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US/UK state brainwashing/torture/murder
The torture timebomb that could see Jack Straw and an MI6 chief in the dock
PUBLISHED: 01:36, 16 April 2016 | UPDATED: 03:08, 16 April 2016
Hallelujah! Next week Sir John Chilcot will finally send his two-million-word-long report on the Iraq war to David Cameron.
The news confirmed in Parliament on Thursday brings to an end this long-running scandal. Seven years have passed since Sir John's report was commissioned and it will be delivered more than five years late.
There is, however, an equally serious stain on Britain's integrity concerning alleged crimes committed during the Blair years that will also shortly start to bubble to the surface.
This concerns torture and in particular a police investigation into British involvement 12 years ago in the kidnap and subsequent treatment of Abdul-Hakim Belhaj, an exiled Libyan politician, who was suspected of connections with Al-Qaeda.
Briefly, Belhaj a known dissident of Libya's Colonel Gaddafi was living in China in 2004 when he decided to seek asylum in Britain.
While en route here, he was abducted at Bangkok airport in Thailand by U.S. authorities after a reported tip-off by British intelligence and flown to Libya to be locked up and tortured.
The police started looking into the case more than four years ago. Alison Saunders, Director of Public Prosecutions at the Crown Prosecution Service, must decide whether to prosecute.
If she gives the green light, it will lead to one of the most sensational trials in British political history.
We could see a former Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, in the dock, charged as a participant or accessory to the Common Law offence of kidnapping, as well as a statutory offence of torture under the Criminal Justice Act 1988. This carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.
We could also see a former senior MI6 officer, Sir Mark Allen, charged with the same set of offences. It is not inconceivable that Mr Straw and Sir Mark could appear alongside one another as co-defendants.
The police investigation into the Belhaj case followed a chance discovery by Human Rights Watch as they wandered through Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's Tripoli after the dictator had been killed at the end of the 2011 Libyan uprising.
Amidst the ruins they found correspondence between Sir Mark Allen, a senior MI6 officer, and Moussa Koussa, Gaddafi's head of Intelligence. It suggested MI6 had helped in sending Belhaj to Libya, where he was imprisoned and tortured.
Sir Mark congratulated Gaddafi's intelligence boss on the safe arrival' of Abdul-Hakim Belhaj. He wrote: This is the least we could do for you and for Libya to demonstrate the remarkable relationship we have built up over recent years.'
On the face of things, the case for prosecution is compelling especially as neither MI6 nor Sir Mark has challenged the authenticity of the letters. The possibility of such a trial has, however, sent gasps of horror through Whitehall. This may help explain why the criminal investigation has been subject to a series of inexplicable delays.
The police took more than two years to carry out their initial investigation and I am told that they started to pass on their evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service in the autumn of 2014.
Normally, it takes the CPS a few months at most to decide whether or not to prosecute. Particularly, as in this case, when the evidence in the shape of Sir Mark's letters appears to be so clear-cut.
Those who follow the case believe there have been two principle causes of delay. They say the first stems from dramatically differing accounts of events from MI6 on the one hand, and the Blair government on the other.
Those who understand how MI6 works are adamant that patriotic British intelligence officers would never have become involved in illegal activity let alone kidnap or torture without clear approval or authority from at least a minister of Cabinet rank.
However, Jack Straw, who was Tony Blair's Foreign Secretary at the time Belhaj was abducted, has repeatedly denied any knowledge of so-called extraordinary rendition the official euphemism for kidnapping and transporting someone for torture to a country which tolerates such practices.
Mr Straw's denial to Parliament when he was Foreign Secretary could hardly have been more emphatic: Unless we all start to believe in conspiracy theories and that the officials are lying, that I am lying, that behind this there is some kind of secret state which is in league with some dark forces in the United States and also, let me say, we believe that Secretary Rice [Condoleeza Rice, Secretary of State under George W. Bush] is lying, there simply is no truth in the claims that the United Kingdom has been involved in rendition, full stop.'
One can only feel great sympathy for Alison Saunders, as she faces what is possibly the most momentous decision of her time as Director of the CPS.
Should she prosecute a former Foreign Secretary? A former senior British intelligence officer. Both? Or should she let the matter rest?
For it is a near certainty that Ms Saunders may come under pressure to scrap the case.
That would be known in higher legal circles as the Shawcross option', after the post-war Labour Attorney General Sir Hartley Shawcross, who once said: It has never been a rule in this country I hope it never will be that suspected criminal offences must automatically be the subject of prosecution.'
Shawcross held that there are circumstances where the public interest overrides the requirement that justice must be seen to be done.
Versions of the Shawcross defence were subsequently applied to avoid the prosecution of British soldiers during the Troubles in Northern Ireland. They were also brought into play to halt a potential criminal prosecution of defence giant BAE, following allegations it had been involved in bribery when trying to sell arms to Saudi Arabia.
Many senior politicians and security personnel would love to see the Shawcross option invoked for the Belhaj case. They maintain and many would agree that Sir Mark Allen and Jack Straw are British patriots who would never sanction an immoral act.
But Alison Saunders must also consider the message that using the Shawcross option would send across the world.
Let's recollect the circumstances of Mr Belhaj's abduction in more detail. He was with his pregnant wife in China when they decided to seek asylum in Britain.
On trying to leave the country, they were detained and deported to Malaysia where they were held for several weeks, before being told they could travel to the UK but only via Bangkok.
After being abducted by U.S. authorities in Bangkok, they were brutally interrogated in a secret prison, before being rendered' to Gaddafi's torturers in Libya.
Belhaj's pregnant wife was punched, bound, and denied medical care, while Belhaj himself spent the subsequent six years in jail years in which he endured hideous punishment at the hand of Gaddafi's henchmen.
If the Sir Mark Allen correspondence is authentic, we know the British state has potentially been involved in a very serious crime indeed. Can we just leave it at that?
The fact is that the Belhaj case, after all this time, is starting to look like yet another government cover-up.
I do not know the precise facts that Alison Saunders must take into account as she contemplates her truly grave decision.
But I sincerely believe we need to come to terms with the truth about Britain's involvement in torture during the dark period when we were George W. Bush's closest allies in the so-called War on Terror.
It would send a dreadful message to the world about British values were we to fail to do so.

Same subject report next day in the i-paper - "Britain must face allegations of torture and rendition in public"
Martin Luther King - "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."
Albert Camus - "The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion".
Douglas MacArthur — "Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword obviously never encountered automatic weapons."
Albert Camus - "Nothing is more despicable than respect based on fear."
In the news on Thursday, the release of a patent by Google for 'Google patents computer that can be injected directly into the eyeball' - The injection would improve its owners vision and also give them access to extra powers - - Andrew Griffin @_andrew_griffin Saturday 30 April 2016.

I've known for 4yrs that the shitehounds are able to see what I'm seeing, in sufficient resolution to read ahead from the page I'm reading - happens alll the time, including just last night whilst re-reading thru' Pentagons Brain - more 'clicks' at more junctures than I could count, taunting or designed to destroy attention/concentration or both - (they don't do the "malevolent gods" or "superfuckingdooperheros" bit anymore, they tell me by pseudo-apophenic that I'm a "lab rat" because I'm "irrelevent") about the "bubble" (an old ref) that neuroscientists/AI developers are in -or were in, 'til they started involuntary, covert, human experimentation with the cortical modem effect (surely invasive surgery - the 'EM-hiss'/'tinnitus' in my head is - I'm all-but absolutley certain, 'energy-gathering' power sourcing - the shrill tone is very high during the dream choreographies, centre right side and back of head). This 'bubble' was stilting development of autonomous hunter-killer drones, along with figuring-out how the brain processes visual information into ie. facial recognition for autonomous drone assassins to become 'viable'.

Todays Financial Times 'paper, 3May2016 - Artificial Intelligence and Robotics: 'Rise of the robots is sparking an investment boom' - Global influx of machines set to open one of the hottest new markets in tech -

I wrote in a blog about a
Curious new vision effect, & etc. 12-08-2014, [size=12]img below; much later I found . That vision effect I had lasted an hour or two, right eye only. I'm pretty sure that it really was just the one eye, as opposed to the 'minds eye' imagery/effects I've had. Then I read about augmented cognition, a conscious & walk-about version of virtual reality, and this is into the field of DARPAs 'super soldier'. Also [/SIZE]The camera in my eye? 01-15-2016 [size=12]blogpost.

Today, in Waterstones bookshop, checking-up the £ of 'American Nuremberg', "It seems to be unavailable - all I'm getting is e-book" - >click-click< to my right ear immediately.

This is what I live with a hundred and a thousand times per day, [click] and more.

I'm getting alot of renewed "clean start" and "she was free to leave" and this kind of whoreshit ref, but there's an incongruity with "you'll never walk alone", & "the deserts of Sudan", & "every day 'til you die".

