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On a bright, cloudless morning in September 2001
Magda Hassan Wrote:I think Paul is referring to the fact that the photo does very very not have a clear blue sky as it was and as we have all seen on that day. And I don't think Jersey is so far away that it was sunset or sunrise there as it seems in this photo. Maybe the photographer just had a dirty lens. :captain:

Spot on, M.

The photo is either a wholesale fabrication, or the product of some fairly extensive alteration, most notably in its sky areas, which are tres apocalyptique, and bear no conceivable relation to the conditions pertaining to the morning of 9/11 in NY.

The wholesale darkening has one very profound benefit from the syke-warriors' perspective: It negates the question of why so many stills - and so much "live" TV footage - displayed a dark black "plane" which absorbed, not reflected, light.

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On a bright, cloudless morning in September 2001 - by Paul Rigby - 13-09-2009, 02:06 PM

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