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Amnesty USA
  • Frank S. Jannuzi appointed as head of Amnesty U.S.A.'s Washington D.C. office.Posted by Peter[Image: invisible.gif][Image: user_silhouette.png] on March 22, 2012, 9:57 am
    [TD]According to a press release from them. A bit on Jannuzi's background, taken from his biography on

    'Mr. Jannuzi reports to Senator Joseph R. Biden (D-DE), the Ranking Member of the Foreign Relations Committee, advising him on policy options, drafting legislation authorizing U.S. diplomatic operations, security assistance, and foreign aid, and representing Senator Biden in discussions with the American public as well as with foreign government officials and the media. From 1989-1997, Mr. Jannuzi worked as the East Asia regional political-military analyst for the Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR), U.S. Department of State. His portfolio at INR included a variety of regional security issues, including the Korean Peninsula, China's defense modernization, and territorial disputes in the South China Sea and Kuril Islands. Mr. Jannuzi was the foundingeditor-in-chief of Peacekeeping Perspectives, the State Department's classified journal on multilateral peacekeeping and humanitarian operations'.

    Another senior Amnesty U.S.A. employee who is a also a former State Department employee, and who is deeply enmeshed within the U.S. foreign policy establishment in general. And what with his advisory role to Joe Biden, some of the more hawkish elements of that establishment as well.

    I say another, because their current CEO is Suzanne Nossel, who until very recently was Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Organizations at the U.S. Department of State, and fairly hawkish herself on a number of issues (Iraq, Iran, Venezuela, etc).

    So that's at least two senior positions within Amnesty U.S.A. that are currently filled by people who you could reasonably expect to have some sympathy with and support for the U.S.'s foreign policy goals.

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