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Martin Luther King - "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."
Albert Camus - "The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion".
Douglas MacArthur — "Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword obviously never encountered automatic weapons."
Albert Camus - "Nothing is more despicable than respect based on fear."
They can do an awful lot with the mind machine, but 'phone hacking & locking & breaking into your home to steal your 'phone chargers is just the icing on the cake -

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=8422&stc=1]

to, apparently, getting 'banned from the internet'.
Curious thing - even when I was at school and they stopped giving ppl their wages at the end of the week, I kinda saw this subversion of centralization on the cards, they can simply knock you out of life, or, as I told No.2 copper who came 'round (he knew) when asked "What do you think they're trying to do?", after a ponder, "To shut me down". Had a lot of that as a reference, since.
Oh, & then they torture you a lot with excruciating pain, and poison you, and gang-stalk you, and send heart fibrillating radio-frequencies at you, 'cos your "the most evil man on the planet", oh, yes.... >fart'n'burps<

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Martin Luther King - "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."
Albert Camus - "The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion".
Douglas MacArthur — "Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword obviously never encountered automatic weapons."
Albert Camus - "Nothing is more despicable than respect based on fear."
This part-doc from a larger post is around 90% accurate I think, from my own experiences, except that I reckon it's so accurate that I assume it's a deliberate blackstate drop-in, to either 'scarify' or 'train' V-manner, or both. The full thing is really pretty big, the below representing only 20% or so. I'd printed something - maybe this part doc, by this fella a long time ago; I instantly assumed it was 'false' in some way, despite the accuracy; for what it's worth, as i was noting that assumption in my log, one of the neighbours, ex- of No.22 I think, started thumping; they do this to in some way, 'influence' what I'm thinking, to 'reject', 'dispute', 'confuse' or 'sway'; this doc, despite the template-accuracy, works to the 'program' & would therefore represent an active psychological tool in their panoply, the vast number of links in the original for eg., work to the shitehounds msg'ing of "This is normal/we've done this to thousands of people/I deal with ppl like you every day/It's policy" & a mass of other bullshitteries from a skulking fuckwitterati:

Isolation and torture in the United Kingdom -

The whole point of torture is that it should break down the victim's resistance and alter their personality to the extent that they will have no self - esteem whatsoever. Victims are slowly but surely depersonalized and dehumanized in every known way until they may no longer consider themselves human beings at all. Indeed, over time the victims of this oppression may then develop such a feeling of self-loathing that suicide will, quite naturally, become one of the options they may choose to end their misery.
British security services and their Psyop's torture departments know the above to be true. They have had great many years to perfect their techniques. Research carried out in Britain and other countries, as detailed by Ackroyd, Margolis, Rosenhead, Challice and Ramsay plus many other researchers confirms it.
The average person is simply not equipped to cope with the modern psychological deprivation and torture methods in use today. Only a very small percentage of people could be expected to survive these torture methods and lead a normal life afterward. Indeed, undoubtedly many victims will over time have been driven into committing 'suicide'. Which, I might add, was probably the intention of the security forces in the first place?

Psychological torture action groups

Without any personal experience of the subject, it is extremely difficult for anyone to understand how a supposedly democratic country can use psychological torture, nor fully comprehend the kind of trauma that the people targeted' for such actions suffer. However, using the writers own experience as a torture victim plus information gained from many other sources and survivors, the following information will serve as a good indication of how such 'action groups' are organized and used in the United Kingdom and some other countries.
Psyop's actions are usually directed against a particular target. This may be political dissident, a writer, artist, union activist or a human rights worker. Or indeed it could be anyone who is in a position that allows them to gather and distribute information which exposes the hidden agenda of the government in power, and who may be capable of organizing much opposition to it.
I am not writing about any kind of illegal opposition to government, simply opposition that has not passed through 'the usual channels'. That is where the political police (Special Branch) 'filter out' those people who refuse to accept a political system they believe or know to be corrupt. For instance; if a political system is organized to favor a particular party or group it cannot be considered democratic. It will resist change at all levels. Indeed, when people see that elected representatives cannot or will not bring about meaningful change then the option to organize outside of the present system is a perfectly natural thing to do.
The acceptance of an obvious deeply corrupted political system would be seen as pointless. Therefore it may be seen as necessary to organize outside of 'the established system' to gain true democracy, even if one should be viewed as a political dissident for doing so.
In the United Kingdom, this kind of political action is supposed to be perfectly legal, yet, when this kind of 'opposition' is attempted by dissidents the security services, MI5 and the police Special Branch (secret police), and other secret fascist forces may immediately target such opposition as being 'subversive' and therefore 'dangerous to the state.'
Indeed, in spite of what many people in Britain may believe, any outspoken opposition to the so-called 'accepted political establishment' may place the speaker in grave danger of being 'targeted' and listed as 'the enemy within.' This will almost certainly result in some form of action being taken against the dissident, as many political activists have found to their cost.
To counter this aggressive state activity, some British politicians eagerly point out 'speakers corner' in London, and the absurd figures of some screaming political idiots as examples of Britain's so-called democratic freedoms. These 'freedoms' are, however, nothing more than myths, as anyone inside the country can prove simply by trying to use true democracy. Indeed, the following factual account details what may really happen to those who do so.

The War On The Mind : Microwaves As A Weapon -Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen Kilde MUST SEE videos

Typical action plan

According to one source; Psyop's (Psyop's for short is used by both British and American security forces rather than using the long description of 'Psychological Warfare Operations.) training in the use of torture methods in the United Kingdom is undertaken at the Joint Warfare Establishment, which is located at the National Defense College in Latimer, where by 1976 almost two thousand British army officers had been trained to use psychological torture techniques purely for internal security purposes. Britain, SAS (Special Air Service) undercover operatives also now work with the police Special Branch in all major cities helping them to carry out gross civil and human rights crimes against British citizens. In trying to hide what they do, these plain clothed soldiers often use normal taxi services to ferry them from place to place.
When security forces do order an action' against a political dissident, it will be put into effect almost immediately. The action will be carried out in stages and overseen by the relevant experts as each stage of the operation progresses with a view to quickly bringing about disorientation (a dramatic change in one's circumstances), a personality change within the dissident and also a neurotic defense. This will almost inevitably lead the dissident into maladaptive ways of dealing with his, or her surroundings, and probably into psychotic depression (Severe depression in which the individual loses contact with reality and suffers from an array of impairments of normal functioning).
In using psychological torture, the dissident's body is not (initially) to be broken - only the mind. Therefore, a plan of action is called for that will accomplish exactly that.
To prevent the dissident from doing what he or she would do in any normal situation it is necessary to interfere with the usual functioning of their mind. In other words, their personality has to be broken down and altered until they become 'disorientated' and ready for 're-programming.' This will simply be the beginning of a personality change that can be continued in almost any direction the Psyops torture teams desire.
Just how far this process is taken will depend upon the agreed action plan and upon the 'classification' of the dissidents themselves. Often it will depend on just how 'dangerous' the dissidents are considered to be by those who want them silenced and 'neutralized.' Whatever, once the latter question has been decided by Psyop's their torture department will, by the extensive use of their combined knowledge, plus a fully documented personal history of the dissident, begin to put their plan into action.
When this plan is put into action, it will begin the effective, and sometimes permanent, personality change in the dissident. This may well result in a state of mind called 'situational neurosis.' (A neurotic syndrome produced by a particular environmental situation, usually one, which caused a great deal of stress, anxiety or other trauma.)
How effective this 'personality change' will be depends entirely on the intelligence of the dissidents in question, Such as their knowledge of psychology, psychiatry and so on, plus other factors. It is difficult to determine in advance exactly how any particular individual will react to psychological torture and psycho-control. Whatever, for the process to work satisfactorily a constant feedback of information is required so that Psyop's can constantly modify the action as the plan proceeds to its conclusion?
This requires that the 'targeted' dissident be both isolated as an individual and 'monitored' at will as the action progresses. This 'monitoring' is carefully carried out by the 'inside' team experts.
As reported by Fitzgerald and Wright; 'bugging' by both sound and vision devices is easy for any government intelligence service. These bugging devices can be installed in wall cavities, television sets video recorders, telephones and so on and today they may be monitored from almost anywhere on earth. It is the job of these electronics experts to make sure that these bugs and video devices are installed and working properly. Cell phones are excellent bugging devices and conversations can be heard through them by security forces' even when they are turned off. Personal tracking devices now also include chips in passports, credit cards and driving licenses and microwave devices.
Some of these devices are usually secretly installed inside the dissident's home and some others very close to it. Often in a house or apartment next door, or even a van parked across the street from where the dissident lives. Frighteningly effective, one of these devices is the military microwave machine. Developed by the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and now used by Psyop's teams throughout the world, this device is used by psychological torture teams to produce what is known as 'Synthetic Telepathy.' It is also known as 'Psychic Driving' or 'Voice Synthesis.' The latter means the remote beaming of audio (voices or other audible signals) directly into the brain of any selected human target. This particular weapon was demonstrated at a classified conference on so-called non-lethal defense, and held at the Kossiakoff Center, Applied Physics Laboratory, at Johns Hopkins University, Laurel, Maryland, on the 16th and the 17th November 1993. This device was however in use by government security forces long before then. The Bureau of State Security (BOSS) used one version of this microwave device against me in South Africa during the late seventies.
This military microwave device has at least two purposes. One, it can beam sounds or any human voice directly into the human brain so that the recipient can clearly hear them. And two, the microwave beams coming from it can also be used to destroy human tissue. As can be imagined, security services the world over quickly began to use this microwave device against their dissidents as they can do so with impunity. Indeed, these devices have been used for many years by both British and American security forces against their own and foreign dissident's. The German and the Australian security forces (amongst many others, including New Zealand and Australia) are also known to be widely using them on their dissidents. Damage from using these military microwave devices may include:
Mild to severe headaches; disorientation, fear and anxiety, sleep deprivation; nervousness and irritability; lethargy and fatigue; stress; nausea; insomnia; eye damage; paralysis; aggression and rage; paranoia and panic attacks; hysteria; schizophrenia; hallucinations; memory loss; disordered thought; uncharacteristic emotions; obsessive behavior; confusion; hopelessness; brain and nervous system damage; heart attacks; fast-acting cancers and severe depression leading to suicide, to name only a few.
When the military microwave device is directed or 'aimed' at the inside of a dissidents home the dissident is unlikely to become aware of it until (a) the torture team wants him / her to become aware of them. By (Hearing 'voices' in the head) or (b) when the dissidents become ill or begin to die from the damaging after effects of the microwave 'beams' being directed at them.
After being 'planted' inside the homes of dissidents, various bugging devices will be almost impossible to detect, and the average 'target' cannot prevent their use. This means that security forces can - through the use of ultra miniature motion cameras and other listening devices, both see and hear their 'target' whenever the dissident is inside his/or her property. Through this kind of electronic feedback and co-operation between the various members of the torture team, the plan of action is almost ready to be put into operation. However, according to Philip Agee, who was once a top CIA operative, first let us examine the role of the Psyop's heavies or 'Goon Squads.'
These goon-squad members are by stature insignificant in comparison to the rest of the torture team. They rarely know more than a little of what is really happening, (need to know) and they are not real team 'insiders'. They are however still very essential to the success of an action being taken against a dissident. Members of goon-squads need not have any kind of military background nor even be particularly intelligent. They are used not because they are clever but because they are gullible fools, who will do anything asked of them if they are led to believe that their actions are in the interests of 'The State.' These 'goons' can come from anywhere. They may even be professional criminals'. Indeed, from the writer's own personal experience, he knows that some of them are just that. In the United Kingdom and the United States, they may even be directly 'recruited' from prisons by Psyop's agents.
The task of these goon-squads is to integrate themselves into the community surrounding the dissident. They then pass on to Psyop's any information concerning the 'target'. They also use 'smear tactics' against the dissident to bring about a 'character assassination' that will eventually result in the dissident's social isolation. This is only the beginning of what will lead to the target's total internal or external exile. In addition to this, these goons will also stalk, harass, provoke or try to intimidate the dissident in many other ways.

