.
Now that the armada is in place the congress has rushed this through in less than a day so that what ever happens they can claim there was a legal basis for it, that way what ever happens, what ever the U.S. and the Israelis do, it will have the appearance of legitimacy. Its like the John Yoo Memos; they gave the Bush/Cheney administration just enough legal cover to claim they weren’t guilty of committing crimes against humanity and war crimes when they tortured people. It’s pre-emptive obfuscation, a historical smoke-screen of sorts. What ever it is, it’s really bad news.

[Image: war-on-iran.jpg?w=328&h=253]
That’s what the whole point of the U.S. Israeli armada is… Israel COULDN”T GET THEIR PLANES TO IRAN TO LAUNCH AIRSTRIKES AGAINST THEM
So the U.S. aircraft carrier, the U.S.S. Truman, is probably GIVING THE ISRAELI PLANES A RIDE.
Jordan will not let Israel fly through their airspace for the attacks and neither will Saudi Arabia, Syria, or Turkey and ISRAEL DOES NOT HAVE AN AIRCRAFT CARRIER
Israel can’t attack Iran (based on their ongoing campaign of lies) WITHOUT THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF OF THE UNITED STATES ALLOWING THEIR PLANES ON OUR CARRIER
In 1981, when Israel attacked an Iraqi site, they had to skirt past Jordan and fly over Saudi Arabia in order to get there, hit the target, and get back across the border. There is no way that Israeli planes could fly all the way around Saudi airspace, back up the Gulf, hit Iran, then get back and since they have no aircraft carriers, it’s impossible unless the U.S. gives them a ride.
[Image: OsirakLocation.gif]
Read about Operation Juniper Stallion… an Israeli/U.S. joint military drill involving bombing specific targets and air to air combat drills in the Red Sea.
Without the ability to use forward bases in either Georgia, Azerbaijan or Kazakhstan, Israel would be unable to attack Iran at all except by flying a circuitous 4500 mile “each way” route or using the limited capabilities of its nuclear armed submarine off the coast of Iran. Gordon Duff
Unless of course they launched off U.S. aircraft carriers…. like the U.S.S. Truman.

  1. Magmak1, on June 24, 2010 at 10:50 pm Said:
    interesting theory… when and how precisely did IDF aircraft get aboard the Truman? Or are they being re-marked aboard? If you can put meat on those bones, we have a false flag of extraordinary proportion and nature… certainly bears watching…
  2. [Image: e3366b7462dc27127a8a88fc57012f0e?s=32&d=monsterid]
    willyloman, on June 24, 2010 at 11:29 pm Said:
    starting June 6th of this year, the Israeli airforce ran joint military drills with the USS Truman carrier fleet off the coast of Israel. They were training in bombing runs and air to air combat.
    They called it Juniper Stallion.
    “But first, from June 6 through June 10, the USS Harry S. Truman carrier Strike Group was deployed 50 miles of the shore of southwestern Israel, secretly drilling the interception of incoming Iranian, Syrian and Hizballah missiles and rockets against US and Israeli targets in the Middle East.”
    “For five days and night, the Truman’s sixty F/A-18E/F Super Hornet fighter bombers took off on simulated bombing missions against targets set up by the Israeli Air Force at its firing range on the Nevatim Base-28, in the Negev desert southeast of Be’er Sheva – one of its three big air bases.”
    “The exercise had 60 American F-16 fighter jets landing at Israeli Air Force facilities from bases in Germany and Romania, refueling and taking off with Israeli fighter bombers to practice long-range bombing missions over the Red Sea and the Mediterranean and drill air-to-air combat along the way”
    notice they were running the training ops WITH “Israeli fighter bombers” practicing long range bombing missions.
    Then they packed up and headed through the Suez Canal to rech the Persian Gulf on June the 18th.
    The Israeli planes, the “long range bombers” simply landed on the Truman during and after the training ops.
    It looks to me like we are not only going to give them a ride to a location in the Persian Gulf where they can launch their attack against iran, but it would appear that we are also going to give them a fighter escort.
  3. [Image: e3366b7462dc27127a8a88fc57012f0e?s=32&d=monsterid]
    willyloman, on June 24, 2010 at 11:39 pm Said:
    I have also found confirmation from another source about operation Juniper Stallion…
    “Israel and the United States simulated war this week in a massive aerial drill that included dozens of F-16 fighter jets from both countries.
    The exercise, known as Juniper Stallion, came as Turkey was holding its own aerial maneuvers with the US, which Israel was not a part of. The IAF holds about 10 joint exercises with the US Air Force annually, half of them in Israel.”
    “Maj. O., deputy commander of F-16 Desert Defenders Squadron based at the Nevatim Air Force Base in the Negev, said that his pilots had a lot to learn from their American counterparts who arrived with 16 F-16 fighter jets from Europe.
    The drill, he said, simulated a war in which the Israeli and American fighter jets were fighting against an unnamed enemy state.”
  4. [Image: 763c7d316d783610c9d1c46ea966ac5e?s=32&d=monsterid]
    Andre in L.A., on June 25, 2010 at 12:10 am Said:
    The Israeli f-16 aircraft would need be modified for carrier ops, not to speak of pilot training. Even a one-way Billy Mitchell type operation would require aircraft modified to interface with the carrier catapults. I would think violating Jordanian airspace is the more likely option. Israel is now totally lawless, so why should they care about Jordanian sovereignty? Jordan would simply be given a warning they could not ignore, and Israel would be on it’s way.
  5. [Image: e3366b7462dc27127a8a88fc57012f0e?s=32&d=monsterid]
    willyloman, on June 25, 2010 at 12:33 am Said:
    the f-16s mentioned in all the articles on this subject seem to be US f-16s. The Israeli planes mentioned are fighter bombers but I am sure they would have to be modified as well to land on the carrier.
    the problem with using a Muslim nation’s air space for this strike is not the rulers of the country but the people. Even our puppet regime in Iraq refused to allow it to happen because they all know that their people will be angry if Israel is allowed to fly over in order to attack another Muslim nation.
    there was a rumor started by the British and the Israelis that Saudi Arabia was going to allow it, but that soon fizzled out.
    I don’t think any of the Middle Eastern nations are allowing it… but I don’t think it would make any difference if they did.
    Like the one article says, its too far to fly round trip.
    Look at the stike on the Iraqi site in 1981. They had to put an extra fuel tank on the planes just so they could make it to the middle of Iraq.
    The targets they wish to attack are all over Iran and that is much farther away… there is no way the planes could get there, avoid Iranian fighters, and then get back…. they wouldn’t have enough fuel.
    So the carrier and U.S. fighter escorts seems to be the only way they can do it.

