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US moves against Caribbean gateway for Chinese illegal immigration (it seems, I think)
A link provided to me by e-mail when washed through the Google translation system says:

EU denounces people trafficking

Married Cheung Teonilde Casilda appears first appointed as Director of the Commercial Office of the Dominican Republic in Hong Kong in October 1996, Decree 403-97. Casilda and her husband presided over the beginning of the 2011 motion "only way", which promoted the reelection of Dr. Leonel Fernandez. Married his brother Roger is a member of the LDP Gregorio Luperon. This cable was reported last night by WikiLeaks News SIN, SIN Group, through the channel 7.

1. (SBU) This is an opinion of counsel as a matter of requesting the revocation of B1/B2 non-immigrant visas issued to Casilda Teonilde CHEUNG married, her husband, Pak Shing CHEUNG, his brother Roger MARRIED Alcantara and children Yin Mey, Yin Ney, Ney and Jean Leung Sheung Cheung MARRIED, under presidential proclamation under section 212 (f) of the Immigration and Naturalization Act (INA, an acronym in English), suspending "the entry to the United States as immigrants or nonimmigrants, of certain persons who have committed, participated or are beneficiaries of corruption in the performance of his public functions where that corruption has had severe adverse effects "(...)" foreign assistance goals (or) the security of the United States against transnational crime and terrorism. "

2. (SBU) Casilda married CHEUNG Teonilde is director of the Trade and Development Office in Hong Kong RD, which is the diplomatic mission to the Republic of China (PRC acronym in English) (the Dominican government to Taiwan instead recognized the Republic of China). Cheung was appointed to this position by the Fernandez administration. His brother Roger MARRIED ALCANTARA, is deputy chief of mission and his daughter Jean Ney CHEUNG CASADO, is assistant director, according to Foreign Ministry sources. Cheung is married to a native of China called Pak Shing CHEUNG.

3. (S / / NF) According to sources in the SAA prior to his trip to Hong Kong to assume his new position, Cheung said he intended to become immensely rich in his new job. As noted in Ref B, she complied with this ruling mainly through the sale of visas to corrupt potential migrants. According to sources, the local Chinese community who have provided reliable information on this subject in the past, Cheung's husband works directly in Chinese organizations engaged in smuggling to identify potential migrants. In many cases, these migrants trying to use RD as a starting point to reach U.S. territory. (Refs A and B).

4. (S / / NF) Once they are identified migrants, Cheung makes the proceedings to issue visas valid Dominican. The rate charged for these visas, as reported by various sources in the Foreign Ministry (Dominican Embassy in France), the Chinese community and the SAA is approximately $ 10,000. Those who receive the visa almost never qualify for them, lack the skills and / or resources that are prerequisites for the classification of the investor, for example, or families in the DR do not have to justify the classification of "family reunification". This means that these visas are issued in violation of Dominican law. Payment for this service are made in cash either directly in the Trade and Development in Hong Kong or nail salon in Santo Domingo, which belongs to Cheung's husband's brother, according to sources within the local community in China.

5. (S / / NF) SAA estimated number of Chinese smuggled through this arrangement "between 4-20 (...) almost every week (at least since 2004)" (Ref A). Since early 2006 most of these individuals traveled using visas that were personally signed Mrs. Cheung (Ref A). According to press reports, and contact the SAA, these Chinese migrants can bypass the normal process at the airport and the scrutiny that it entails because they both travel with valid visas and letters personally signed by the Director of Immigration Amarante Baret . These cards are issued to travelers from other countries, according to investigative reports of the independent newspaper Clave Digital. SAA has dozens of similar letters signed by Amarante Baret confirming the issuance of visas valid Dominican hundreds (if not thousands) of Chinese citizens. In addition, the Dominican authorities determined that the addresses reported by some Chinese who arrived in the country were incorrect and were not the actual destinations of those individuals.

6. (S / / NF) Very few of these travelers return to their country of origin. As pointed out by Ref B, investigative reporting Key Digital 2.948 claim that Chinese citizens who went to DR in the past two years using temporary business visas, only 432 returned to China. The Foreign Ministry officially refuted the figures.

7. The embassy asked to issue a ruling of ineligibility under section 212 (f) to revoke the non-immigrant visas issued to Casilda Teonilde CHEUNG married, her husband CHEUNG Pak Shing; MARRIED ALCÁNTARA his brother Roger, and his daughter Jean Ney CHEUNG CASADO, because individuals "who have committed or participated in" acts of (...) "corruption in the performance of public functions." CHEUNG married Casilda manages the mission and is responsible for issuing visas Dominican migrants in violation of Dominican law. CHEUNG Pak Shing Her husband works directly with organizations to identify smuggling migrants and works with his brother in Santo Domingo for the transfer of funds in support of this plot. Roger and Jean Ney ALCÁNTARA MARRIED MARRIED CHEUNG both work in senior management positions in Hong Kong's mission and are involved or at least are "beneficiaries" of corruption that takes place in the mission. The embassy sought the revocation of visas issued to children under the age of Cheung - Mei Yin, Yin Ney, and Leung Sheung Cheung MARRIED - because they are "beneficiaries of corruption in the performance of public functions."

8. © Corruption Cheung has "serious adverse effects" (...) "objectives" of U.S. foreign aid. " Many Chinese citizens smuggled under the ruse seem to be victims of trafficking, the eradication is an important goal in U.S. foreign policy. For example, upon arrival to the DR, many migrants are trafficked as "dear to some men from the Dominican elite (ref B). These allegations have credibility on the complicity of highly placed officials in the trade were an important factor in the decision of the Department (of State) to reposition the DR in the Tier 2 Watch List this year, as indicated in the text traffic report. Revocation of visas Cheung and his family will send a strong message to the Dominican authorities that the U.S. government takes these allegations seriously. Could call on Dominican authorities to investigate and prosecute these and other corrupt officials who have conspired to traffic, which some authorities have chosen not to do so far despite the specific allegations in the report on traffic.

9. © The corruption of Cheung also "serious adverse effects" (...) "U.S. security against transnational crime and terrorism." The Caribbean is often called the "third border" of the United States. Ref B describes reliable allegations that significant amounts of smuggled Chinese migrants under this system using RD as a starting point in their efforts to emigrate illegally to the U.S.. It is possible that this network could be exploited by organized criminals and terrorists who threaten U.S. security if allowed to reach U.S. territory.
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