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Kerry McCarthy
Hi all,

I interviewed Kerry McCarthy, JFK's cousin, in 1999, and posted it to the Fair Play site. Later on I posted it to my book's web site. But when I did, I screwed up the HTML somehow, and it wouldn't scroll down beyond whatever displayed on your monitor.

I have finally taken the time to figure out what I did wrong, and fix it. The interview, for whatever it may be worth, is here:

All of its text is contemporaneous to 1999.
Thanks for this John. I spoke with her at length in 97 and again in 98, in Dallas. She is far more circumspect in your interview than our conversations. I am sure she has to be quite on guard when being quoted for "press".
I am glad she attendedt the conferences and speaks. No one else in her family will ( publicly) touch this.

Dawn Meredith Wrote:...She is far more circumspect in your interview than our conversations...


That she would be circumspect when a tape recorder is in front of her, recording, is not surprising. In what sense was she less so when you spoke with her, if you can remember?

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