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When capitalism and communism will become anachronism: A Newest Form of Democracy.
obtuseobserver [Image: user_offline.gif] Viking

"In his will, Ben Rea bequeathed $15 million to his cat, Blackie."

Capitalism is an economic system that seeks greater liberty of capital and less government involvement than others. I tend to see it as more of a range on a spectrum than a different breed of cat.

What you are referring to is avarice. An insatiable desire for money. That would be bad. Seeking to earn wealth to support one's family is not. More people fit the second example than the first.

Ben Rea. It is his money. He can do whatever he wants with it. The more authority the state has over his money the less liberty Ben has. One of the aspects of liberty is the freedom to be a dumbass.

Yes, his money could help many people, charities etc. But it is his money.

Most people do not have $15MM. Most who do have $15MM do not give it to their cat.

There are many Americans who give a great deal to charity be it research, aid to the poor, etc. list of American Philanthropists... I listed top 5 2009

Stanley F. and Fiona B. Druckenmiller—$705 million
John M. Templeton—$573 million
William H. (Bill) III and Melinda F. Gates—$350 million
Michael R. Bloomberg: $254 million
Louise Dieterle Nippert—$185 million

Nicholas Popov :fight:

It is illness of accustoming. In concentration camps fascists have put prisoners into condition when those fur-trees a grass near barracks with a blissful expression on her face . And this happiness wasn't counterfeit. Hardly you will consider it normal now.

The charity of Pharisees: they take away one million to show much favour in one hundred dollars. The Russian GAZPROM which robs the future generations on trillions dollars, holds sporting competitions for children. Children will return to poverty then, yet laundered palaces will become dwellings of adored 'tin gods'.
Swindlers will be in clover, until exists simpletons.

Freedom of marasmic grandmother is earned by UNFREE work other people, possibly, unrealized talents which are lost for a society / Raskolnikov by F. Dostoyevsky /. Each problem has several sides, and wisdom begins with the multi-polarity of views.
I doubt whether Raskolnikov was more stupid and is less useful to a society than the grandmother. But unipolarity their views led to a fatal end. Both are hostages of the socio-political system.

The society should choose that is more important to him: mercenary interests of the gone mad old woman or a augmentation of public potential.

I not the Russian cop who without ceremony rummages in another's pocket.
It is a question of extremes. Any limitlessness generates a reverse reaction. Meanwhile, in the nature all processes are self-regulated. The society will become truly effective, harmonious and safe when contradictions are will resolve within wise power itself.

It is possible only for collective intelligence of independent participants. Regular disbalance of making is a pathology of the outdated system of monocracy. IT IS HER NATURAL OPERATING MODE.
[Image: avatar10945_11.gif] Dimentio [Image: user_offline.gif]

Sadly, a multi-party dictatorship isn't so much an improving of a one-party dictatorship.

Ideally, democracy should be about a confederacy of municipalities where all people in every single municipality are those who directly are voting for laws and regulations, as long as they aren't violating human rights.

Nicholas Popov :pcguru:

Charles de Gaulle: “How can you expect to govern a country that has two hundred and forty-six kinds of cheese?”

Nevertheless, the problem exists: he who controls the entrance, that is elections, he would call the tune. This requires more careful consideration and, probably, the next "know-how."
[Image: x_42eb6f75.jpg] [Image: x_42eb6f75.jpg] sans-culotte

Or how about just - all power to the soviets, not the party? Remember the workers' soviets and Kronstadt at all? Before they were crushed by the Leninists?

Nicholas Popov

You're talking about a spontaneous activity of the common people. Ordinary people are inert, they turn to politics and power, only when come tough times. And forgets later. This is normal. How to make that hard times for him didn't come?

The permission of inconsistent problems and interests demands special preparation and an mental outlook. This is as much a profession as well as others. It is impossible for a man from the crowd. Stalin used this falsification, when it replaced the old revolutionaries by yes-man / "cooks" for crowd scene. You know the outcome.

The Kronstadt rebellion was caused by the monopoly and privileges of the Bolsheviks in a common predicament. The slogan of the rebels: "We are for the Soviets, but without the Communists!" / Phrase was changed to a more loyal "without political parties" later /. The problem consists not in communists or any other Party, but in MONOPOLY of this Party.

