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Sophie Scholl's modern-day counterparts
In a discussion elsewhere, I brought up the historical case of Sophie Scholl (et al) and The White Rose Society in suggesting that perhaps it is time for a blog entitled "The 8th Leaflet". [Who would like to join and make it a group effort? Send me a PM or an e-mail.] I think America needs to hear a strong voice of moral conscience.

There are four famous leaflets, two more (one air-dropped over Nazi Germany), one in draft from never released (all whose texts are available on the Internet, as are the Wikipedia entries, movies, YouTubes, etc.).

In the discussion, it was met with the response 'surely you don't think America has come to the point of the Sophie Scholl's execution, do you?', which led me to consider the creation of a list of people who, as whistle-blowers, dissidents, outspoken individuals, etc., have 'paid a price'.

Thus far, off the top of my head, in recent history (I'll go back 40-60 years), I came up with these folks:

John C. Wheeler III; Pat Tillman; Susan Lindauer; Sibel Edmonds; Frank Olson. Surely there are more, especially if you consider those around the key assassinations, black ops, the lesser assassinations, etc. I've already gotten the "conspiracy theorist' response, but I point out these are human beings, not conspiracy theories, and surely if there is a long list, as there is, it has to be more than coincidence. Let's see: John O'Neill... Well, you help me populate that list, please. (No need for links and back-up. Almost everyone can Google these days.)
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