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How-To Bypass Egypt Block for Facebook & Twitter
How-To Bypass Egypt Block for Facebook & Twitter

I've Created a FREE VPN Server for ALL Egyptians to bypass Internet Blockage in Egypt and to "Empower The Revolution" of #Jan25
This (Virtual Private Network) VPN Connect creates an Unblockable and Secure Connection to our Server in USA to bypass ALL Internet Blockage in Egypt (Example: Facebook, Twitter and Dostor).
We are currently working like crazy to fix the "Connection" Drops issues, just bear with us and keep re-connecting.
Special Thanks for the team members: @Wael_Aziz and @Sherif_ and @Hend_Hafez
Available Guides:
1. Windows XP
2. Windows Vista
3. Windows 7
4. Mac OS X - Tiger
5. Mac OS X - Leopard
6. iPhone -- Soon
Windows Vista or 7

[Image: 2D]
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