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Materials from the government attic
Here is new tranche of materials recently found on the Government Attic Web


United States Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) records
pertaining to the Washington Post Media Leak of October 2001 - PDF 1.6 MB

National Intelligence Council (NIC), Intelligence Community Assessment
ICA2003-03, Regional Consequences of Regime Change in Iraq, January 2003 -
PDF 2.3 MB

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) File Number HQ 105-18233, searches of
diplomatic shipments leaving the United States, 1952-1967 - PDF 8.1 MB

112th Congress ŒHit the Ground Running¹ Member Book, (A Guide for new
Republican members of Congress) 2011 - PDF 14.6 MB

Record regarding Investigation into use of Republican National Committee
email addresses and other private email by White House personnel to avoid
recordkeeping systems, 2007 - PDF 1.9 MB

United States Air Force (USAF) Talking Points, 2009-2010 - PDF 8.8 MB

Listing of all prewritten obituaries of notable individuals prepared by the
Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) as of 07-February-2011 - PDF 1.4 MB

Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) Blogging Policies and Guidelines,
2009-2010 - PDF 516 KB

List of Congressional Inquiries to the Federal Labor Relations Authority
(FLRA), 2002-2010 - PDF 338 KB

INTERPOL and the U.S. National Central Bureau, June 2008 - PDF 545 KB

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