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Deep cannabis politics
Albert Doyle Wrote:Marijuana could be said to objectively lower math scores. (Not to back draconian federal action - just sayin')

Ok, I can't simply allow that statement to stand unqualified, if not, unchallenged!

Are you saying that: If a person is high--any person--while they are being tested for aptitude in math, their score will be significantly lower than any person who is not high? Or are you saying that any use of marijuana--even use from the distant past--will cause a decrease in math scores although the person being tested is not high at the time of the test?

There are several issues here.

I certainly don't advocate the use of cannabis at the same time that a person is participating in any activity for which such use is contra-indicated. However, that is not the issue, Albert. Nobody is advocating a "Test with THC For Even Lower Scores in Math" Legislation.

The petition is simply asking Obama to support legislation that would re-schedule cannabis as a means to respect States' Rights in accordance with the 10th Amendment. The reason this is important is because, as an example, I imagine that getting high on morphine before a test is probably not going to contribute to higher math scores either. But, no one is suggesting that it be used on such an occasion. The fact is, morphine is scheduled in such a manner that it is not always a crime. It can be obtained for medicinal purposes by a physician's prescription to treat the symptoms of disease, most notably, pain. So too, cannabis should not be illegal on ALL occasions for ALL persons. That is absurd on its face. There are exceptions that make its use quite reasonable, responsible, and appropriate. Today, the federal government treats cannabis as if it will "curve your spine, make you grow hair on your palms, and cause the allies to lose the war!"*

*George Carlin


"It is difficult to abolish prejudice in those bereft of ideas. The more hatred is superficial, the more it runs deep."

James Hepburn -- Farewell America (1968)
Youths in their formative years will probably have lower math scores compared to a test group.
Albert Doyle Wrote:Youths in their formative years will probably have lower math scores compared to a test group.

I don't understand what you mean. Are you saying that: Young people in their formative years who are high while taking a math test will probably score lower than young people in a test group who are not high while taking the same test? I agree that that is probably true. It is probably true for other cross sections of the population, as well, including adults.

But, I'm not sure what exactly it is that you are pointing out here. Are you saying that performing certain tasks, such as, taking a math test while high on marijuana, is not advised? Or, are you saying, for example, that mild to moderate use, even from a year previous to a math test, will negatively impact math scores by youth in their formative years? If so, are their studies supporting your claim?

Let me be clear: I am not suggesting that anyone (youth in their formative years or otherwise) should use cannabis for non-medicinal purposes. I don't think anyone who has replied to this topic has made that suggestion because that is not what we are talking about.


"It is difficult to abolish prejudice in those bereft of ideas. The more hatred is superficial, the more it runs deep."

James Hepburn -- Farewell America (1968)
Meanwhile,California,Oregon,and Washington State,all have ballot initiatives to legalize marijuana for personal use.Suck on that doobie OBUMMER.......

Published on Sunday, July 15, 2012 by the San Francisco Chronicle

Fed's Misguided Pot Crackdown

San Francisco Chronicle Editorial

An overzealous federal crackdown on medical marijuana once again is ramping up in the Bay Area. It won't work, it's not wanted and raises questions about the federal government's law-enforcement priorities.
[Image: 4036392012_76dd9ea6d9.jpg]Americans for Safe Access protest in Los Angeles. (photo: NoHoDamon)[/URL]

The latest chapter is a civil forfeiture order posted this week on the front windows of two giant storefront operations run by Harborside Health Center in Oakland and San Jose.

Since October, more than 400 cannabis outlets across the state have closed after federal authorities sent threatening notices to operators and their landlords, marijuana advocates claim. Add to this the fact banks and credit card firms will no longer service marijuana clinics out of fear of legal trouble.

Right now, California - and the Bay Area especially - has a legal target painted on it. After signaling tolerance of medical-marijuana operations that comply with state laws, the Obama administration has moved to a broad legal attack featuring raids and litigation to shut down a medical business that voters authorized and the broad population continues to support.

