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Texas Youth Commionsion Pedophile Ring Trial Going on Now Can Bring Down Former AG Alberto Gonzales
Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Texas Youth Commionsion Pedophile Ring Trial Going on Now Can Bring Down Former AG Alberto Gonzales in Scandal Cover Up.

It is good to see a when children abused in the system's custody will get a day in court to get justice being victimized in the state juvenile detention facility. This story first broke four years ago in 2007 while World Net Daily reporter Jerome Corsi was investigating Federal Attorney Johnny Sutton handling the case of the two Border Patrol agents Ramos and Compeon imprisoned for alleged shooting of a drug smuggler on the border. In investigating this miscarriage of justice done to these agents. Jerome Corsi stumbled across this scandal involving the Pedophile cover up in the Texas Youth Commission.
It was also reported too in Jerome Corsi's investigation that President' Bush's Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was involved in the cover up too not allowing charges to be brought forward because many politicians would be implicated too if all the facts came to light. That means Gov. Rick Perry too involved in the cover up might have to answer for his involvement too.
This scandal was exposed involving Prison Guards of the Texas Youth Commission for rapes and selling juvenile inmates in a prostitution ring. The World Net Daily reporter came across this scandal when a Texas Ranger Brian Burzynski was investigating reports of rape and prostitution inside these state operated facilities. When the investigating Texas ranger went to go seek prosecution. He could not get anyone in the State to press charges against the prison guards.So the Ranger Brian Burzynski went to US Attorney Johnny Sutton seeking to have charges brought against the employees in the Texas Youth Commission. He had no luck persuading the Federal Prosecutor Johnny Sutton to act either. This is how the story broke when the World Net Daily Journalist found out the Federal Prosecutor Johnny Sutton would not bring charges against people working for the Texas Youth Commission.This is how it was brought to Mr. Corsi's attention. Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales needs to charged and brought to trial for his involvement in the cover up. We can not just allow the low level operatives take the fall only while the higher ups walk free. We need to see the high level government officials covering up this scandal go to jail too along with these Prison officials and thugs who were the Prison Guards.They all abused their power using the system. Texans must demand and send a message that one is above the law.
Thanks to World Net Daily in 2007 for breaking this story. The victims finally get to see justice starting be served. The Texas Ranger Brian Burzynski who was investigating these incidents testified in court was the real deal because he did what was right despite the pressure from above in the bureaucracy trying to shut down his investigation. We need to see more trials like this. Whether it be the Texas Youth Commission or the Foster care system involving Child Protective Services. Children and Teens are more in harms way in the care of the state than in their own homes under the parents custody. Too many times when a foster child dies in the state care. The government looks the other way than be embarrassed.No one gets arrested or fired. That is why they are so quick sometimes to settle out of court than bring it to trial because they fear bad publicity being accountable more than losing a case.It is good that their are good people in the Texas Rangers who still care about justice being served and going after the bad guys even if they are in the government. When sworn officers do what is right. They need to know we support them when they expose corruption inside the system. This Texas Ranger's work might have more of an impact exposing corruption in high levels in government than he thinks.I hope history remembers him as a hero.

Posted by realman2020 at Wed
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Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. I hope it works out well.
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