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Army Wants Grenade 'Bots to Fly, Spy, Then Kill
Army Wants Grenade 'Bots to Fly, Spy, Then Kill 29 Nov 2011 In their new round ofsmall business solicitations, top military brass are asking for proposals that would yield what amounts to a very deadly grenade-drone love child. Or, as the Army's calling it, "A Hovering Tube-Launched Micromunition." Already, the Army's made some impressive advances where grenade munitions are concerned. Last year, they ordered hundreds of "Men in Black" grenade launchers, capable of shooting "smart" grenades loaded with sensors and microchips that communicate with a guidance system. And, used in surveillance for years, drones are now getting loaded with missiles -- or, as the newly developed Switchblade Drone illustrates, turning into missiles themselves.

November 29, 2011 by legitgov

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