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Only Connect Already! Please Post on these Threads!
I hope some of you visited my websites on 911 and Old Fort Worth.
I have another one on the Apollo hoax photos...go to

I would appreciate hearing whether any of you have visited these

Jack White Wrote:Right...but after 45 years on JFK research, I have mostly moved on to
other research. Finding the truth on 911, for instance, is a thousand times
more important than JFK...yet it it is hard to interest anyone because

Check my research at:

I spend the majority of my time researching the history of Fort Worth.
Check out my work at:


I'm of Jack's persuasion. JFK's assassination is ENOURMOUSLY important and stands in limbo [to the public and polity - NOT to the REAL research community]; however, 911 involved [by my calculations] 15 times more Americans and allowed as many foreign deaths as resulted from the follow-on Wars these false-flat ops were planned for. Further, 911 is the more recent, by far the more high-tech and was used to rob us of our contitutional rights and liberties - putting the USA in a neo-policestate posture. The two are connected, but far too few are working on or even aware of the real story and implications of 911. Nice website, Jack. If only every American - or even every one in 100 were to do the kind of work you do, we'd not be up to our receeding hairlines in doo-doo! What next? We already have the economic meltdown [planned and inevitable, in my view - and being 'fixed' by looting the public monies to help the already too wealthy and guilty]. I still work on both and others - they are ALL interconnected, but we each must work on those that interest us and we feel we can use most sucessfully to pry open the closed average American mind......

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