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A Brief History of Plutocracy
A Brief History of Plutocracy (26:41)!

Uploaded by 28c3 on Dec 28, 2011
Download high quality version:

Robin Upton: A Brief History of Plutocracy

This whistlestop re-telling of world economic history squeezes 12,000 years of history into 18 slides. Its focus is the changing nature of money and the rise of the monied class in US and Europe.

It outlines how the modern system of banking was instituted, how international organising allowed the power of the rich to gradually eclipse that of national governments, how war was managed for profit, and how the super-rich set about using the organs of the state in an effort to secure their position of control.

{Note the slide at the very end with a web site and an e-mail address for the presenter. Don't know its age or validity. Other credits and websites at very end.]

[EJ says move and re-position this at will.]
"Where is the intersection between the world's deep hunger and your deep gladness?"

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