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If you have any spare change School of America protesters need bail money
URGENT! We urgently need money to bond people out of jail.
Please make a donation to the SOA Watch Legal Defense Fund
As a community of resistance, we need to take care of our prisoners. The conditions in Muscogee County jail are deplorable and we need funds to pay the bond money, which has been set as high as $5,500 per person. Several people engaged in nonviolent direct action and blocked the road to the Highway entrance to Fort Benning, others were arrested by the out-of-control Columbus police as they were leaving the vigil area on the sidewalk. Several journalists and bystanders were swept up in the arrests as well.
Background information about the events yesterday:

Please donate to the SOA Watch Legal Defense Fund. We need the money urgently TODAY:

In peace and solidarity,
SOA Watch[Image: TrackImage?key=1616858107]
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