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Tarpley expands SYNTHETIC TERROR - big new chapter..
I can't remember whether Webster Tarpley is verboten here following his (I think unfair) high profile tarring at certain sites like 911Blogger, but I remain a general fan of both him and his writing. From out of the blue, he's expanded his 9/11 SYNTHETIC TERROR into a 5th edition (out in the next month or two at Progressive Press) and the key section of writing he's added to it has appeared online. The chapter on drills has been massively expanded and has a lot of new material and observations (many, I gather, gleaned from new research that has popped up over at the History Commons site).

Tarpley's long new chapter 9, with heaps of new material, is up for people to read for free at the following link from Kevin Barrett's site. (I notice that Kevin remains another divisive figure).

Well worth a read even for those people who don't like Barrett or Tarpley.

Michael Ruppert long ago cited Cheney (spit) as the guy in charge of the drills on 9/11. I've never seen any smoking gun link that confirmed this to be the case though, other than the various 'no comment' statements on the record from harried looking military folk who were unlucky to be directly asked about it on camera or with a half-awake journalist nearby. It would be nice to see some new revelations on the subject during this particular high-profile anniversary, but I'm not holding my breath.
It looks great...thanks for the heads up. Will read it before I got to I can have some nightmares.....might as well, I see them when awake too! Confusedhock:
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Lots of related audio here:

Look for entires from 9/6/11 and thereafter...

WBAI/Guns and Better
Jeff Rense
two INN World Report radio appearances

all archived for your listening pleasure...
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