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Some Uk cities will be hit hard in recession
Looks like Steve Turner is in the pink though...

UK Cities On Recession Red Alert
Monday, January 26 09:23 am
Sky News
Belfast, Liverpool, Wigan and Hull have been put on a recession "red alert" as a study reveals the downturn will hit Britain's leading cities harder than expected. Skip related content

Bristol, London and Edinburgh have been awarded an "amber" rating by the Centre for Cities research group.

Only cities in the South East look likely to remain unscathed.

Dermot Finch, director of the Centre for Cities, said: "UK cities will be hit harder than they think by this recession.

"Nearly all say they are well-placed to weather the storm - but they can't all be right.

"The recession will hit our cities in different ways - and some will be hit worse than others."

Those on "red alert" face the most difficulty because of the number of residents who were unemployed or had no qualifications.

In contrast, Oxford, Reading and Cambridge were among those singled out for entering the recession in a stronger position than other parts of the country.

Mr Finch praised Cambridge's "highly-skilled workforce and global links".

He said cities will lead Britain out of recession - but insisted they had to act beyond Government aid and "can't just rely on action from Whitehall".

Sir Jeremy Beecham, vice chairman of the Local Government Association, said: "It is clear that a national, one-size-fits-all approach to dealing with the recession simply isn't going to work."

He said decisions had to be made at a local level, with county councils playing a key role in supporting Government investment.
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