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FBI Pentagon 9/11 Attack Investigation Photos
18 September 2011
FBI Pentagon 9/11 Attack Investigation Photos
A sends link:
Two of the full-size photos could not be downloaded. Photos are reduced from full-size images up to 6MB in size.
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Interesting collection....much too small a photo collection - suspicious in and of itself. Then the 'debris' is so nice and clean, pristine.....but get a load of this photo....a view I've not seen before of the original hole [the facade later collapsed or was collapsed to disguise the tiny hole....NOTE THAT NO LARGE COMMERCIAL PLANE COULD HAVE ENTERED THIS HOLE....ONE COULD LIST ABOUT 100 REASONS WHY. SIZE, PRISTINE BRICKS ON SIDES [FOR STARTERS]. If you believe a large jet entered this hole, I have several bridges to sell you....along with lakes in Saudi Arabia.


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