Assessing the plan

Once a particular plan of action has been finalized and is ready to be put into action nothing is left to chance by the action group. Governments simply cannot afford to engage themselves in repression and torture unless they are very sure they will get away with it. However, as reported by Hollingsworth and Norton-Taylor, "The intelligence services will do whatever they can get away with."
The writer's own experience in these matters is that when mistakes are made by the security forces and their goon squads, it is nearly always due to their over-confidence. These people are often extremely arrogant and self - assured in manner, as fascist Nazi types often are. They believe they own the world and everyone in it. Whatever, these first actions against a dissident are then all that is required before a full ongoing torture action against him / or her, can begin. The only other consideration would be whether the full operational action against the dissident should be set in motion. This must be given serious thought by those directing the Psyop's team, for once the 'orders' have been given the dissident has in reality all but been sentenced to death.

Implementing the action
Once Britain's MI5 / MI6 torture departments have been sanctioned with a torture order, a complete action against the dissident begins.
Note: In the United Kingdom no official sanction by a government minister is necessary for the security services to begin a torture action against a dissident. The British security services are, unfortunately, a law unto themselves. In any case, British politicians in particular are easily deceived by the security services and are thought to be all but totally ignorant - or pretend to be, of cases concerning 'security torture actions against dissidents.'
Whatever the case may be, after being sanctioned by MI5 or Special Branch and their military SAS supporters the action against a dissident will then be carried out in stages to a carefully set pattern. Every detail of the operation will have been well prepared and nothing will have been overlooked. Whether the dissident lives alone, or with others, makes little difference at this stage of the operation. Though, by this time, it is probable that the dissidents who have been targeted by Psyop's are already living alone. Dissidents are by nature usually very determined people. They have a strong will power and are strong psychologically. Their families, however, are not always so, by the time dissidents have been targeted for total neutralization' by Psyop's they are usually living alone.
Many writers also tend to live alone because of their work. However, some dissidents do, of course, live with family, friends or lovers. Nevertheless, because of the psychological pressures put upon them by the security forces - and their goon-squads, these relationships may soon quickly break down as the torture team begins to fully repress and torture the dissident. Thus, the breaking up of personal or family relationships is simply the first part of the Psyop's 'softening up' process.

The action against the dissident is now developing as follows:

1. The dissident is denigrated, smeared and discredited wherever possible.
2. This will bring about social isolation, ridicule and provocation by security 'stooges' on a daily basis.
3. This will lead to 'internal exile' the effects of which are well documented by the Rehabilitation and Research Center for Torture Victims (RCT) in Denmark.
4. Security forces will inform anyone who may come into contact with a dissident to denigrate and abuse the dissident in any way possible. They will also be told to use the term 'communist' and 'subversive' when referring to the dissident in any way.
5. Security 'goons' will in public use much verbal abuse against the dissident. They will also try to provoke him in physical confrontations in attempts to harm or criminalize him.
6. If the dissident has a job his / her employer will be contacted by security and he will either lose that job or their work will be made much more difficult. If the dissident is self-employed his / her customers will be contacted by security and persuaded' to take their business elsewhere.
7. The dissidents phone, fax, mail and e-mail and Internet conections, will be 'bugged' and monitored around the clock. Messages will fail to get through and their phone line will suffer from many disruptions.
8. The dissident will suffer much abuse from neighbors'. There will be many 'noise' problems and 'severe sleep deprivation' will undoubtedly become a daily part of the actions being taken against him or her.
9. The dissident's property will be entered and damaged on a regular basis whenever the dissident leaves it. His personal property, documents, electronic devices, etc, will be stolen or damaged. Money will also be taken and the dissident's car will be damaged and sabotaged.
10. No matter what locks are installed on a dissident's apartment, or house, the security services are always able to get inside. Having done so, one of the many things they often do is to get into a dissidents computer and alter or delete any files there. This has happened to me many times. They also damage computers and other equipment in various ways.

NOTE: If you are a dissident philosopher / writer / researcher, all the above repressive techniques, plus many more, might well be used against you. Possibly your family may also suffer abuses of one kind or another as the security services and their agents try to drive you apart.

As time progresses, just a few days - or weeks at the most, the dissident will be under no illusion that the pattern of their life is rapidly changing. They will quickly notice that the attitude of people who were once friendly towards them has changed dramatically. There will be much hostility directed at them, sometimes even from people they considered to be their close friends. As a result, the dissident will, naturally enough, become confused and upset. More so as nobody will have told the dissident the real reason for this change in attitude towards him. The dissident will then be left with a constant anxiety he cannot alleviate. Gradually this in turn will result in chronic stress. He will be unable to concentrate properly and through sleep deprivation, proper rest will evade him. His work suffers and he will begin to get severe headaches and other disorders.
In effect, the dissident's personality has already begun to change in response to the new environment surrounding them. Soon they will be totally stressed out as they become upset, more restless and angry at a situation that is totally beyond their control. This process of change within the dissidents will now also begin to alter their daily habits and their personalities to a degree they could never before have imagined.
The Psyop's torture team will note every single detail of these personality changes and they will be exacerbated wherever possible. For most people their home is their refuge. When friends, work and so on, get them down they can return home and relax. Home is where people unwind from the day's stresses, where their mind can be eased into a restful state and where they can just be themselves away from the cares of the world. Home is a refuge where all animals, human or otherwise, can recuperate in order to face another day. Home is not a luxury. Home is a necessity for peace of mind, and the recuperation of the body.
However, in a police state, and during an action against them, dissidents are totally denied the benefits their homes should allow them. Indeed, the Psyop's torture team makes very sure that dissidents receive no peace of mind whatsoever. For their job is to make sure that the dissident cannot recover from the actions being taken against him. They do this by turning the dissident's own home into what can only be called a torture chamber.
Sleep deprivation has long been used as a weapon by the security forces. Keeping prisoners constantly awake for long periods of time soon reduces them to a very pitiful state of mind. Continual sleep deprivation also breaks down the immune system, which may well lead to all kinds of physical and mental problems. This particular method of torture is fully used against dissidents inside their homes as they discover they suddenly have 'new neighbors' - and these really are the neighbors from hell. For these new neighbors are an essential part of the torture team, and they will fit neatly into whatever neighborhood the dissident lives in. The difference being that these 'goons' will become very troublesome indeed, particularly so if the dissident lives in an apartment. Banging doors and loud music being played throughout the day and night will simply be a prelude to the goons' actions against their target. Other actions against him / or her will be committed on a daily basis and they will include; stalking, harassment, damage to cars and property, burglary, theft of all kinds, and various petty assaults against them. These assaults are attempts to provoke dissidents into making some kind of physical retaliatory action against their persecutors. These attempts at provoking and criminalizing the dissident are a common feature during actions against targets.
Any efforts on the part of the dissident to counter these violations against them and their property will be met with hostility and derision by those to whom they complain. Indeed, it is the dissident 'targets' themselves whom will be labeled as 'troublemakers.' They will also be constantly vilified as being 'admitted communists' in attempts to justify the actions being taken against them.