No question, the state law approved by voters in 1996 leaves too much room for interpretation. Not all pot-selling operations are ethical, strictly run or concerned about a patient's health, the premise for allowing marijuana sales.

Grow operations have brought violence and crime as well as health hazards and fires. The free and easy rules for therapeutic use must be toughened.

Sacramento and local leaders, medical authorities and marijuana boosters have a duty to ameliorate these problems, a task that is taking too long. But this delay is no excuse for heavy-handed federal action that will punish patients and push pot sales back to the era of dark-alley sales.

This week's actions against Harborside point up the stakes in the dispute. U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag, in charge of the local crackdown, described the two Harborside operations as "marijuana superstores" where abuses of the state's law are magnified.

Harborside, which says it has 108,000 customers is indeed huge, possibly the biggest operation in the nation. It employs over 100 people, registers $30 million in sales, and pays $3 million in taxes, according to news reports. One state tax agency estimates California pot clinic levies bring in from $58 million to $105 million per year.

The scale - and widespread social acceptance - of medical marijuana make it plain that the drug isn't going away, especially after 16 years of operation, uncontested until the last year. Along with California, 16 states plus the District of Columbia, have similar medical marijuana laws.

Instead of acknowledging this reality, Washington has chosen legal combat, insisting that a federal ban on marijuana sales is the final word. It's the height of denial.
California deserves a chance to reform a humane but flawed law. It needs Washington's cooperation, not its overboard tactics.

© 2012 San Francisco Chronicle
"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
Buckminster Fuller
State rights. A good thing to having States. Some sanity at a local level at least. Though there look like some strange ones in places like Arizona and Texas and Tennessee. With out knowing the finer details.
"The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it." Karl Marx

"He would, wouldn't he?" Mandy Rice-Davies. When asked in court whether she knew that Lord Astor had denied having sex with her.

“I think it would be a good idea” Ghandi, when asked about Western Civilisation.
Greg, you make a clear statement which prompts a clear response:

The federal government of the United States has declared war on Medical Cannabis dispensaries for unknown reasons. The excuses they have cited to date lack foundation. Indeed, there is no justification for their behavior besides political motivations or ignorance based fear.

In my view, the reasons are not unknown. They track with Peter's suggestion.

I submit on the basis of fact and belief:

USG insists upon the continued illegality of marijuana et pharma alia in the manner of the pusher insisting you buy your junk from him.

Hence Marshalltown is one of a myriad of endpoints for pure methedrine produced in Mexican labs from thousands of tons of Chinese precursors.

Zero and Holder arm the Sinaloa Cartel and eschew sanctions on China, but woe be unto the citizen taking up the test tube in his own hands.

Nixon's DEA in the Great Heroin Coup presented as a gambit to remove the Corsican competition from a consortium of USG assets.

A friend in Chicago had said as much. We have only to consider the beautiful friendship with Luciano who with Lansky and Trafficante paved the way.

And after all, Zero and Hillary were exercised about the four planes a day out of Honduras, not the "coup."

And we are shocked.

Or not.

Along with alcohol, tobacco, firearms, drugs, and calories, citizens will be profiled for carbon emissions and punished to the third generation.

How ironic that Choom Zero should be such a pig about it.


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Good points all, Phil. I more properly should have written: for reasons "unsubstantiated" as opposed to reasons "unknown" in my post. Yet, even then the post would have fallen short of your broader perspective.


"It is difficult to abolish prejudice in those bereft of ideas. The more hatred is superficial, the more it runs deep."

James Hepburn -- Farewell America (1968)
The reason hemp is a Schedule I CS, while crack, smack, crank, and George Zimmerman's Adderall are Schedule II Controlled Substances is Democrats and Republicans all the way back to Wilson but particularly FDR and company were trying to suppress alcohol and CO2-neutral biomass, while trying to look righteous and drug-conscious.

