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War by Deception Director's Cut (three hour video)
A clip from the updated War by Deception 2011. Was on the cutting room floor and shouldn't have been. There is Much more to comeon the hijackers too, like how Al-Omari was also in two places at once and left the country twice from different locations, and why when he was already put through the fast track in Jedda by the CIA did he then get a second fake ID in Virginia? How/why did the NSA allow two known hijackers to enter and live live i the US openly and why were FBI agents replaced who went after them? Who murdered Smith and who murdered 4 anthrax researchers? What were Israelis doing at WTC6?!

posted 10/7/11 @ 15:02 at
"Where is the intersection between the world's deep hunger and your deep gladness?"

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