Barrie Zwicker with Former MI5 Whistleblower Annie Machon Pt 1-5

Dissidents trying to 'move away' from their present location to live somewhere else - anywhere else in the same country, would be pointless. Psyop's and their goon squads would simply follow the dissident wherever he / or she went. So moving house is also no solution to the dissident's problems. Accordingly the dissident will be forced to remain where they are in a constantly disturbed frame of mind twenty-four hours a day, which of course is the intention of security. The continuous harassment and provocation is simply an integral part of the action being taken against dissidents. Who may then quite naturally develop a paranoid state of mind. (An acute form of paranoid disorder brought about by an abrupt shift in occupation or in living conditions.)
Being outside their homes also offers no relief to dissidents. For again 'goon squads' will follow them, stalking them wherever they may go, constantly trying to provoke them as they also try to incite other people to do the same. Wherever the dissident goes he / she will be under constant pressure to defend themselves. In so doing, a constant flow of adrenaline is being pumped into their bloodstream, for the dissident quite naturally believes that he, or she, may be attacked and injured at any moment. Adrenaline is nature's way of preparing the body to defend itself against any possible attack. Adrenaline in small amounts is the body's own natural stimulant and in small doses it is quite harmless. However, large amounts of adrenaline induced into the human system on a daily basis become a poison which can also bring on severe headaches and other trauma.
Note: The overproduction of Adrenaline, also called Epinephrine, may also 'turn off' the digestive system, the reproductive system and indeed lead to a breakdown of the entire human system.
The social isolation of torture victims may also lead to a twofold increase in probable heart attacks.
The latter is simply one of the reasons why Psyop's torture teams make very sure that dissidents will continually be subjected to all kinds of vindictive pressures that undoubtedly will introduce very large amounts of adrenaline into the bloodstream. Indeed, this kind of 'pressure' will be applied against the dissident every single time that he or she leaves their 'home.'
In addition to this type of harassment, persecution and assault from MI5 and Special Branch agent's the targeted dissidents will also be subjected to the same kind of 'treatment' from local political stooges, the intention being to increase the already tremendous pressure on the dissident to either fight or flee. These measures also act as a 'visible warning' should any other local people be tempted to dissent in any way.
However, even if the dissidents could physically retaliate in order to defend themselves against that kind of persecution, neither they, nor anyone else, could do so every single day without sustaining grievous bodily injury. It is simply not possible. So again, the dissidents will find themselves in a no win desperate situation. And, of course, the dissident has nobody to complain to. Should anyone try to describe the kind of actions that have just been described to the police, they will, of course deny all responsibility, and simply say that the dissident is suffering from paranoia or a 'persecution complex'. Special Branch is the British secret police in any case so any complaints of torture directed at them are pointless and of no use to dissidents whatsoever.
Accusations of a dissident suffering from paranoia is, of course, exactly the kind of condition security would want believed. For afterward anything that the dissident says has happened to him / or her would simply be put down to a 'persecution complex.' Security' can then change or label that purported condition into anything they want it to mean, which can then result in British dissidents being railroaded into mental institutions by their secret police. This happened to George Farquhar, who then ran the excellent Internet Freedom Network Web site that widely exposed torture and political corruption in Britain, just as I had so many years before.
This kind of repression is now happening to a great many British dissidents, just as it did to many other Russian political dissidents years ago. During those dark times the British media was quick to show it's outrage at what the Soviet Union was doing to its political dissidents, yet while successive hypocritical British governments have been doing exactly the same, and worse, to its own dissidents during the last thirty years at least, the media there has remained totally silent on the subject of wide political dissent and repression in the UK.

Note: Dissidents in the UK will in any case almost certainly be accused of having a 'persecution complex or suffering from paranoia as a part of the actions taken against them by the security services. Researchers on this particular subject may also have similar charges leveled against them.

As the action taking place against the dissident moves steadily along, it is then increased as the process of breaking the dissident continues unabated until a 'personality disintegration', which means changing the dissident's thoughts and personality into whatever the Psyop's department would like them to be, has been accomplished or the dissident is dead. Yes, 'Manchurian Candidates' are a reality in Britain.
Security has more than enough time until this eventual 'breakdown' is brought about, for the dissident is by this time 'locked in.' He or she has been totally isolated. The dissident has no one to turn to for help, and they have nowhere to go. There is no safe heaven for him / her, not even inside their own home. Slowly but surely, the dissident is being worn down as their entire system begins to disintegrate under all the pressures that have been carefully built up around them and applied for twenty-four hours a day. Indeed, most people would already be on the verge of a severe nervous breakdown, and undoubtedly many of them would breakdown completely. Many dissident targets' are thought to have been driven into committing suicide' by British security forces. Those that had not become broken human beings would probably be placed in accident' situations and killed by security' therefore becoming permanently neutralized'.


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London 7/7 Bomb Witness - Inside Job PROOF

Brainwashing (Psychic Driving)

Developed by the CIA and now being used by fascist Psyop's teams around the world is the psychological torture technique known as 'Psychic Driving' or 'Synthetic Telepathy.'
In the proceeding sections, it has been indicated that a dissident, close to a nervous breakdown and in fear of his or her life, is already on the verge of total mental collapse. But worse is to come. The horrors the dissident has already suffered are added to by the security services using 'Synthetic Telepathy' to directly destroy the dissident's mind. The military microwave machine brings this about. This device shows a kind of x-ray picture of the inside of a property and the people within it. It can also beam sounds towards the dissident's head, causing him, or her, to 'hear' whatever sounds or 'voices' security wishes the dissident to hear. However, the prime intent of this particular operation is to make dissidents believe that the 'voices' they will begin to hear originate inside their own heads. But they do not. The voices that are heard belong to highly trained security experts, who have specifically formulated a psychological 'program' that has been designed to 'drive' the dissident into total mental submission.
Using microwave devices, these security experts might begin their first 'Psychic Driving' action against the dissident by describing the dissidents every physical movement. For instance, if the dissident has just arrived home and is going to the toilet, he would suddenly hear the words "He is going to the bathroom" or "He is washing his hands", and so on, and those words would be clearly heard and 'understood' inside the dissidents mind.
We do of course all hear voices, from people who speak to us, from the radio or television, etc, but psychic driving is different in that we can't see where the sounds are coming from? That is what makes psychic driving so terrifying to some people. Suddenly 'hearing voices' inside an apparently empty house or an apartment could be a shocking experience for anyone at anytime. But for a Psyop's target, it would be far worse. For after already suffering a prolonged period of persecution and harassment by the security forces the sudden 'hearing of voices' immediately instills within the dissident target's mind the feeling that they have been 'driven over the edge' and into madness. And indeed, that mental condition is precisely what security is trying to achieve.
This type of mental 'torture and brainwashing' would continue non-stop for as long as the dissident remained in that particular location. Throughout the day and night 're-programming' of the dissident's mind would continue. Sleep deprivation would be inevitable, though eventually the dissident would fall into unconsciousness through sheer exhaustion. It would be during this period when further and continuous deep 're-programming' would take place.
However, the main purpose of that very first 'voice' session would be to enable security to judge the reactions of the dissident when they suddenly found them self 'hearing voices.' There are various emotional 'catch words' which any person will immediately respond to, words of praise, for instance, profanity, and so on. By using those types of 'word trigger's' the Psyop's torture team can gradually fix the ideal 'response level' of any particular dissident target as they react to those triggers. Once that level is established, any kind of message can be relayed to the target without anyone else nearby being consciously aware of what is actually taking place. Psychic driving is the perfect device for 'brainwashing' dissidents and one that is being increasingly used by British security and other Psyop's torture teams around the world, particularly against writers and researchers who seek to expose the widespread use of such methods and devices within Britain, Australia, New Zealand the United States and elsewhere. (It is believed that some supermarket chains are now also using a similar device to entice shoppers to buy certain goods.)
The workings of the human mind are, even today, far from being fully understood. There are, however, certain aspects of mind control that are understood very well indeed. Suggestions of many kinds can quite easily be introduced into the human mind by various techniques. Experts in these psychological techniques can produce (under the right control) almost any psychological result they require, particularly so if the 'subjects' themselves are ignorant of the torture techniques being used against the population. And in Britain where mass censorship covers up such information, most people are.

