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U.S. defense official resigns over alleged 'Jason Bourne' spy ring in Afghanistan
Supposedly, this group of 'rogue' spies was managed by legendary ex-spymaster Duane [Dewy] R Clarridge [of Iran-Contra infamy]. Supposedly, the CIA complained about this group disrupting their own operations. Strange. This must be at least in part [if not en toto] a cover story or psyop. The CIA used to employ Clarridge and could either negotiate or neutralize him and his team without crying to the Air Force. I also doubt this group was completely 'rouge'....using their own money to capture and kill who they felt were terrorists. Someone was running them and that someone was likely an intelligence agency or offshoot of one. Such an operation takes big money and intelligence from electronic sources and other means that you don't get at the local Afghani food market. Sadly, there are and have been similar groups all over the world, at different times and places....even at times inside the USA. The truth must be more complex than painted here and in most articles on this. I've not personally researched this group, but just hearing some of the names clues me in that this was not rouge to some agency......... At times one intelligence agency will step on the feet or turf of another, but rarely to never does it come to light so the Public hears about it. Something greater than meets the eye was or is going on here....whatever it is, it was / is sinister.
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U.S. defense official resigns over alleged 'Jason Bourne' spy ring in Afghanistan - by Peter Lemkin - 28-09-2011, 05:58 AM

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