People have been deflecting, against CO2-neutral biomass and 25,000 market-leading hemp products, since a hemp processing machine was developed, in the 1930s, which gave rise to Andrew Mellon's and W.R. Hearst's media campaign, against hemp, surreptitiously for their timber and fossil fuel businesses, which led to passage of the Hemp Stamp Tax Act, in 1938, in 15 minutes, instantly signed, by FDR.

When the HSTA was declared unconstitutional, in 1972, two years after US peak oil, Nixon founded the DEA. When gas lines were long, President Carter said, on TV: "Maybe it's time we re-legalized marijuana." DO YOU THINK?! Corn is no way how to make stuff, including fuels. We also need switchgrass, pongamia trees, and ALGAE, but Henry Ford was making hemp ethanol and plastic, since the Model T came out, in 1908, at least.

Never forget! The drug laws are to generate profiteering media, for fascists, who distort all media, in favor of petroleum and invasive, legislated anti-morality and anti-ethics media.

Since the drug laws happened, all markets are too distorted, to simply function, given inflation of real estate and administration costs, which are rooted in corruption, to support an imposed anti-services sector.

Corruption has a carbon footprint, and failing to resource HEMP, for other than contraband amplifies carbon footprint media, severally. Of course, GIGO-math jockeys can't help but notice stoned people might not do math as well, while fascists co-opt the world's GDP.
Here you go folks!Still don't think this is a full blown Police/Military State?Coming to a neighborhood near afraid,be very afraid.........:finger:

09.27.12 - 10:10 AM

(Well-Armed) Harvest Time

by Abby Zimet

A team of 150 combat-clad, flash-grenade-armed police officers and FBI agents swarmed a Northern California neighborhood in the area's largest-ever raid against uniquitous backyard pot gardens, handcuffing residents up and down the street, even as feds raided medical marijuana dispensaries in L.A. as part of an ongoing crackdown. Your tax dollars at work.

Authorities target pot grows in southwest Santa Rosa sweep

[Image: bilde?Site=SR&Date=20120926&Category=ART...5&border=0] Federal and local law enforcement officers swept house to house Wednesday in search of illegal marijuana gardens in a southwest Santa Rosa neighborhood.



Published: Wednesday, September 26, 2012 at 9:53 a.m.
Last Modified: Thursday, September 27, 2012 at 7:19 a.m.

Dozens of combat-clad police officers, deputies and federal agents swarmed a southwest Santa Rosa neighborhood Wednesday morning in the region's largest-ever operation against residential marijuana gardens.

Photo Galleries

[Image: bilde?NewTbl=1&Site=SR&Date=20120926&Cat...1&MaxW=176] A team of 150 law enforcement officers raided 32 homes off Moorland Avenue immediately south of the Corby Auto Mall, where the pungent smell of marijuana hung heavily in the air and backyard marijuana plants towered over fences in plain view from the street.

Law officials, who suspected gang involvement with at least some of the gardens, arrested 13 people on a variety of drug and weapons charges and seized more than 300 plants from 32 locations, said Sonoma County sheriff's Lt. Dennis O'Leary.

The raids began about 9 a.m. when FBI agents in full military gear ordered residents to leave, then rushed into their homes, most of them modest multi-plex units.

Soon the area was punctuated by the sounds of exploding flash grenades at several homes in the neighborhood, which is bordered by Highway 101 on the east and railroad tracks on the west.

After the homes were secured, officers carrying search warrants poured into backyards and uprooted hundreds of marijuana plants, piling the 6- to 8-foot-tall plants into giant heaps in driveways as neighbors watched.

The operation was planned after a recent complaint about rampant pot cultivation in the neighborhood, O'Leary said. A sheriff's helicopter surveyed the area and discovered more than two-dozen marijuana gardens in the backyards of homes along Barbara Drive, Eddy Drive, Robin Way and Neville Way.

Read the rest of the article HERE:

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.jpg   santa-rosa-marijuana-raid.jpg (Size: 66.45 KB / Downloads: 1)
"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
Buckminster Fuller


"It is difficult to abolish prejudice in those bereft of ideas. The more hatred is superficial, the more it runs deep."

James Hepburn -- Farewell America (1968)

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