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Kansas GOP: Let’s Shoot Illegal Immigrants Like Pigs
Kansas GOP: Let's Shoot Illegal Immigrants Like Pigs
15th March 2011

By Terra
Latin in America | Mar 16, 2011

Treating immigrants like pigs in no laughing matter.

During a discussion on feral swine at the House Appropriations Committee, Congressman Virgil Peck from Kansas, thought it was humorous to compare immigrants to the feral swine, suggesting to use the same methods of extermination.

Although Peck said he was only joking when he said it would be a good idea to shoot illegal immigrants from helicopter as though they were pigs, no one was laughing.

Does it seem like something to laugh about?

Shooting illegal immigrants from the air is not a way to solve the illegal immigration problem from a "lawmaker".

Peck's explanation to the oddball remark: "I was just speaking like a southeast Kansas person."

I doubt that Kansas is that cold hearted against immigrants, I think Peck is speaking for himself not the state.

Listen to the audio:
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I don' think we are in Kansas anymore Toto.
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