In the United States between 1950 and 1973, the American CIA had already carried out extensive mind-control experiments at universities, prisons, and hospitals. A released US government document informs us that directed-energy weapons currently being deployed in covert operations by the CIA include a microwave weapon manufactured by Lockheed-Sanders.
This weapon is was also used for the process known as 'Voice Synthesis' - which again is the remote beaming of audio signals directly into the brain of any selected human target. This is also known as V2S voice to skull.

Note: Microwave weapons have now advanced to a remarkable degree. They are even being beamed against populations from satellites high above the earth. Watch the enclosed video by Barrie Trower, a British military expert on microwave warfare.

Microwave Warfare - Barrie Trower. British military expert exposes criminal conspiracy by UK and USA to torture and brainwash populations worldwide video Part 1 / 11
Barrie Trower bonus videos

MKULTRA was the code name for the research and development of psycho-control weapons. These experiments however, were not the end of the Central Intelligence Agency's interest in controlling populations through mind control.
As Walter Bowart states in his book, Operation Mind Control:
"The CIA and the National Security Agency (NSA) had developed psycho-control to such a degree that no further experiments were necessary. They had found what they were looking for. After 1973, these American Security Agencies simply used the results of their research to con the American public into believing whatever they wanted them to believe. And they still do."
Much of the above research was passed along to other authoritarian governments including Britain, Germany and Australia. This technology is being used by all of these governments against their citizens today.
The microwave devices produced as a result of the above research and used by Britain's MI5 / MI6, as referred to by Bloch and Fitzgerald, was also reportedly used against some of the protesting Greenham Common women in 1984 and 1985, who developed some very unusual physical effects as a result, such as severe headaches, earache, nosebleeds, nausea, vertigo, fatigue, severe depression and confusion. All these symptoms point to microwave poisoning.
An expert view was that anti-personnel microwave devices might well have been used against the Greenham Common women. A retired playwright also suffered similar symptoms to these women in 1983. Indeed, today there are a huge number of dissidents throughout the world who are now reporting 'microwave poisoning' as well as hearing 'voices' in the 'head.' They are also showing other symptoms, such as those documented by Bowart, Krawczyk, and other writer / researchers.
Anyone without a very strong personality and a thorough knowledge of exactly how these techniques work, and how they are used could soon develop a very severe personality disorder, even more so, if they are low on psychological intelligence. Anyone being tortured by such methods could very quickly begin to doubt their own sanity from that moment onwards.
The only respite any targeted dissident would have is when they moved away from the building or area where these devices were being used against them. However, Psyop's would have anticipated some kind of recovery when their 'target' did move away from the psycho-device source, and they would have planned against any improvement in the dissident's plight by having the dissident stalked and harassed the moment they left the location where the devices were being used against them. The dissidents would then simply not have time to try and begin to rationalize their situation because they would already have been confronted by another situation specifically designed not to give them time to think or recover their proper senses.
Inside their 'homes', the targeted dissidents would continue to be psychologically battered from all sides. Being isolated, alone, and without proper training in such matters the dissidents would last for only a short time before they collapsed both mentally and physically. In short, they would in all probability soon become 'broken human beings.'
Through continuous character assassination, gang-stalking, harassment, verbal abuse, intimidation, provocation, psycho-abuse, damage to their property and continuous sleep deprivation, the addition of sustained brainwashing through 'Psychic driving techniques' might well push the dissident over the edge of reason into total insanity. However, should the dissident have survived so far, they must be made to believe that the Psyop's control and observation' of them is 'absolute.'
For instance, some dissidents travel a great deal, possibly to other countries as well as their own, and they have to 'be convinced' that the security services are still 'keeping them under surveillance'. The following passages detail how MI5 / MI6 instills that belief in their target.

MICROWAVE WARFARE - Slow Kill Assassination by Government - video

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911, 10 years on - Is the World a Safer Place?
Jordan Maxwell - Queen of England Exposed 4/4 - video

United States of America and UK are leading terrorist states. Noam Chomsky interview HQ - video

Torture - Reinforcement techniques as used by MI5 / MI6

This technique is called 'the reinforcement effect (PRE). The generalization that behavior maintained with partial or intermittent reinforcement has greater resistance to extinction.
This 'psycho-control' is at first brought about by using Psyop's goons who have previously been used to intimidate the dissidents and whom dissidents know because of that. These goons will, when being close to the dissident, use a particular 'hand signal' which will immediately alert the dissident as to exactly who these goons are working for. For instance, in Britain, directly or indirectly 'political stooges and goons' are widely used by MI5 and the police Special Branch to persecute dissidents. It follows then that certain 'particular hand signals' used by known MI5 goons identify them as being 'agents or stooges' of MI5. Therefore, any such a signal seen by a 'target' will make the target believe that anyone giving that hand signal does indeed work for MI5, and that the person giving that signal is 'keeping him or her under surveillance.'
These 'hand signals' are in fact 'psychological triggers'. The purpose of them is not only to make a dissident believe security is 'keeping them under surveillance' they also remind the dissident 'by association and suggestion' of the highly unpleasant events, and / or experiences of his 'torture sessions.' So, anyone who knows the particular signal, for any given target, can give that hand signal anywhere in the world where the dissident might be, and the dissident will immediately be reminded of what he, or she, is trying to forget, which is their torture at the hands of the British Security Service MI5.
For it to work properly, however, the 'signal' or 'trigger' must be one the dissident instantly recognizes, otherwise the person giving it will simply look like a fool waving their hands about. I say this because MI5 security stooges often encourage other people to use these 'hand signals' against dissidents after misinforming them that these 'hand signals' are not only harmless but are in themselves 'the only torture' that the dissident has endured in Britain. That is simply untrue, but it is a lie that unfortunately is believed by many people inside and out of Britain, who, because of widespread censorship, know almost nothing of psychological torture or what is happening to political dissidents today or of the repressive methods being used against them.
Whatever, these kinds of psychological 'triggers' can be used in many other ways by MI5 torture teams, some of which could very easily bring about a heart attack in their victim?
Such methods as I have described in this report have taken place in the United Kingdom over a great many years and they continue to be widely used there today. The many victims of such abuses have as yet failed to bring the perpetrators (MI5 and MI6) to any kind of justice, and British human rights groups totally refuse to act in such cases. As already stated, Britain's security services are a law unto themselves, so in spite of the growing number of claims of political repression and torture that are cropping up year after year it appears that nothing can be done to prevent such abuses taking place in Britain. The district I chose for my main research in the United Kingdom (North Yorkshire) is well known by the British media. Indeed, the media was well aware not only of my repression and torture there but also of the torture of many other people. However, the press did nothing whatsoever to try and prevent it, nor to expose the people involved.

Much more information on torture in Britain can be found at: Http:// and on the Internet Web site: along with a long list of British torture survivors.


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Dr. Nick Begich: Electronic, Psychotronic Mind Control 1/4

A Guide for Targeted Individuals

An Electronic Concentration Camp: Big Brother in the Sky

Torture in the United Kingdom

Many people in the United Kingdom still believe that torture is limited to Third World countries. However, as reported by Ackroyd, Margolis, Rosenhead and Shallice
"Britain, France and the United States have all carried out torture in their colonial wars in Aden, Africa, Algeria, Vietnam, Salvador, Columbia, Chile, Guatemala and many other countries elsewhere,"
Nevertheless, Vitaliev informs us that in Australia, Britain used psychological torture even as far back as the 1850's. (In Port Arthur against its prison population there.) However, after a hundred prisoners or more had been driven insane the prison had to close down, as there was nobody left inside the prison who was sane.
In the early nineteenth century, Ackroyd, Margolis, Rosenhead and Shallice relate in their book that;
"Prisoners were twenty times more likely to be diagnosed insane in Britain's Pentonville prison where solitary confinement was used, than at other prisons where it was not."
Even today, it is claimed by the same authors that 'psychological control' is being used inside British prisons in order to 'break' so-called 'subverters' and that Britain the USA and Germany have been devising new methods of psychological torture to use on people simply suspected of being political dissidents.
Some of these methods are explained by Ristow. Bloch and Fizgerald also state that: "By 1976 the British Ministry of Defense confirmed that 1.858 army officers and 262 senior civil servants had been trained to use psychological torture techniques for internal security purposes." And furthermore that "Psyop's have acquired the ability to launch political campaigns in pursuit of military objectives without reference to the political regime."
Note: If we assume for one moment that these army officers alone had each been responsible for only one case of torture per year since 1976 then it is fair to say that at least 35.000 persons in Britain may have been tortured by them. However, if the civil servants in question have also used their training to organize torture, (why train them in such methods if they were not going to use them) and they in their turn were responsible for only one tortured person each year since 1976, that would add on another 4.978 victims, which when added together would make a total of well over 40.000 British torture victims. The latter is still one of Britain's dirtiest secrets. Hopefully it will be revealed for all to see if the people of that country finally do get an honest government!
Whatever, it is highly unlikely that the British Ministry of Defense would go to such great expense in training their soldiers and other agents to torture dissidents without expecting a far higher return than that. Indeed, the stated officials, whether military or civilian, were senior in rank and were quite obviously trained as instructors. They would have been expected to form torture teams and departments of their own amongst the lower ranks, whose business it would be to actually carry out these vile actions against the population.
From the writers own experience in various parts of the world, including the United Kingdom, it is known that torture team departments may contain anything from five people upwards, half of them being specialists of one kind or another. Thousands of these specialists practice their barbarous trade in various locations all over Britain wherever they are 'needed.' Therefore it may be assumed that a large number of 'target dissidents' are attended to every year by each department. As stated already, due to their ignorance on the subject of psychological torture, a normal dissident target would be 'taken out' in a matter of weeks, or a few months at the most. It therefore follows that the latter suggested figure of 40.000 targets may well be vastly underestimated. As all these torture teams work on a 'need to know' basis, the true figure could be twice as high, or indeed ten times as high. Nobody outside of the security services could be expected to know. And, of course, many of the dissident 'victims' will be dead. Torture has never been carried out in any country, without many resulting fatalities. Death hides the crimes of the 'security forces' and their 'death squads' just as it has always done.
As I have stated, the above figures are an assumption. They may be incorrect. However, would any genuine human rights organization not want to make sure. Would they take that chance? Would they not want to try and check for themselves? In the light of new British torture victims, appearing almost on a weekly basis one could certainly be forgiven for thinking so.
Genuine human rights researchers are not fools. They know the history of the security services worldwide. They know just how powerful those organizations are. They know of their lies and deceptions. So why do these human rights organizations not act. Have we learned nothing from the holocausts of the Second World War and other grave tragedies that have constantly taken place since then? Don't they know that they too might be the next victims of these modern day Nazis?
That British Human Rights organizations have done nothing whatsoever to protest the horrors being committed by MI5, MI6 and their agents - nor done anything to help the many British torture victims, is an insult to anyone who ever supported them. Amnesty International, Liberty and Redress have all been severely criticized for not daring to confront and expose psychological torture and repression in the UK - yet their inaction has remained constant for many years now. So much so, that one can't help but wonder just what is it they do with the many millions of pounds they collect in donations from the public each year. They certainly don't use it to protect the British citizens it came from.
Amnesty International in particular should be ashamed at their inaction. In 1993 Pierre Sane the secretary-general of Amnesty said:

