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Book search // The Garrison enquiry: Truth & consequences: Joachim Joesten
Hello everyone!

I am looking for this very interesting book: "The Garrison Inquiry - Truth and Consequences" by Joesten, Joachim

Unfortunately I can't buy it, it's too much expensive over the internet. On ebay it's like 200£.
I would pay for this service as well as a friend of mine. He even tried to get a scanned version from a library in Australia.First they said ok
but then they wrote a 2nd email in wich they stated they can't and just 10% of a chapter or something like that, for 10£, because of copyrights issues.
That was maybe the only edition of it (correct me if I am wrong) and that still can have copyright problems? with whom?
Well the problem is that in the end it would cost more to scan than to buy the 200£ one from ebay.

So, can anybody help us?

All the best from Romania!

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Book search // The Garrison enquiry: Truth & consequences: Joachim Joesten - by Alex Cruceru - 31-07-2018, 03:47 PM

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