Political activity is impossible without organized structures, i.e. political parties.

My idea is the Council (the Soviet) of several parties. I set myself the task of developing a simple and compact circuits control the society, which is free from any ideological preference. In this scheme the right to decisions doesn't belong to any party single-handedly, it uses the spirit of constructive rivalry as well as it depends on public opinion and is opened to renewal.

Leadership is the work for the most intelligent and energetic. We will not go against nature!
Originally Posted by Budguy68 Confusedheep:

I am not a slave. People need to work in order to survive. Thats a fact of life.

If I hire someone to wash my car for 6 dollars THAT IS NOT SLAVERY
If I pointed a gun at someone and make him wash my car then YES THAT IS Slavery

you commies are amazing.

Nicholas Popov Stupid

The slave works for an slaveholder for soup and a lodging for the night. The slaveholder relaxes on the ranch. IT IS SLAVERY.

Your salary is equal to payment for a food and residing. The owner went to Hawaii. IT IS NOT SLAVERY (?) : you are free to pass to other owner.
Repeat it till one drops.

Homo sapiens differs presence of brains: in this case MONEY IS ONLY THE TOOL which depersonalizes the slaveholder.

P.S: at a moment when you do constructive work, somebody fraudulently redistributes money inside a society to a own benefit.
If nobody limits the proprietors, then the slavery will become your destiny.

In the confrontation of two political systems the socialism was the restrictive factor. In the absence of socialism a contradictions of capitalism will continue to become aggravated.
Wash your own car.
Money is not the only tool.
"The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it." Karl Marx

"He would, wouldn't he?" Mandy Rice-Davies. When asked in court whether she knew that Lord Astor had denied having sex with her.

“I think it would be a good idea” Ghandi, when asked about Western Civilisation.
Magda Hassan Wrote:Wash your own car.
Money is not the only tool.
I'm not a communist, but in this case they are only a tool.

I wash my own car. Therefore I have dirty shoes unlike children of rich parents. I should have time to do different work and therefore I work without the days off. :willy:
Holt Posted: Mon 29 Nov 2010, 23:07

Everything is ideology. There is no 'pure' space outside of ideology, what we do and think and how we act is always already ideological. How such an instrument of power that you propose be 'free from ideological preference' when it could only have been cemented into place in the first instance by some limited continuum of class interests, and thereafter subverted and contested by those same sets of interests?

Nicholas Popov

The sets of interests, to be more precise an ambition of leaders, it is a motive power. The line of development is defined by assessment and preferences of a society by results of elections. Any leader works for a positive reaction.
Interests of the two largest parties will be prevailing in this idea; 3 least parties fulfills a stabilizing function. That is clear from the scheme.
Originally Posted by Hailtothethief

This assumes that the soviet union was a communist society. That is absurd, but a common mistake. What is more absurd is that it assumes that it was communist in the 60s. People need to read some books.

Nicholas Popov

Fortunately, I don't need books with that or other propagandistic bias. I was born in the USSR at the time of Khruschev's thaw, have endured Brezhnev's stagnation, marasmus of vain attempts by Andropov on the rescue of socialism, Gorbachev's 'bla-bla-bla' and a carousal of present marauders on ruins.
Communism took place only in the dashing Khrushchev's phrase: "The present generation of Soviet people will live at Communism." / By the way, the Kremlin bosses and their families all the same lived as 'at communism'. /

It is a sight from within. Time for the analysis and useful conclusions has come. This problem is more ancient than the confrontation of two political fetishes.
Nicholas, why do you keep posting statements made by other people who are not members of this forum?

I don't understand the relevance of this, other than as a device to give you the opportunity to beat your drum here?

It's like you're having a private-pubic conversation where you post the question and then the answer. How curious.

You've even posted a "thank you" to you for your shining prose, from someone who also is not a member of this forum.

Perhaps we should change the name of the DPF to the Nicholas Popov Forum?
The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge.
Carl Jung - Aion (1951). CW 9, Part II: P.14
David, I hope that the interests of the forum and my interests coincide in some way.

I try to explain my point of view and to stir up the people.

Also, I hope the idea of government that is attentive to the common people will become not only my own.


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