"Governments are prepared to go to great lengths to cover up their crimes. They know that a bloodstained human rights record will damage their international image. So, they set up phony human rights institutions to cover up crimes. They use sophisticated public relations techniques, lies behind lies. Governments use death squads and undercover agents so that they can deny involvement. Everything has become much more subtle since Amnesty International was founded. To make people disappear you need sophisticated security arrangements, and secret departments. Human rights abuses have not gone away. They have just gone further into the dark."

Is that the answer - are British human rights organizations 'phony' too. Have they simply become another arm of the government?

Much more research is needed. In view of the past sordid history of action against dissidents by Britain's secret security services, dare any genuine human rights organization continue to ignore such a situation? In Britain - quite apparently so. The silence of so-called human rights organizations in the UK gives cause for great concern. Particularly since the writers Ackroyd, Margolis, Rosenhead and Shallice report that the British security services MI5, MI6 and the military SAS, are (along with their German counterparts) also designing psychological torture methods to make them appear as being relatively harmless. In other words, British security is attempting to make torture politically acceptable as well as making it technically effective.'

The actions of the Special Air Service (SAS) in aiding the security services to persecute and torture British political dissidents over the last thirty years at least are despicable. There is nothing elite at all about the SAS. We should now simply start calling them the SS - which is a far more truthful and fitting description of them considering their fascist crimes against British and citizens of other countries. These defenders of British royalty are nothing more than international terrorists and they should be regarded as such. They are the worst kinds of criminals who bring shame upon themselves and the country that breeds and tolerates them.
It is said that the real quality of a soldier is judged by the quality of his enemy. In Britain and Columbia, where the British SAS operates extensively, they are faced with little more than poor people who are simply trying to gain a better life for themselves and their families by trying to build a fairer society. Yet Colombian Paramilitaries, with much British and American help, have admitted to murdering at least 150 Thousand Colombian political dissidents. People who are totally defenseless against the unaccountable ruthless state power exercised by the SAS and the fascists that control them. The crushing of freedom and democracy is the hallmark of fascism. Can anyone seriously doubt that British politicians, who are willingly supporting these vast human rights crimes abroad are not covering up similar gross atrocities inside Britain?
Undercover armed SAS soldiers will soon be seen on British streets. Supposedly to combat 'terrorism', but in reality they will be used against protesters and other groups who desire true democracy. These dissident groups are now conveniently being labeled as terrorists by fascist governments who see their existence as a threat to them just as Herr Hitler did back in the thirties.

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Corporate media silent on Colombian paramilitaries' confession to more than 30,000 murders

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What Have We Done?

The writers own personal experiences as a dissident and British torture victim leaves him in no doubt whatsoever that these sophisticated torture techniques are also being tested by the security services in attempts to ensure not only social acceptability but also social participation. Indeed, a great many people in at least one British town ( Harrogate. North Yorkshire) have willingly participated in these tests for over twenty years. Can it be just a coincidence that America's National Security Agency's (NSA) huge SIGINT spy base is also located at Menwith Hill, which is near Harrogate?
Note: At the present time British torture teams are known to be terrorizing and torturing a large number of political dissidents. We know of at least 70 people who are being terrorized and tortured in Britain right now as I write this report. We have all the victim's names and full details of the repression being carried out against them. This is undoubtedly the mere tip of a very large iceberg as more British victims are constantly coming forward to expose what is and has been happening to them inside the United Kingdom over many years. There is undoubtedly a huge number of many more victims who have been internally exiled and are without access to a computer. Yet the British media has failed to publish anything about these terrible state crimes. Indeed, they have fully colluded with governments in suppressing any information that highlights their human rights abuses against the British population.
Note: Under international law, torture is punishable by life imprisonment. There is no time limiting when perpetrators can be brought to justice.

"No-one concerned about civil liberties can ignore Menwith Hill. Despite many attempts to get answers to questions, it is quite clear that Menwith Hill is not accountable to MPs and therefore not to the British people"

Alice Mahon MP.

Public Ignorance

It could be argued that a government's use of torture would soon become public knowledge, no matter what precautions had been taken by the security services of that country. However, this view does not take into account the vast amount of power held and ruthlessly used by some governments and their agents.
Many people wrongly believe that any form of torture would quickly become apparent and that a nation's newspapers and television stations would expose such a situation to wide public scrutiny at very short notice. Sadly, however, that is certainly not the case today. It may once have been, but the kind of insidious censorship now practiced by many governments prevents much 'real news' from ever reaching the public at all, as the recent Wiki-leaks have documented. Indeed, 'the media' has become as corrupted as most governments. It panders mainly to the trivial and true investigative reporters have all but vanished from the mainstream media.
Honest reporters and writers quickly find that 'big business' now decides what will be published or not. Going against 'the system' - particularly in matters of so-called 'state security', very rarely pays off. Indeed, many newspaper editors were 'allowed' to take up their positions through their supporting government corruption in the first place. In the United Kingdom, for instance, newspaper editors often retire 'with royal honors' for not upsetting the system. Not because they were outstanding editors, as might be imagined, (As the very poor state of many British 'newspapers' readily shows!) but simply because they failed to tell their readers the truth.
No British newspaper editors received a Knighthood after exposing my 1995 report 'Torture in Britain' to the public gaze. The same can be said of British television, where hundreds, if not thousands, of programs have been censored for simply daring to attempt to tell the truth about all kinds of subjects.
However, should British newspaper editors decide to chance their luck there is always the covert censorship of the 'D' Notice system and the notorious 'Official Secrets Act.'
It is thus to be expected that t...
Martin Luther King - "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."
Albert Camus - "The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion".
Douglas MacArthur — "Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword obviously never encountered automatic weapons."
Albert Camus - "Nothing is more despicable than respect based on fear."
Contender for the cause of the 'trigeminal' /migrainous neuralgia I had for 180nights straight: Pain relief implant from the Mail on Sunday, 26June'16. The location is accurate to where the synthetic trigeminal'/migrainous neuralgia I had for 180nights, knowing it to be artificial, was focused, ie. a torture implant. All underlines are references I've had, often by pain in the right cheek region; 2 of these stand-out here, "SPG" (to me, being a self propelled gun) sphenopalatine "ganglion" (come to think of it, I've had "palatine" too; Co. Durham is a 'Palatinate', for what it's worth, & of course, the Palatine Hill in hundreds of "Rome" refs - that's how the schiz 'learned confusion in thinking 'training' works), & recently, as of the last 2months, "silver" has been ref'ed 4-6times; these refs were odd; most were very very slight, the vaguest of notions that my attention was being drawn to it, with a couple of successive refs being more overt pain pulse, sound apophenic, muscle twitch. The shitehounds are being very overt these days, regardless of the fact/no-fact here the suspicion is strong, it tallies with a lot, but I don't have it in the palm of my hand.

