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The Summers and Lambert Romance
Tony and Reitzes should not say such dumb stuff for attribution. I mean Lambert, can Summers be for real? Plus this is a good review of Clinton/Jackson for novices.

And the Diaz story is decades old. I wonder how much the Enquirer gave him for a story from 1978. Which he did not originate. They have been said to pay well. Especially for cover stories.

If I only had a hundred bucks for every Cuban exile who said he was involved in Kennedy's murder.
Well done Jim. This is a fair and just review. We cannot allow people like Summers to distort the evidence just because they feel like it, for whatever reasons. It is very important to put an end to this new trend of agnostisism, where some people are uncertain of what happened, maybe yes maybe not, we'll never solve it anyway kind of attitude. This is a new disease, Angletonian in nature.
Anyone who doesn't believe the Clinton and Cherami cases has discredited themselves.
Great stuff as always, Jim. Summers answered questions from a few people on the EF, but I think it's illuminating that he didn't answer mine, and has seemingly disappeared from the forum now. I feel stronger than ever that the "neo-con" phenomenon I first noticed some years ago is something significant, and something that has adversely affected the whole research community.

There are many examples of this dramatic, inexplicable transformation from conspiracy believer to lone nutter; Reitzes, Todd Vaughn, Gary Mack, Gus Russo, Dale Myers spring immediately to mind. It appears we can add Anthony Summers to this list, and perhaps Stephen Roy. I've asked many of them the same question on forums over the years; what new evidence made you change your mind? What old evidence, that you previously accepted, has now been proven to be invalid? None of them have ever answered, beyond Mack's tired "the critics made many mistakes."

Btw, I am thoroughly enjoying Reclaiming Parkland. People like Tom Hanks should have the insight to realize that, to quote the uncle of a superhero, "with great power, comes great responsibility." I love the fact you're taking Bugliosi to task not only for his magnum ridiculotus on the JFK assassination, but for his absurd fantasy Helter Skelter. The guy who hates "conspiracy theories" believes that Manson was able to manipulate his followers through Beatles' lyrics. Kind of like how the msm swallowed all of Exner's ridiculous allegations while instantly dismissing any notions of conspiracy in the assassination.

You're building a real legacy with your research. Keep up the good work.
Thanks so much Don.

I agree about the point where these guys can never pinpoint any evidentiary reason as to why they turned.

I mean, its obvious to any objective person that the ARRB revolutionized the calculus of the case in favor that the WC was off the wall with Oswald.

I will have an article coming out on that in a day or two.

Yet in the face of this, these guys are trying to say that somehow, Oswald is still guilty? Hogwash.

NOt with that medical and ballistics evidence he isn't.
Jim's great review articulates much of what I was feeling while reading the new edition (which I still haven't completed in its entirety, simply as I felt increasingly frustrated, depressed and pissed off while reading it). The title alone seems like an unnecessarily dismissive self-fulfilling prophecy. On that note, you could sense Oliver Stone's frustration on Piers Morgan this week when Morgan blandly concluded, "Do you think we will ever know?". Stone responded, you keep saying that, but there is a lot of new research been done.

Some of the 'conspiracy theorists' that Summers takes potshots at have done a lot of good work as of late, to say the least - perhaps he should have had a closer look at what they've dug up. Arrggh.. Anyway, the Summers book frustrates me immensely for a number of reasons.

Shane O'Sullivan gave some enticing details about John Newman's new JFK book for next year on the Ed Forum yesterday. With that and the work of Bill Simpich and the others Jim mentioned there is plenty of cause to feel that we are just getting started. I have to compare the end of the new edition of the Summers book with the end of Alex Cox's recent THE PRESIDENT AND THE PROVOCATEUR. Cox finishes with an energising and optimistic call to arms for further research, Summers concludes with a bland, melancholic shrug.

If I finish the Summers book, I'll be blotting out the NOT in the title with my hand while I read it. If the truth won't be available in our lifetime, why bother to seek it? That's bullshit, and I'm not taking the bait.
Summers' mealy mouth qualifications are really disturbing.

As is his insistence on a very small conspiracy, --if there is one-and its mafia orientation.

That is not what the best of the vast majority of the researchers think. Not by a longshot.

In fact, none of the best of the recent outlines that: Douglass, Newman, McKnight, Talbot, etc. ANd none of the declassified files indicates that either.

What the heck did the Mafia have to do with Mexico City or the autopsy? Or Clinton-Jackson?

Oh, I forgot, that didn't happen, dozens of people were lying--before the assassination..

They are trying to diminish Garrison's investigation and the significance of the 544 Camp st. crowd.
That Shaw, Banister, Ferrie, Arcacha Smith, Santana, Rose Cheramie, Clinton/Jackson etc. are not related to Oswald or the assassination.
I also noticed this tendency while reviewing Albarelli's book.
There is no doubt that was the agenda of Lambert, as it is Reitzes and Roy, since those three want no conspiracy at all.

I think Summers switched as soon as they gave him an excuse since he likes being an MSM type "authority" even if its in the Enquirer.

Albarelli? Can't understand that one at all.
Albarelli is an agnostic. He believes that nobody knows who killed Kennedy and that the case will never be solved.

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