Add to that the following:

US Transit Center Mary, Turkmenistan

24 06 2010
View Larger Map

By Deirdre Tynan

[Image: turkmenistan_0.jpg]

Turkmenistan is quietly developing into a major transport hub for the northern supply network, which is being used to relay non-lethal supplies to US and NATO forces in Afghanistan. The Pentagon has confirmed a small contingent of US military personnel now operates in Ashgabat to assist refueling operations.
The United States has a deal in place that allows for the landing and refueling of transport planes at Ashgabat airport, according to the US Department of Defense. NATO is also seeking to open a land corridor for supplies destined for troops in Afghanistan, a source tells EurasiaNet.
If secured, an overland rail and road route for cargo would provide military planners with a quick, well-worn path into western Afghanistan. The move would also build on Turkmenistan’s low-profile support role for the war effort.
Ashgabat has already played an important support role in Operation Enduring Freedom. Since at least 2002, aviation fuel purchased in Turkmenistan has been forwarded “via rail car to the northern [Afghan] border cities of Turghundi and Hairaton,” according to Fuel Line, the in-house magazine of the Defense Energy Support Center (DESC), a Defense Department contractor that facilitates fuel supplies.
> [URL=""]Logistic And Afganistan
[/URL]Refueling also takes place at Ashgabat airport. According to DESC, Turkmenistan is among the Central Asian countries that are “invaluable to the success of Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.”
Lt. Col. Mark Wright, a spokesman for the Defense Department, on July 7 described the nature of US-Turkmen transit arrangements. “As recently discussed by Turkmen President [Gurbanguly]Berdymukhamedov in a February speech in Uzbekistan, the Government of Turkmenistan now allows the US overflights of humanitarian cargo in support of stabilizing and rebuilding efforts in Afghanistan,” Lt. Col.Wright said in a written response to questions posed by EurasiaNet.
[Image: US-air-force.jpg] “The United States has a small Air Force team, normally around seven airmen, who assist US aircraft who refuel at Ashgabat Airport, as part of this rebuilding and stabilizing effort for Afghanistan,” he added.
“These airmen live in a nearby hotel and the fact that they are there is public knowledge,” Lt. Col. Wright continued. “As a matter of policy, the United States does not discuss details of ongoing or future operations, specific types of aircraft, locations, facilities, etc.”
The Defense Department’s “Notice to Airmen” service indicates that Ashgabat airport facilitates the arrival of the Air Force’s giant C-5 and C-17 transport planes. According to information generated on June 10, 2009, and valid until August 4; “aircraft doors cannot be opened until Turkmenistan Customs and Border Patrol are on-scene; aircrew must wait for approval from Air Force ground crew before opening any doors. C-5 aircraft requesting transit through [Ashgabat] must coordinate with [Ashgabat air traffic control] at least three days prior to [their estimated time of arrival] due to limited ramp space for servicing. Aircraft [Model Design Series] other than C-17 must have a tow bar onboard.”
In 2004-2005, Turkmenistan appeared to permit the overland supply of operational rations, bottled water and construction materials through its territory. The supplies originated at Germersheim, Germany, at the Defense Distribution Depot-Europe, according to a strategy paper prepared by Col. Kurt Ryan and published by the US Army War College. Such overland supply operations terminated when Uzbekistan evicted US forces from the Karshi-Khanabad air base.
In addition, the Turkmen government permits the presence of US troops on its territory. Last November a “small unit” of the 455th Air Expeditionary Wing deployed “at a remote location in Turkmenistan where supplies don’t come often” managed to get a Thanksgiving food parcel delivered.
“We sent them the whole shebang; turkeys, sweet potatoes, stuffing, even cranberries,” a member of the 376th Expeditionary Force Support Squadron stationed in Kyrgyzstan told the public affairs wing at the Manas air base near Bishkek.