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=8455&stc=1]

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.jpg   MoSSPGImplant26June2016colourrefs.jpg (Size: 894.82 KB / Downloads: 30)
Martin Luther King - "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."
Albert Camus - "The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion".
Douglas MacArthur — "Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword obviously never encountered automatic weapons."
Albert Camus - "Nothing is more despicable than respect based on fear."
Oh! sirensirensirens 5:21pm - been working on this one for all of a few days, psyche aspects of shitehoundery - the Hero Complex and it's effects and collaterals-

Helmig 1Ed Helmig Professor Donahue PSY136IC11/3/14 -

The Hero Complex

Carl Jung, Swiss psychiatrist and founder of analytical psychology, found that the phenomenon of fragmented identity (Ben's "I'm a sweetheart", I'm a serial killer') can result in what he referred to as complexes. A complex is a core pattern of emotions, memories, perceptions, and wishes in the personal unconscious organized around a common theme, such as power or status (the last synthetic telepathy I had, c.Nov2013, "Powwerrr!"; I'm top sniper') (Schultz, D. & Schultz, S., 2009).The hero complex, also known as hero syndrome or superhero complex (lots & lots of "Superhero" & "gods" references, & a 24'.gif sent by Ben' of the hero leaping off shipping containers to apprehend the miscreant), is an inherent desire to help others. It is a compulsion to help make the world right. The hero complex is not officially a disorder or disease although there is an increasing amount of people who suffer from it. Those who suffer from it tend to feel like they do not understand what is wrong with them, or feel that the current life they live is insufficient. The inability to perform to expectations in one's profession or the failure to master a specific craft, as well as influences from popular culture might be considered the main factors of the development of the hero complex. (The majority of references that I get are from tv/film/comic books & fantasy culture'))

While certainly admirable, the hero complex has negative side-effects on the individual and those around them. If taken to the extreme, it could lead to the person becoming exhausted or depressed due to being powerless to protect everyone. They are very idealistic people, to the point that they struggle to face the reality that it's not humanly possible to save everyone (hence their Tesco'-refs? "Every little helps"?. Their compulsive heroism can also make them easy to manipulate (in the Nazi state, the V-manner/Vertrauensmann, were supposed to be recruited from those having as little culture, common sense, objectivity and logic as possible.' There's a hierarchy; those with the mind machine, the psychopaths charm the cyber Ted Bundys, and the PR' narrative networks' nous, manipulate those without). Someone who recognizes this can influence them and use their compassion to trick them or discourage them (a full-spectrum hard' & soft' influencing; Ben's "Would you rather have $10,000, or the ability to control bees?"). Other times, an individual may force themselves into a situation to save someone without knowing the whole picture, making matters worse. This happens frequently to vigilante heroes, ordinary people who act outside of the law and police forces to administer justice on their own. If the vigilantes are not well- trained or well-intentioned, they could cause as many problems as the criminals they intend to stop (Footnote1 See below). In many circumstances, the situations someone with the hero complex tries to tackle are very difficult and self-created in order to get a sense of self-worth. This is quite common when people are in a profession where they aren't doing that well but want to feel good about themselves. Thus, they are easily prone to bragging about the nature of their achievements and the difficulties of the job. They like to act as a rescuer for others even when unnecessary and feel like they have a burden to carry (Ben's quite the braggard, "I'm a character" in every email; something of the flava' of social misfits but internet party animals. See below ** LL competition I'll drop that one in somewhere later bored of this atm). Often their actions may be considered odd by others and this leads to more seclusion and depression (Ben's "black dog" (of despair)?, unusual ref., 2008, poached from Churchill). Civil servants, nurses and fire-fighters are quite susceptible to this problem and may commit arson and crime for thrill-seeking and revenge aswell. However, most of the actions are simply a desperate need to compensate for past failures. (Apparently, quite the attention-seeker, often getting banned for a week or two, on Luelinks, for inappropriate posts; often went out of his way to show that he'd charm them into relenting; his name on LL was apparently Jerry Garcia, of the Grateful Dead'…).

Those who are most commonly known to develop and claim to have the hero complex are fire-fighters and police officers. In July of 2004, a 27 year old transit police officer Joseph Rodriguez was accused of placing a bomb in Times Square subway station. It had caused a blast that injured him (The gold-standard of superhero self-envictimisation, & "Revenge") minutes after he warned commuters of an impending explosion. Rodriguez was set to be retired on a psychological disability pension two days after the bomb exploded. Other law enforcement officials had suggested that he wanted a courageous act to cap his four-year career with the force, or to keep it from ending. On March 22, 2009, a 19 year old Caleb Lacey was arrested for setting fire to a neighbor's apartment building in North Lawrence, New York. Lacey, who was a volunteer firefighter, had poured gasoline on the stairwell, and then waited at the fire station for the alert. The NYPD explained, "The person setting the fire wants to be a hero in saving lives or in putting out the fire". Both Rodriguez and Lacey are examples of individuals who tried and failed at their mission of becoming recognized as a hero. (Cyber-anonymity procures individualisation & dispenses with guilt or a reasoned demonstration of evidences a Get out of gaol free' card; No.18's "Protected by the law").

The hero complex isn't defined as an official disorder in the current version of the DSM, however it is a real problem to many civil servants and other individuals in today's society. It might not be in the current DSM due to the fact that it is loosely defined, and can be related to multiple other issues and disorders (There's a mass of psychotic pathologies in there). The desire to be a hero can also become an obsession, referred to as the Messiah Complex ("gods", "Glaswegian devil worshippers", Ben's "Lucifer/Lockmat666") or Chronic Hero Syndrome (Ben's "Secretly Batman"), when a person is incapable of turning away from someone who needs help. However, the hero complex can also be related to diseases. Munchausen syndrome by proxy could be closely considered to be related to the hero complex. Someone who has Munchausen syndrome by proxy acts as if the individual that he or she is caring for has a physical or mental illness ("doctors/disease/cure/mad/crazy/cleanse" & "teachers/reform"), even when the person is not really sick. The adult perpetrator directly produces lies about illness in another person under his or her care, usually a child under 6 years of age. It is considered a form of abuse by the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children. However, cases have been reported of adult victims. Munchausen syndrome by proxy could certainly be considered related to the hero syndrome (references from the narrative template are far too quick and long-term consistent to be put-on' this is real thinking'). By basing both problems under the same premise, the individual is attempting to be admired by those around them as an unselfish, caring and heroic person; it's clear that these difficulties could possibly be associated with one another. There are a lot of other disorders and diseases that could relate to the hero complex which, along with other complexes, is most likely the reason it isn't defined in the DSM.

Popular culture ("MatrixMatrixMatrix", "GameOfThrones" etc.) is another source that could be thought of as an influence on those who develop the hero complex (Very many by proportion refs are from light entertainment, pop culture, fantasy). Some of the most widely known figures in popular culture are considered to have the hero complex themselves. Batman is one of the most recognized icons known to suffer from the hero complex. Batman is known to often push himself to his very physical limits to save people, and ends up wearing himself out. He spends countless hours watching over and protecting the city at his own expense. Another example of a popular culture icon is Mr. Incredible from the Disney movie The Incredibles. In the story, Mr. Incredible retires from the superhero life but has a difficult time giving up his past of being a popular superhero. He eventually costs himself his job when tempted by the possibility of becoming a superhero again. He is also easily manipulated by the villain in the film who knows how much Mr. Incredible loves being admired by the public for his heroism. These illustrations of popular culture icons suffer from the hero complex, and can be examples of influence on individuals who could potentially develop these problems by imitating these characters. Many who develop the hero complex believe that they could do more, if they could find a superpower, or utilize magic, or are rich. Some wait quietly, and without detection, believing that they will receive these powers. Although it is less likely to be a reason for the development of the hero complex, a person's background knowledge of pop -culture icons should be considered when determining whether or not an individual is suffering from the hero complex. (Comic book heros, gangsterism & admiration of the ruthlessness of the Russian Mafia)

The hero complex does not provoke grave complications as long as the person stays occupied with one's own "mission". However, as soon as it is "accomplished", there comes the period of the confrontation with reality, which provokes nothing more than deception and depression. So, among the most common psychological consequences of the hero complex is disillusionment. Since the hero complex is not recognized as an official disorder, its treatment options are limited to similar disorders that are officially recognized. Someone who suffers from the hero complex can still find other ways to be treated. Someone who goes to see a mental health professional can use talk therapy as a way of reducing the stress and depression they've developed (Deranged & deluded superhero'-wannabes, who no-one understands, real-world cringing wretches, palid & spotty, sitting in a room, bleating about their dysfunctions with a host of other Darth Vader-suit owners? Hardly, they don't even recognise their dysfunction. I remember how Ben' used to bleat about old people getting in his way in the supermarket & taking too long at ATM's & how he hated "Sorry"). Another way to treat someone who suffers from the hero complex is to have them participate in group therapy with others who claim to have it as well. Eventually, the awareness of reality will lead to depression and disappointment, which are recognized problems in the DSM and can be taken care of by mental health professionals. Treatment options include medications and therapy sessions that will help an individual deal with the after effects of the hero complex.
Although heroism is an admirable quality to have, it can become just as harmful when used to boost ones ego or for undeserved admiration. The hero complex is an issue that isn't widely acknowledged but is a problem that shouldn't be ignored. There are many real life examples of people who suffer from it as well as representations in popular culture. Heroism, particularly in a civil servant occupation, can inspire people to greatness. Heroes are an important part of our culture because they represent the best of us. They provide examples of the good in people and should be admired for their accomplishments. However, misguided heroism, or heroism for the wrong reasons, can turn that positive motivation into a negative entity (Liars, bullshitters, frauds, manipulators for effect). The fixation with being special and gaining recognition can lead people into risky decisions that hurt, rather than help a situation. The real heroes are often the ones who don't receive metals [sic], who do the job because they have to, not for the glory. The hero complex is a complicated issue that some people have to deal with. It is a real problem that real people live with. It's a subject that shouldn't be overlooked, and will hopefully become commonly recognized in the future.

