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ARRB article at Consortium on the New Evidence

Thank God for Consortium.

Bob Parry is the only guy who will print this stuff right now.

Salute him. And if you can show him some appreciation with a donation.

We need to keep him alive.
This article is an answer to those who complain that the research community is all theories and no facts.
It is full of facts and nothing but the facts. It is not necessary for something to be considered a fact to be written in some hidden CIA file.
Bob actually cut this for length.

It was actually about five pages longer.

But still, its the only crossover article on a survey of the new evidence by the ARRB.

I hope people post it around.

BTW, there is a part 2 coming up on JFK's reversal of the Dulles/Eisenhower foreign policy.

Bob thought it would be better if I put the evidence of conspiracy out there first, and then the motive for it second.

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