The Turkmen Ministry of Foreign Affairs declined to comment on any aspect of its cooperation with the US military. A State Department spokesman told EurasiaNet that the Defense Department did not want American diplomats publicly discussing “basing issues in Turkmenistan.”
[Image: 2009_06_24_turkmenistan.jpg] But Ashgabat is keen to tout the “high momentum” of cooperation with Washington since Foreign Minister Rashid Meredov visited the United States in June.
Russian media reports say Meredov, in lieu of American investments in Turkmenistan’s energy sector, offered to open the sprawling ex-Soviet air base at Mary to flights carrying non-military goods.
A source familiar with the operations of the northern distribution network told EurasiaNet developments at the Mary air base could not be ruled out, but added the main focus of US attention at present is on utilizing the Turkmen road and rail network.
The International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in late June sought quotes from commercial logistic companies for freight operation from Riga, Latvia, to Afghanistan, via Mary and Turghundi and Herat in Afghanistan, the source said.
Turghundi is directly across the Turkmen-Afghan border from Chemenabat, the site of “large-scale” tactical exercises held last March and attended by foreign diplomats including representatives from the US Embassy in Ashgabat. In recent weeks, Turkmenistan has entertained officials from Spain, a NATO member that has both military and non-military transit deals in place with Russia.
Turkmenistan is among the Central Asian countries included in the “National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010.” This act enables the Defense Department to procure goods and services locally in designated countries. The aim is to “encourage the states of Central Asia [?] to cooperate in expanding supply routes through their territory in support of operations in Afghanistan.”
Experts suggest the Mary base, in southern Turkmenistan, could function in a commercial capacity in much the same way the Navoi Airport in Uzbekistan is helping transport goods destined for coalition forces in Afghanistan.
Andre Grozin, the director of the Central Asia Department at the CIS Institute in Moscow, told EurasiaNet; “If an American base appears at Mary, it will not be military, or at least it will be declared as non-military. This way it won’t contradict Turkmenistan’s neutral status.”
Editor’s Note: Deirdre Tynan is based in Bishkek.

« The Empire’s Fingerprints–American-Made Uniforms Seized From IMU Terrorists In Osh World Class Destabilizer, George Soros, Urges Germany To Bail Out Of EU
"Where is the intersection between the world's deep hunger and your deep gladness?"
The powderkeg in the Middle East might be close to blowing. I've been monitoring this site (thanks to Peter Presland for the introduction) and I'm not sure what to make of this latest piece from the pro-Israeli Debka File, but it seems that at their latest meeting, Netanyahu has persuaded Obama to see things his way, at least on the domestic front.

Quote:They will also explore ways for Israel to go back to construction in Jerusalem and the West Bank settlements, even nominally, after the 10-month freeze expires on Sept. 26 to ease the pressure on Netanyahu at home.

It could indicate that Obama is keen to make concessions in order to forestall a pre-emptive strike on Iran by IDF forces, but the scrolling newsflashes indicating that British, German, UAR and Kuwaiti airports have refused to refuel Iranian planes are disturbing. Iran has no refining capacity and the latest Zionist sponsored sanctions are going to bite Iran domestically, and they already have a degree of internal unrest.

I think Debka sometimes indulges in wishful thinking, but I wonder how long Iran can hold out in the face of unending provocation. It doesn't look good.

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  Beyond Bayonets and Battleships: Space Warfare and the Future of U.S. Global Power Keith Millea 0 2,394 Less than 1 minute ago
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  Brzezinski Backs Away from US Global Dominance - Says Let's Make Frieds with Russia & China David Guyatt 0 12,900 Less than 1 minute ago
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