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Gravel, Bowman, Missiles No Defense
Today's Flyby News follow, getting the word out on tonight's radio program and covering related peace in space news, as well as marking 1500+ architects and engineers on board calling for a real investigation. Mike Gravel's referendum campaign for a new 9/11 investigation in California is something special, too. If we have the unity behind such campaigns where most truthers all agree, then we have a fighting chance.

Flyby News
Editor - Jonathan Mark
19 May, 2011 - Gravel, Bowman, No Lies, Missiles No Defense

Without truth there is no justice;
and without justice, can there be peace?

Editor's Notes: As usual there a lot of updated news. Tonight there is a live radio broadcast with two hero world US citizens -- former Senator Mike Gravel, who had read Dan Ellsberg's Pentagon Papers into the Congressional record -- and Robert Bowman, who became a whistleblower during the Reagan years regarding the lies built upon missile 'defense.' Both of these two are truth-tellers when it comes to the events of September 11, and are working to gain a new and real investigation. The second link describes Russia's concern for expanding the arms race based upon the US missile defense. The Orwellian world continues, Obama proves to be a tyrant against whistleblowers. Also the latest on the nuke crisis is linked. Please take action where you can, and check out that radio show, which will also be archived at the link.


19 May 2011 - NoLiesRadio - 911blogger
[size=12]Thursday - Live Radio Broadcast from Oakland, CA: [/SIZE]
Creating a New Path to Peace & Prosperity
Sen. Mike Gravel and Lt. Col. Bob Bowman

18 May 2011 - Agence France Presse - Common Dreams
Medvedev Warns of Cold War Over Missile Defense

17 May 2011 - - Revealing News
Elites Caused Economic Disaster,
Japan Backs Off Nuclear Power,
US Payments to Autism Families

18 May 2011 - Democracy Now - War and Peace
Jeremy Scahill on Blackwater Founder Erik Prince's
Private Army of "Christian Crusaders" in the UAE
18 May
Inside Obama's "Orwellian World" Where
Whistleblowing Has Become Espionage:
The Case of Thomas Drake

16 May 2011 - Boiling Frogs - Sibel Edmonds
When It Comes To Whistleblowers Obama
Worse Than Nixon & Far Worse Than Bush

18 May 2011 - Natural News - Ethan A. Huff
TEPCO: Fukushima nuclear meltdown actually
occurred just 16 hours after earthquake,
more meltdowns on the way

14 May 2011 - Global Cooperative - Lucian E. Marin
Reactors in Meltdown as Private Forecasts Continue

12 May 2011 - BBC News - Asia-Pacific
Setbacks at Japan nuclear plant

Take Action - Million FAX March Action Page
Stop All New Nuclear Power Development

[URL=""]1,501 Architects and Engineers
Call for New 9/11 Investigation
03 May 2011 - Jonathan Cole, Richard Gage, and Gregg Roberts
[URL=""]AE911Truth FAQ #6: What's Your Assessment
of the Directed Energy Weapon Hypothesis?
30 April 2011 - Atlanta Progressive News - Gloria Tatum
For Activists, Architects, 9/11 Questions Linger Ten Years..
28 May 2009 - KMPH Fox 26 - WeAreChange
Richard Gage - TV Interview - Fresno, CA

[size=12]Space for Peace & September 11
Connecting dots to democracy or to genocide[/SIZE]
Flyby News Health and Spiritual Blog

And don't miss out on
Reports on Bart Jordan and evidence
of advanced pre-ice-age civilizations.

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including files and fliers for events and more, see:


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Also, check out:
Valley 9/11 Truth
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Flyby News is educational and nonviolent in focus,
and has supported critical campaigns for a healthy
environment, human rights, justice, and nonviolence,
since the launch of NASA's Cassini space probe in 1997.

News Fit to Transmit in the Post Cassini Flyby Era

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