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New member intro
Well here I am. Been an interested, serious observer of assassination and/or black op/false flag cons for about ten years now. I think it was largely the access to the internet in the information age that caused me to begin to learn and stay with this area of study. Had it not been for the easy retrieval of ideas and information regarding JFK, 9/11 etc I probably wouldn't have stepped into the fray.

From that perspective it should bring good cheer to those of us seeking truth and democracy. Conversely it ought to make the bad guys shiver in their pants and worse. Assuming there are more people (like myself) with the desire to access all the old and new discoveries related to these important topics.

I'm sure that most of us here are pleased with all the information now available through the 'net. Because without the internet few of us could have found much insight. Especially when we consider the poor quality of information now found on cable TV. Hardly a day goes by that the corporate entertainment mafia does not display somewhere a false piece of junk on television such as "Inside The Target Car". Shameless promotion of the official stories occurs on those abysmal networks such as;

"The History Channel"

"Discovery Channel" and of course

"The Military Channel"

Even our buddies from "Myth Busters" have become the occasional hired stooges supporting the official story the "lone nut assassin". Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage being just another pair of lackeys for the official story. Two guys who really ought to know better (and probably do but lack the conviction to speak out).

But not all is bad news. In the past year or so we've seen at least two examples of decent research FINALLY crossing over to the mainstream media. I'm speaking of Russ Baker's book "Family Of Secrets" and Governor Jess Ventura's HBO special series "American Conspiracies". Of course Jesse's show was way too effective and thus was cancelled despite having the highest ratings of any show on that network.

So this means there is much hope. It also means that the forces of darkness are now working at warp speed trying to degrade and eliminate as much positive discussion and steps we take to shine a light on their filthiness. Paid covert lackeys of CIA cruise the internet in droves. Sometimes taking over whole forums. They've already compromised Democratic Underground here

All posts related to 9/11 at D/U will get either locked or thrown into a "9/11 conspiracy" forum. The dungeon in other words. All Liberal discussion effectively channeled, regulated and misdirected so as not to amount to any effective campaign. "Left wing gate Keepers". Each pound for pound even worse than Rush Limbaugh. Rush after all, only appeals to stupid folk. Liberal gate keepers being the fifth column dedicated to derail all legitimate opposition.

"If we can keep them from asking the right questions we don't care what the answers are..."


These decisions are part of a larger pattern of "regulated resistance", a system by which dissent is carefully managed and constrained by self, overt, or covert censorship; denial-based-psychology; fear of personal or professional criticism and reprisal; and pressure from powers above including elected officials and those establishment foundations which flood millions into the not-for-profit activist sector.

from [URL=""]


In theory the Leftist peace movement should be a natural ally for the 9/11 truthers and the JFK assassination research community. However the traditional left seems intent on excluding them. So far fairly successfully. All despite the somewhat helpful and unexpected advancement of a wonderful person like Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. As brilliant and engaging as Rachel is she well knows not to tread on any areas 9/11. They would kill her in a flash. They do kill people after all.

My feeling is somewhat different however. That f you know something? Spill your guts. Get it OUT. Don't hold it in like Deborah Palfrey did and its what got her killed. Someone should tell this to that flake Amy Goodman. i have no respect for her. Yes, even she's ANOTHER tool for Christ's sake. Breaks my heart to say that though.

But then again my perspective is limited. I can not always tell if a news source or a political figure is a stooge or legitimate. Take John Kerry for instance. Not bad for a politician. Sterling environmental record and a well known war hero and anti war activist.

However John Kerry is Skull & Bones. He pretty much conceded Ohio in 2004 while there remained much election fraud. He, like most Democratic Party leaders knows he can not cross the line. Pelosi knows this too and has even stated privately that she felt Paul Wellstone was murdered by Dick Cheney's goon squad.

So the Democrats have learned to take a dive in the fifth round in support of their crime syndicate lords. Truth be told that was the main message of the JFK murder:

"Democrats beware. One false move and you're DEAD..."

Conclusion? There is no conclusion. Just more discussion and (hopefully) action. I am an unrepentant and firm believer in both John Hankey and Russ Baker. Despite what some others say I also appreciate Jim Fetzer. The fact that each (especially John) has been so much maligned from the corporate stooges from within the assassination research game should give us all much cheer. Why?

Because the henchmen of the dark side have pretty much blown their cover in response. This means that John, Russ, Jim and others have hit the powers that be with a deep cutting wound. A shot so bad and harmful to the bad guys that they are even willing to blow the cover they spent 20 to 30 YEARS developing.

My suggestion: Keep deepening the wound. Fight HARD against the Bush apologists masquerading as "legitimate" researchers who reside within the assassination science community. This effort will eventually make them fall. it simply has to. The dark forces are so deathly afraid of you when you expose them. Make them burn the midnight oil trying to keep pace with us.

Systems collapse. Just take a look at Alcatraz. So will eventually die the dark forces.
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