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TThe Blurring Lines of State and Private "Intel"
This is a murky subject, and the DPF admins may see fit to place and/or group and/or further develop this in whatever manner they see fit. I by no means profess to be an expert or even an experienced watcher, but it is clear to me, and the link below suggests it, that intelligence (military, battlefield, global and strategic) is no longer just in the purview of sovereign states with sophisticated capabilities but is increasingly open to others who can steal, hack into, or even purchase it.

This, of course, has tremendous ramifications for military events, political ones (especially covert ops involving interference with sovereign states), trans-national crime, economic warfare, and the deep politics of it all, and provides another complex and hidden source of data and understanding for those who research it.
"Where is the intersection between the world's deep hunger and your deep gladness?"

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