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US concerned about a possible out break of peace. Needs an ally to keep war going.
So much so the British military have been told by the US masters not to listen to Cameron.
Quote:US alarmed by David Cameron's push for early Afghanistan withdrawal

David Cameron's push for an early British withdrawal from Afghanistan has caused alarm in the US, raising fears for the Special Relationship.

Both Mr Cameron and US President Barack Obama are both pushing for an early end to the Afghan mission Photo: PA

By Ben Farmer, and James Kirkup 10:45PM BST 16 May 2011 Follow Ben Farmer on Twitter

Senior American military figures have warned Britain that a hasty exit from Afghanistan could strain relations between the two countries.

The Daily Telegraph last week revealed that David Cameron has ordered British commanders to draw up plans to start pulling hundreds of British troops out of Afghanistan within weeks.

The Prime Minister is expected to discuss a co-ordinated Afghan withdrawal in London next week.

The prospect of an imminent British withdrawal is understood to have alarmed American generals, who are trying to resist political pressure for a major reduction in US troop numbers.

Well-placed sources said that US generals have delivered a blunt warning to their British counterparts about the impact of an early UK withdrawal.

One senior American general is said to have told British commanders that the US would not "bail out" British troops in Afghanistan if Mr Cameron reduces their numbers too quickly.
The American general is understood to fear that a quick reduction in UK numbers could leave British forces unable to fulfil their mission in Afghanistan.
He is said to have likened the Afghan situation to Britain's role in Basra in 2008, where American commanders believe they were forced to relieve an understrength UK force struggling against Iraqi insurgents.
Both Mr Cameron and US President Barack Obama are both pushing for an early end to the Afghan mission, which began in 2001 and has taken the lives of 365 British personnel and almost 1,500 Americans.
Defence chiefs on both sides of the Atlantic are wary of political pressure for a rapid reduction in Afghan numbers, arguing that the military mission needs at least another year to make progress against the Taliban and build up Afghan security forces.
The president has already announced he wants to reduce US troop numbers in July. US military chiefs are trying to limit the scale of the withdrawal demanded by Mr Obama and his advisers.
A senior American defence source confirmed that two countries will co-ordinate their drawdown plans.
The source said: "British troops have fought with great valour in Helmand and we expect this to continue. Clearly, the President has announced that a US troop drawdown from Afghanistan will begin in July and we expect that our Nato allies will also be adjusting their force structures."
Mr Cameron's defence policy has caused concern in the US on previous occasions. Last year saw several high-level protests from the US over cuts in British defence spending in the Coalition's Strategic Defence and Security Review.
US defence chiefs have told Britain that military co-operation depends on the UK having "full spectrum" capabilities, able to mount all types of operation.
At a Commons committee last week, the heads of the three Armed Forces were asked whether they could deliver "full spectrum" capabilities over the next four years. All three replied: "No."
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Call out the Maids Brigade....Cameron's next hotel stay will be a cake walk :mexican:
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