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New report on key public safeguards: "who can vote" - "who did vote"
(USA) 8/11 - NEW REPORT ON KEY PUBLIC SAFEGUARDS: "WHO CAN VOTE" - "WHO DID VOTE" I've been absent from the public eye for nearly four months, involved one of the most comprehensive examinations of voting information since 2005. I analyzed a sequential set of 80 voter history lists, 1,000 electronic poll book reports, a dozen master electronic poll book records, 50 participating voter lists, internal worksheets on purges, transaction logs for updates and changes in voter lists, user guides, correspondence and staff training materials. The findings will help citizens oversee the 2012 election. My five-part report for citizen oversight of WHO CAN VOTE / WHO DID VOTE will be released at, one major report per week, throughout the month of September 2011.

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