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Harvey and Lee vs. Richard Case Nagell
Tracy Riddle Wrote:
Peter Lemkin Wrote:i FORGOT about Armstrong's putting stuff at Baylor. Does anyone know if he put ALL of his research there, or is it confined to what was background for what wound up in the book?! I know he was on the trail of Lee in Florida and apparently located him and his address...which caused him to move. At the latter address [which was once posted by someone on the 'other' Forum], I did a Google Earth search of the address and 'what do you know', it showed a normal suburban neighborhood, but the house that Lee supposedly lived in had been ALTERED - the house, cars and part of the yard were obscured by some computer generated fake [and much oversized] 'roof'. FWIW.

Peter, what was the address in Florida?

This was several years ago and was posted [both his name and the address was listed by someone other than myself] on Simkin's place. On the same thread [of course every post of mine was removed when I was the first mod to be be axed], Jack White looked after my mention and confirmed the image and how strange it was...and how clearly the image had been altered. I'm not sure I can find the address now. If I can, I will try to find it. That still should be left minus my posts on the EF - unless it was hacked [as it often was]. As far as I know from Jack White [who regularly communicated with Armstrong], Jack said that Armstrong couldn't convince himself if the person was or was not Lee, so left all of that work and search out of the book. However, that search for this person was, according to White, many, many months work. I can't say why, but it the person who lives there was just an ordinary person, then why was the Google Earth image of their house so clearly altered?! I vaguely remember that I captured the image but not sure I can to find it... I remember the name and address [which Armstrong will not give out now] was posted on the EF by Kathy Collins, I believe. White was upset she did so, but before the address and name was removed by some moderator [as an invasion of privacy] I and then Jack and others looked and the roof of the house was CLEARLY fake and much too large for the house [about twice normal size of the matching homes in the subdivision] - covering much of lawn and car[s], etc. Very strange. Intelligence sites are altered [or removed] on Google Earth [just try Area 51! or NSA HQ!], and some persons are allowed to request changes or removal - I don't know the rules - and am sure Google won't tell.
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Harvey and Lee vs. Richard Case Nagell - by Peter Lemkin - 15-08-2013, 05:45 AM

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