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TV Show- JFK: The Final Hours
I have watched about half of the program JFK: The Final Hours. It features Gary Mack and some other usual suspects (Clint Hill, who has evidently overcome his supposed guilt, and now can't stop providing one inaccuracy after another about the subject), and is narrated by the despicable Bill Paxton.

What I've noticed about the show is the incredible footage of JFK's trip, especially all the events in Fort Worth, some of which I'd never seen. Which brings to mind a question I've had since I first started researching this case; was the assassination itself the only part of the trip to Texas that wasn't professionally filmed? There were cameras there to chronicle every moment of seemingly irrelevant aspects of the trip (an impromptu speech before an early Latin American group, a tour inside the space center, among others). Isn't it a fortuitous irony, then, that they just happened to stop filming right before the shots were fired?

They had footage of the hotel room where JFK and Jackie stayed. It looked like the press was covering every step of this trip in great detail. They had cameras at the ready in the Trade Mart. Yet the motorcade through Dallas seems to have been covered primarily by the home movie cameras of private citizens. We know the press bus was curiously left far back in the motorcade.

I believe that JFK's other motorcades were filmed in their entirety by the press corps accompanying him. How much of the Dallas motorcade was professionally filmed?
Excellent analysis, Don! There is the complementary point to be made about the amateur photography and "home" movies captured by the bystanders in Dealey Plaza: there is an immediate round-up of those materials by the government.

This question is worth pondering: How could the authorities have identified and confiscated the cameras and the pictorial evidence so soon?

The only possible explanation is that they had foreknowledge of the event and were prepared with agents on the Dealey Plaza site to gather up the evidence.

See my thread on the disappearance of the photographer's vehicle in front of JFK's limo:
Some amazing footage in this documentary as well as some great montage photo overlays to images taken along various motorcades with modern day images of the same locations.

Here is a link to download:

Bill Paxton being in the crowd in Fort Worth that morning....what are the can really get a good look at him there in the last minute of the show clear as day....its him alright.

CNN, preferred channel of CIA, is doing a Goetzman, Hanks JFK show on Thursday at 9pm called: 'The Assassination Of President Kennedy'
More gems from the second half of this program:

Gary Mack, in rare form, bemoaned the fact that everyone cares so much about Dealey Plaza, and who killed JFK, actually using the word "unfortunately" to describe their interest, while no one seems to care about his visit to Fort Worth.

Clint Hill, seemingly proud of the trip that cost JFK his life because he and his cohorts weren't doing their job, not only repeats the lie that JFK didn't want any agents on the back of the limo, he offers up the just as inaccurate (and conflicting) rationale that "we never jumped on the back when the limo was traveling at highway speed." 11 mph is "highway speed?" And that's not even taking into consideration all the eyewitness testimony about the motorcade stopping or nearly stopping.

Narrator Paxton describes the Oswalds as being "estranged," to go along with the nonsense about leaving the wedding ring, desperately trying to get back with Marina, etc. We've always been told that Marina was living with the Paines because she and Ruth had an agreement; Marina would help with the housework and teach Ruth Russian in exchange for room and board. Oswald rented the rooming house because it was ostensibly cheaper than if they'd had to rent something for all 3 (soon to be 4) of them. As with so much in this case, the inconsistencies are never ending, and none of these apologists even care that their explanations are so irrational.

And again, I was struck by the footage. How was there abundant footage from the air, as the President flew from place to place, but nothing much professionally filmed during the motorcade itself? And why did the professionals, once they arrived at the scene just after shots were fired, train their cameras on grieving witnesses like the Newmans, huddled together on the ground? People were already surging up the knoll towards the train tracks. Why didn't any professional cameraman follow them there? Surely, their journalistic antennae would have determined that, judging by the reaction of the spectators, the shots had come from that area. Wouldn't instinct have kicked in here? Instead, we got one crazy, unprofessional like shaking camera, and then lots of "human interest" stories of witnesses on the ground or people crying. They did almost as bad a job as the Secret Service.

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