They like to reference that one of my favourite films is Hero', like a secret-language boo-yah back at chya' Aesop's fox. [click, right ear]
FOOTNOTE1 they could cause as many problems as the criminals they intend to stop: A point I made a few years ago, to the walls', after which I got & still do/will get, "grenade" refs; this program' of apparently state-torture-murder the impression given, of stressing, taunting, goading, inciting actions in the target/victim; the Channel4 program, Hunted', had a line on it towards the end of the series, to "escalate to deescalate", of making public mass media appeals to find the hunted'. This struck a chord with the taunting & goading I've had an enormous amount of winding-up, to a plan. A report in yesterdays MoS, Betrayal beyond belief: This top officer was targeted by double cop killer Dale Cregan. His force's response? To sell his home to a family - but NOT tell them of threat' reminded me of one of the first reports I'd heard/read on this case; it reported that Dale Cregan was retaliating for the police "harassment" of his family. It struck me that this might well be the same program' in action against me. I know what these psychopaths are capable of mocking, laughing at you' & taunting at the noises I'd be making whilst they were subjecting me to the astonishing pain of synthetic trigeminal/migrainous neuralgia in my head & on tv my own special tv feed, & that during 180 days of it, stultifying pain, & this is not 1% of what they do to entertain themselves. The people behind this are genuinely extremist authoritarians, sado-narcissists, militarist uber-aggressive psychopathologies stacked-up one on top of the other, who confess' themselves envictimised superdooperheros & gods. It seems to me to be entirely possible that such an adapted & overtly aggressive total control' program' was in operation against Cregans family [neuralgic left side top lower jaw sets-in, as well as a sudden few sirens outside 5:35pm 18July'16] to force a resolution "escalate to deescalate" the situation of a murderer being on the run. Cregan conformed' to the psychological operation. WPC's Bone & Hughes died as a result.

I'm revisiting this from c.2012/<'13, having been recently looking at the hero complex & this article in the paper. The shitehounds feed on strife & chaos. (I'd pondered where the significance of when I'd mentioned Ben's "confederate", Shok Teenik'/Sippo Kahmi, Dale Thornes' avata on DPF suddenly became a blokie in a Confederate army cap, leaning out a car door, holding a large camera over his face; it's taken about 2yrs to suss that Dale'. In a similar way to the "grenades", I used to get ref'ed every country under the sun, but "Why no Russia? Huh?", now of course - it's all Russia-this' & Russia-bloody-that'; yesterday, a siren went-off to "authoritarian"… - parrots & playground mimicry).

Ahh, just sussed another ref; The Dales' gets it, & Yorkshire', as in The Yorkshire Dales', .. hmm, shitehounds.

In short then, from what I know about civic policing black operations in Britain, I think it's entirely consistent that there's a direct line of responsibility from that martial policing' to the murders of WPC's Bone & Hughes; I used to know a wretched little man, IRA supporter & alcoholic (friend of firend) who, when asked about Jean McConville, grinned and treated himself to a shrug & "Casualties of war, mate". Same fucking people. In instigating a program' such as this, at the highest level (from whatever shithoundery it's sourced), the risk' factor has obviously been deemed to be acceptable'. They're completely corpulent & intoxicated, these sado-narcissistic goosestepping land molluscs.

As a muse, it configures with something I've considered about Erdogan; there's surely been some very dirty business between Erdogans Turkey & ISIL. Some of those bombings in Turkey that are attributed to ISIL have been of Kurdish peace demonstrations. The Turkish assaults against the Kurds have enormously outweighed their assaults against ISIL; that those Kurdish peace demos have been targeted, works to a dirty agenda' quite well, too Kurds are killed; Turkey is envictimised'; there are calls then for more aggressive & authoritarian aktions/policing & Erdogan takes a step towards his executive power indulgence - à la his hero, Herr Hitler the Austrian house painter hisself: the shitehounds are extremist authoritarians too. Erdogan is batshit; the shitehounds are batshit. In this picture I'm painting of the deaths of these PC's, there's a "silver" lining. I think I'm right in saying this is CIA thinking', but there's no copywrite on psychopathology.

This "escalate to deescalate"; a term used in conjunction with the public broadcast appeal tactic: from that Mail report "Sources told this newspaper that after his conviction, 33-year-old Cregan confessed that while on the run, he had considered killing ACC Heywood after seeing him make an appeal for him to hand himself in. … The force considered the threat to be genuine and so decided, highly unusually, to step in and help the officer move house. … GMP said it spent almost £30,000 on arranging the move for ACC Heywood, who was paid an estimated £100,000 a year."

The fella who'd said this on the "Hunted" program, is I believe this fella - Peter Bleks' Bleksley is a South London bad boy who realised he'd have more fun catching crooks than becoming one himself. After joining the Met Police he went on to become one of the force's most innovative and successful undercover cops; he took on international drugs gangs, the IRA and the Mafia and put hundreds of criminals behind bars. Bleks had to go into witness protection when a contract was put on his head and he found "telling lie upon lie" the toughest challenge of all. Bleks says he has caught every murderer he ever chased and believes the key to hunting down fugitives is to get inside their heads: "we used to have a saying in the cops that a body always floats they always come up for air."

"Telling lie upon lie", hah, yeah, good ol' Bleks. (maybe).

I've been subject of a large (maybe even bigger) array for ages, of stressing & taunting & goading tactics, specifically designed to wind-me-the-fuck-up. Not much point in detailing them here, but CSDIC, Alexander Kennedy & Zersetzung're all in there in bulk & for years and years. Perhaps these self-nominating "hard men" were deliberately hiding behind skirts in the stoked-up environment they worked to create, with a known killer, armed to the teeth. And so I get "convicted murderer" references. Arseholes. They get a kick out of literally torturing people to death, in detail, under a microscope, who they know full well are guilt-free in fact & law, & tune-in to watch murder by suicide, laughing, taunting still, & the ref "this is England".

<font size="4">[video=youtube] [/video]
Martin Luther King - "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."
Albert Camus - "The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion".
Douglas MacArthur — "Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword obviously never encountered automatic weapons."
Albert Camus - "Nothing is more despicable than respect based on fear."
Couple of points from 'Cruel Britannia' book:

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=8482&stc=1]

Attached Files
.jpg   CruelBritannia5Techniquesp152-3MinisterWithNotes.jpg (Size: 996.51 KB / Downloads: 25)
Martin Luther King - "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."
Albert Camus - "The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion".
Douglas MacArthur — "Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword obviously never encountered automatic weapons."
Albert Camus - "Nothing is more despicable than respect based on fear."
This film 'The Sorcerers' actually is very similar to the 'mind machine' capabilities of the shitehounds, what I've called 'cognitive whispers' for years, but they can do img & vid too, & variations on that theme, like the sub-black-on-black tickertapes with writing, scrolling across the vision.
'Ben' once said he'd had a menage et trois; I'll bet a thousand buckaroos that this is what he'd done.

Martin Luther King - "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."
Albert Camus - "The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion".
Douglas MacArthur — "Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword obviously never encountered automatic weapons."
Albert Camus - "Nothing is more despicable than respect based on fear."
On Sunday I suddenly got a very strong, shiny, dynamic & colourful effect on my vision:
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=8599&stc=1]

Attached Files
.jpg   EyeEffectVideoScotoma9-10-2016.jpg (Size: 137.79 KB / Downloads: 16)
Martin Luther King - "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."
Albert Camus - "The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion".
Douglas MacArthur — "Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword obviously never encountered automatic weapons."
Albert Camus - "Nothing is more despicable than respect based on fear."
I get those occasionally and got one yesterday, which makes it weird to see it posted by somebody else. It is like a glittering expanding prism. Almost a temporary blindness. You've drawn it very well and the spokes contain glittering prism rainbow colors as if the eye optics had been interfered with by tiny glass shards that disrupted the white light. The one I had yesterday was shaped like your #2 drawing. Mine also felt right eye oriented.

I read the Wikipeida entry on Scintillating Scotoma and see it is brain-based and occurs with optical processing in the brain. That would make sense seeing the symptoms and shape. Interesting that you are visually seeing a misfiring of the eyesight electrical nerve processes in the brain like a backflow projection onto the body's visual sensors.

Mine have no migrane associated with them (short of dealing with moderators lol)...

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