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Copa 2010; dallas conference 2011

FW: Ed Tatro: COPA 2010 DVD presentation remarks from a viewer......& New links to watch from the Dallas Conference 2011

Message body

The icons are not named, except for Prof. Peter Dale Scott, which was Nov 20, 8:06am

Russ Baker is Nov 19, 9:46PM Investigative Reporter & Author, Family of Secrets.

Special Agent Bill Turner is Nov 19, 9:05pm Author of several books on RFK and JFK

Dr. Cyril Wecht is Nov 20, 4:02pm (after 13 minutes there is a hum on the Skype line until the end of the presentation) Hum is not in your computer.
He had just started talking about the disappearance 6 years ago of the District Attorney that covered the Penn State area in the Sandusky Case, where his cell phone was locked inside his car, laptop computer was found in the river, and the hard drive removed. Never been seen since. Assumed suicide or murder.
Police: No Link Between Long-Missing Prosecutor, Sandusky Case ...
Nov 11, 2011 Investigators and friends of a former central Pennsylvania district attorney don't believe there's any link between his 2005 disappearance and ...

We were at the Sunday Nov 20 presentations. Good information.

John Judge asked me today to forward this link to their site, so that you can view some of the presentations.

PS - You might want to direct people to this link:
They can see all the remote speakers to the COPA event who are archived there. JJ

Below is a firsthand report about one of last year's COPA live presentations in Dallas.

Subject: COPA 2010 DVD
Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2011 22:25:07 -0500


I viewed the DVD twice. I thought it was vintage

Tatro at his best. And, I wouldn't be surprised if anyone

confused you with George Carlin. You and the late

genius have a lot in common in front of audiences.

Your poem sends a strong message, as it does

any time you read it. Did you hear the reaction of the

audience when you told them you wrote it in 1968 at the

age of 21? Priceless !!!

Although I've been in many an audience that you have

presented to, I am always interested in what you will provide

next. I didn't know you corresponded with Spas Raikin. Jesus !! He's

a very important person in the setting up of Oswald. I always

was interested in the "coincidence" that he met the Oswalds,

and was a member of a CIA front. And you actually corresponded

with him.

I was glad to see that you brought up the phony LBJ

Silver Medal scenario. It's ironic that his then son in law,

Chuck Robb, did the same thing in Vietnam. A friend of mine

who was a career Navy man told me that Robb flew just inside

enemy lines and quickly flew out. For that, he was given the

Silver Medal. I wonder who suggested that to him??

As always Ed, you kept the interest of your audience,

and those folks would've kept you much much longer if time

allowed. They say the Q and A part of a presentation is a

telling sign of how the audience feels about the substance of

the presentation, and of the presenter.

Congratulations on a presentation that the audience

will remember for a very long time.

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