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The Minox Camera
To further demonstrate Hoover's sanitation squad's sinister tampering with the genuine evidence surrounding the Minox camera found by Detective Rose, let's read an excerpt of Rose's testimony exchange with Warren Commission counsel Joseph Ball ---->

Mr. BALL. On Saturday morning you went out to Irving again?
Mr. ROSE. Yes, sir; I did.
Mr. BALL. At this time you had a search warrant?
Mr. ROSE. Yes, sir; I did.

[FONT=&amp]Mr. BALL. What did you search on this day?
Mr. ROSE. We made a search of the garage, mainly, on this day since quite a bit of Lee Oswald's property was in the garage.
Mr. BALL. What did you find there?
Mr. ROSE. Well, I found two sea bags, three suitcases, and two cardboard boxes and all of them contained numerous items of property of Oswald. [/FONT]

Please note Rose's narrative above reflects a day after the assassination. So, ask yourself why the first photo within the following link implies a recovery of the items shared dated on 11/22/63?, the day before Rose's actual search ---->

Moreover, Rose says he conducted the next day search armed with a search-warrant, so Why is there a placard on the table reading --->

"Voluntarily given Dallas PD by Ruth Paine and Mrs. Oswald".

Why would the Paines (Ruth & Michael) and their guest Marina Oswald (the wrongly accused's wife) have sophisticated spy equipment only in circulation within intelligence circles in their home? Why?

Could Michael Paine and/or parties unknown have used Friday evening, before Rose's arrival the next day, to put those incriminating BYPs in Mr. Oswald's seabag?

Could the linked photo--given the incorrect date before Rose's actual search--have been used by parties unknown to "confirm" that the material displayed lacked an actual Minox Camera?

Why were Hoover's sanitation squads working so hard to discredit Mr. Rose? Something very fishy is going on here folks. The wrongly accused did not shoot anybody. Anybody.

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